Why Islamic State could spoil the Chinese party in Afghanistan

New Delhi, Oct 23: The Islamic State has been looking to make Afghanistan its stronghold. It even launched the Islamic State Khorasan Province and has so far shown that it can be very lethal.

While it has carried out a series of attacks in the past years, since the Taliban took over it carried out three strikes which are deadly in nature. This month alone saw two high profile attacks against the Shiite Muslims who had gathered for Friday prayers in the cities of Kunduz and Kandahar. Prior to this the ISKP had carried out a lethal suicide attack at the Kabul airport just days after the US withdrew in August.

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Galwan clash: A year gone, but Chinese in no mood to budge

New Delhi, June 14: It has been a year since the violent clash between the Armies of India and China at the Galwan Valley in eastern Ladakh.

While there is no sign of escalation, officials tell OneIndia that the Chinese have built additional accommodation and this is a sign they are ready for a long haul. 

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Study by Chinese claiming COVID-19 originated in India withdrawn

New Delhi, Dec 15: A study that had claimed that India may be the place where the earliest human to human novel coronavirus transmission had occurred has been withdrawn from the preprint platform of the medical journal, The Lancet.

A report in the Global Times said that the study was first posted on SSRN.com, the preprint portal of the medical journal on November 17. However the article has been withdrawn. 

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Forces on high alert as terrorists in northeast play into Chinese hands

New Delhi, Oct 29: The unified command of the security forces has decided not to scale down counter-insurgency operations in Assam and the adjoining states. This despite the situation in the area witnessing a significant improvement in terms of law and order.

There is an apprehension that the Chinese are trying to instigate insurgent groups of northeast. It may be recalled the the Global Times had said that if India plays the Taiwan card, China should help militant groups of India to retaliate. 

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That bloody night at Galwan Valley: How Chinese plotted the violence

galwanNew Delhi, June 18: As part of the protocol between the Indian and Chinese sides, the forward troops patrolling the disputed border do not carry guns. The Chinese soldiers were supposed to have withdrawn from the location under the de-escalation plan as per the discussions between the two military commanders on June 6.

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