Shahdat is our goal: NIA raids at 10 locations in TN, unearths major evidence

wpid-indiatv3c522c_nia_probe.jpgNew Delhi, May 21: Shahdat is our goal. This was the name of a chat group formed by a few persons from Tamil Nadu, who had conspired to procure arms for a terror group.

The National Investigation Agency carried out searches at 10 different locations in Tamil Nadu, during which the agency recovered a number of digital devices. The NIA also recovered 3 laptops, 3 hard discs, 16 mobile phones, 8 SIM cards, 2 pen drives, 5 memory cards, a card reader and two knives apart from a large number of incriminating documents.

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The ISIS Caliphate is dead, but ideology has become stronger today

abu-bakr al-baghdadiNew Delhi, May 09: The latest video of Abu Bakr al-Bagdadi is alarming. Back in 2014, when he released his first video, he was seen as confident and a man who was ready to take on the strongest of forces.

The 2019 video post the Sri Lankan attacks saw a stout Baghdadi seated to the ground. Sitting cross legged with an assault rifle, a heavier Baghdadi when compared to 2014 termed the attacks in Colombo as a revenge strike. The video was put out by Al-Furqan, the central media ministry of the Islamic State.

46 still missing: The Islamic State story in India and how it stands

New Delhi, May 07: The suicide bombings in Sri Lanka have raised major concerns in India, especially down south, where the agencies have found a large number of radical elements.

The rise of the Islamic State took place largely in 2014 and since then there has been a constant effort to radicalise several elements in India. The Indian agencies had launched “Operation Chakravyuh,” to track the online activities on the group.

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Rs 7 billion assets, Rs 140 million cash was what group that bombed Sri Lanka had

img_0044-2New Delhi, May 07: Rs 140 million in cash and assets worth Rs 7 billion is that the Islamic State radical group involved in the Sri Lanka bombings had. The police said that the during the investigations, they had found huge amounts of cash that belonged to the National Thowheed Jamath.

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Has the Islamic State tied up with PFI? NIA probe on

New Delhi, May 04: The raids conducted at 20 different locations in Tamil Nadu in a PFI related case could paint a larger picture.

NIA officials say probing this link is necessary as the ISIS is known to tie up with regional outfits. This was seen during the Sri Lanka blasts, where the ISIS had aligned with the National Towheed Jamath.

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Why Kerala must be on guard for the silent returnees of the Islamic State

ISIS-flag-afp-640x480New Delhi, May 02: Post the attacks in Sri Lanka, the government confirmed that several elite Muslims had in fact joined the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and subsequently returned.

However they remained in the open with earning the wrath of the law as the country has no provision to act against such persons. When the Islamic State fell in his strongholds, a message was issued by the outfit chief, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. He went on to say that now the fighters should return to their homeland and carry out attacks there.

With radicalisation in Kerala and Colombo bombings, South India is a ticking time bomb

img_0044-2New Delhi, Apr 29: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) says that there is no direct link with the Islamic State operatives of Kerala and those part of the Sri Lanka bombings. However the NIA added that they were part of a same social media group, which professed radical theories.

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ISIS operative plotted Sri Lanka styled bombings in Kerala

img_0042-2New Delhi, Apr 30: Investigations by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) have shown that the Islamic State operative arrested in Kerala was inspired by the suicide bomber in Sri Lanka.

The NIA arrested Riyas Aboobacker in connection with the Kerala Islamic State case. During his interrogation, he revealed that he was planning suicide strikes in Kerala. He said that he was inspired by the mastermind of the Sri Lanka terror attack, Zaharan Hashim.

Followed speeches of Colombo bombing mastermind, Kerala ISIS operative to NIA

Zaharan Hashim

New Delhi, Apr 29: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has Riyas Aboobacker in connection with the Kerala Islamic State case.

The NIA said that during interrogation, he has disclosed that he has been in online contact with absconding accused Abdul Rashid Abdulla alias Abu Isa for a long time and has been following his audio clips including the clip which he had circulated on social media platform instigating others to carryout terror attacks in India.

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Pakistan drug money, a port at Koddikarai and the link to the Sri Lanka bombings

New Delhi, Apr 27: Koddikarai, a fishing port in Tamil Nadu was once a hub for Sri Lankan smugglers, who traded beedis for opium. Over the years, the nature of the smuggling from here changed drastically and it became a landing spot for drugs, arms and ammunition. It may be recalled that in the month of October 2013, India had detained the MV Seaman Guard Ohio after allegations of the ship entering India with a huge cache of weapons had surfaced.

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