Chinese PLA undertaking fresh deployment with construction of revetments in finger areas

New Delhi, Feb 08: The People’s Liberation Army of China is showing no signs of de-escalation despite completing nine rounds of talks with India, people familiar with the matter tell OneIndia.

The Chinese PLA has stepped up operations along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh. 

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Chinese hawala racket: Money pumped into ISI to disrupt peace in India

New Delhi, Nov 25: The Union Ministry of Home Affairs has tracked down a Rs 1,000 crore hawala rung allegedly headed by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

Charlie Peng

It was found that the hawala channel was supported by a Pakistan spy network to establish espionage networks in India. Sources tell OneIndia that the money raised through this racket was handed over to the ISI to undertake subversive activities in India.

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Baseless fake news on the LAC, but what are microwave weapons

New Delhi, Nov 18: Reports had claimed that the Chinese PLA had used microwave arms at the Line of Actual Control and forced Indian soldiers to retreat.

Jin Canrong, a professor of international relations at the Renmin University in Beijing had said in the media that the PLA turned two strategic hilltops occupied by the Indian soldiers into a microwave oven, while firing directed energy weapons on August 29. 

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Disengage or de-escalate: The Chinese PLA is lacking in intent

New Delhi, Oct 12: There appears to be no immediate intent by the People’s Liberation Army to disengage or de-escalate the tensions in Ladakh. The PLA has started rotating its troops on the north banks of Pangong Tso and this suggests the intent of China.

There is a risk of a flare up as the PLA would look to occupy positions south of Pangong Tso, the moment the Indian Army vacates. The PLA has moved an additional brigade north of Pangong Tso to rotate troops from finder four, officials tell OneIndia.

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Chinese PLA commissions modern barracks, station heavy artillery near disputed border with India

New Delhi, Oct 06: The Chinese People’s Liberation Army has commissioned new, modern barracks for its soldiers and station heavy artillery close to the disputed India-China border in the Nagri region of Tibet.

A report in the Chinese state media said that the permanent barracks had been constructed in the backdrop of the ongoing border tension. The older temporary housing facilities for the PLA’s border troops in the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) have been replaced, the report also added.

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Containers, hospitals: Chinese PLA readies for long winter haul along LAC

New Delhi, Oct 06: All eyes would be on the military commander level talks between India and China even as the latter prepares for a long winter. Officials familiar with the developments tell OneIndia that the situation remains complex. 

While there are hopes on the military commander level talks, the official says that the problem is that China is asking India to disengage first from the southern bank of Pangong Tso and the Rezlang La Ridgeline before the Chinese could go back from Finger Four on the noter bank of the lake. 

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After being foxed by Indian troops on Aug 29, Chinese PLA now resorts to psy-ops

New Delhi, Sep 16: With tensions refusing to die down along the Line of Actual Control, the People’s Liberation Army is now resorting to psy-ops against the Indian Army.

On one hand, the PLA is doing all it can to bring down the morale of the Indian Army and on the other hand, mouthpieces of the Communist Party of China have gone on an overdrive mode on the social media against the Indian government.

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Chinese PLA wanted a repeat of Galwan Valley: Shots fired at LAC first time in 45 years

New Delhi, Sep 09: India has strongly denied that it resorted to firing along the Line of Actual Control. 

Sources have confirmed that the the Chinese troops had postured themselves in an aggressive manner. Around 50 to 60 of them had come with rods, spears, clubs and pole weapons. The Indian Army personnel however strongly confronted them forcing the Chinese to retreat. 

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Changed posture, dominance at Demchok, Chumar, how India is countering the Chinese

ladakh-snow-meltingNew Delhi, Sep 03: Following the meeting of the high powered committee, it was firmly decided that India will continue to match the enhancement of troops by the Chinese PLA.

India’s top priority is to secure the border and this is a complete shift from the border management policy.

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As dis-engagement continues, Chinese remain in aggressive posture at Depsang Plains

china-armyNew Delhi, July 09: The Chinese PLA has withdrawn around 1.5 kilometres in the Galwan sector. It has dismantled tents and armoured personnel carrier has been pushed back.

Further the withdrawal process has also begun at Gogra and Hot Springs, the China Study Group, a high-powered panel of the government has noted. This CSG is a high powered panel, which advises the government on policy matters with regard to China. The group has also reviewed details of the disengagement by the PLA at Galwan, Hot Springs and Pangong Tso.

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