How India’s Kavach will add to China’s Malacca Dilemma

New Delhi, Jan 22: China’s apprehension is that major naval powers are controlling the Malacca Strait between Malaysia and Indonesia as a result of which vital supply lines are interdicted.

More than 80 per cent of China’s oil imports pass through the 350 km strait that connects the Indian Ocean and South China Sea.

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India miles ahead of China in vaccine diplomacy

New Delhi, Jan 22: India is clearly gaining the edge over China when it comes to vaccine diplomacy.

Free shipments containing the first batch of Covishield which is manufactured by the Serum Institute of India have already reached many nations. 2 million doses were supplied to Bangladesh, while 1 million was given to Nepal as a gift under the Neighbourhood First Policy.

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As China drags its feet on disengagement, India will continue to hold ground

New Delhi, Jan 11: India and China have maintained communication at the ground level to avoid any “misunderstandings and misjudgments” even as discussions continue for achieving complete disengagement in all friction areas, the Ministry of External Affairs said.

However senior officials tell OneIndia that the disengagement process is expected to take longer. This is because of the upcoming 100 year anniversary celebrations of the Chinese Communist Party planned in July. President Xi Jinping would want to showcase a strong position. Moreover the standoff with India along the Line of Actual Control in Eastern Ladakh, provides President Xi, the perfect opportunity to divert the nation’s attention from the poor handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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After meeting NSA Doval, top French diplomat says China not being allowed to play procedural games

New Delhi, Jan 08: China is not being allowed to play any procedural games and France has been very supportive of India at the UNSC on the Kashmir issue, Emmanuel Bonne, the diplomatic advisor to French President, Emmanuel Macron said.

He is in New Delhi for the annual India-France strategic dialogue with National Security Advisor, Ajit Doval. 

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Army fast-tracked 12 specialised patrol boats for surveillance of Pangong Lake

New Delhi, Jan 02: The 12 specialised fast patrol boats would be deployed at the Pangong Lake, amidst the standoff with China.

The orders for the boats with advanced surveillance gear and equipment for patrolling were fast-tracked for patrolling the Pangong lake.

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Human rights of Indian seafarers trampled by China says NHRC

New Delhi, Jan 02: India has asked China to urgently provide practical and time-bound assistance to help the sailors stuck in the two ships anchored off the Jingtang and Caofeidian ports.

India told Beijing that the conditions are becoming increasingly difficult for the 39 sailors from India and they are being forced to live onboard the MV Jag and MV Anastasia, which have been anchored off the ports of China for several months now.

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Amidst warning by China, Tibetans to cast vote in January 3 elections

New Delhi, Jan 01: India will allow the Tibetan refugees to cast votes to elect the new political leader of the exiled community. This move comes in the wake of China warning the Indian media against playing the Tibet Card.

Thousands of Tibetans living in exile in India (TGiE), the United States, Europe and other countries will cast their votes on Sunday and on April 11 and this would send out a strong message to China.

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In a move that could upset US, China seals pact with EU

New Delhi, Dec 31: The European Union leaders and the Chinese sealed a landmark pact which would make it easier for their companies to invest in each other. President of China, Xi Jinping had earlier this month intervened to extend key market access concessions to businesses under the EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment.

It was the persuasion by Xi that that made the European Union accede to the pact. Brussels expects to open up lucrative opportunities for its businesses. 

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With Oli stunning CCP team, China would look to target his credibility

New Delhi, Dec 30: Even as China makes attempts to bring the warring factions in Nepal together, there are plans afloat to target Prime Minister K P Oli’s credentials in case he does not cave. 

So far, the team of the Chinese Communist Party has not been able to any headway, with Oli remaining firm on his decision on the dissolution of Parliament. While China has been criticised for interfering in Nepal’s internal affairs, the Chinese Communist Party has maintained that its team is in Kathmandu only to deepen relations between the political parties of the two countries. 

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Donald Trump signs off law that pre-empts China’s moves on Dalai Lama

New Delhi, Dec 27: US President Donald Trump has signed into a law a bill that pre-empts China’s moves on the Dalai Lama.

It may be recalled that earlier this month a bill that re-affirms the right of Tibetans to choose a successor to the Dalai Lama was passed by the US Congress. 

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