Nobody bombed Church Street, Bengaluru

img_0578-1Bengaluru, Dec 28: One year on and no leads is what describes the investigation into the Bengaluru Church Street blast.
It was on December 28th 2014 that one low intensity bomb planted outside a popular restaurant on Church Street Bengaluru exploded at around 8.33 PM. Unfortunately one lady lost her life and three others were injured.

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Bengaluru Church Street blast: 2 crore mobile calls scanned and not 1 single lead

  It is 

is almost an year since a blast took place at Church Street in Bengaluru which claimed the life of an innocent mother. On Dec 28, 2014, at around 8.33 pm, a bomb went off at Church Street which claimed one life. The incident gathered nation wide attention for a lot of reasons which included the venue being such a high profile and crowded one.
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Church Street blast hits dead end

The probe into the Church Street blasts case will begin from scratch and the National Investigating Agency which has so far stayed away from the case is likely to take over the probe.
The Church Street blasts case would however not be probed independently and is likely to be clubbed with the Chennai train blasts, Bijnor blast and the two robberies in Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh.Read more

SIMI camp at Kerala under scanner

simiA camp at Aluva in the Ernakulam district of Kerala is under the scanner of the National Investigating Agency which is currently miffed with several state governments for not doing enough in the cases against the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI).
The five SIMI operatives who have been on the run since October 2013 after they broke out from the Khandwa jail in Madhya Pradesh attended a camp at Aluva in Kerala which was meant to discuss terror related activities, Intelligence Bureau officials have told OneIndia.

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Church Street blast: 2 SIMI members being questioned

IMG_0271Bengaluru, Feb 26: The Bengaluru police will bring down two suspects for questioning in connection with the Church Street blasts. The two persons Haider Ali and Riyaz had been arrested in connection with the Patna serial blasts and the Bodhgaya blasts.
The police have obtained their body warrant from a Patna court. They will be brought down to Bengaluru for questioning.

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Church Street Blasts: Which outfits are the cops looking

IMG_0262While many may question how much longer it is going to take for the Bengaluru police to crack the 50 day old Church Street Blast case, the investigators claim that they have made sufficient headway in the probe.

Yesterday Commissioner of Police, Bengaluru city informed the media that they have vital information and two outfits are under the scanner. He also said that very soon information regarding the breakthrough would be given out.

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Church street blast: Breakthrough soon says Commissioner

bangaloreblast3aThe Bengaluru police claims that it has made some headway in the Church Street blasts case. Commissioner of Police, Bengaluru City, M N Reddi informed the media today that it had made some headway in the probe.

There is concrete evidence that has emerged from the case and very soon we will arrest the accused persons in the case, he also pointed out.

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Church Street blast- 100 policemen chasing nobody

Investigating officials in India have the tendency of fixating on terror groups and are very quick to blame an outfit when an attack takes place.
blast3Dossiers on terror groups are pulled out, to satisfy the inquisitiveness of frothing journalists, more sound bytes are given out and in the bargain the biggest point is always missed out- who was the bomber?
The investigations into the Church Street blasts at Bengaluru appears to have hit a road block and it again appears to be a classic case as we at OneIndia  had reported, “chase the bomber first and not the outfit.”Read more

Bengaluru Church Street blast: Probe on in Bihar

blstThe National Investigating Agency will question one person arrested by the Bihar police on the suspicion that he could have had a role to play in the Bengaluru Church Street blasts.
The person who hails from Jehanabad was picked up after the NIA alerted the state police. NIA sources tell Oneindia that this person is a suspect, but only once a thorough investigation of the person is done will they come to any conclusion.Read more

Blore blast- Bad footage hampers probe

‎The probe update into the Church Street blast does not look too appealing where the technical side of it is concerned. There is CCTV footage which shows men moving around suspiciously but nothing has been ascertained so far.
First grab: Deputy Commissioner of police Sandeep Patil says that in the first grab they have found ‎two men on a scooter moving around suspiciously around the spot where the blast occurred.
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