Only three children of Congress leaders to get ticket for Karnataka election

congressThe Congress’s list of candidates for the Karnataka assembly elections is expected to be announced anytime soon. The children of several leaders have made a beeline for a ticket, but the high command is likely to oblige only three.

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Cong avoids dynasty for now

The first list of the Congress in Karnataka has avoided dynasty politics. Several aspirants who are sons and daughters of senior Congress leaders have been kept out of the first list.
The Congress which faced immense rebellion finally managed to put out a list of 177 candidates. The Congress high command which cleared this list has ensured that none of the leaders whose children were aspriring candidates were considered in the first list.
The likes of Ajay Singh son of Dharam Singh, Priyank Kharge, son of Mallikarjuna Kharge and Roopa daughter of K H Muniyappa have not been considered in the first list of candidates. Even the son of Shamnur Shankarappa has not been considred for the first list.
The candidates have been evenly distributed among all castes. There is equal representation of all major castes in Karnataka. The Congress has included 8 ladies in the list. It has fieilded Siddaramaiah from Varuna constituency.