Doklam standoff: China skips ceremonial Independence Day meet

indiachinaChina skipped the ceremonial Independence Day meeting with India amidst the Doklam standoff. India had sent out an invitation to China, but there has been no response, official sources said.


Doklam standoff: After skipping Friday border meet, will China show up tomorrow

india-chinaAll eyes would be on the Chinese on August 15. India is interested in knowing if China would send its team for the ceremonial border personnel meeting to be held on August 15. The meeting is an important one as India hopes to calm tempers amidst the Doklam standoff.

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Amidst Doklam standoff, is China building a bridge in Ladakh?

ladakhAmidst the Doklam standoff, reports surfaced that China has started building a bridge in Ladakh. It was reported that a bridge was coming up at the no-man’s land in Ladakh. However sources in the government said that no such activity has been reported. The Chinese are not building any bridge at the no-man’s land in Ladakh, the source also informed OneIndia.

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Amidst Doklam standoff, China looks to increase reach in Indian Ocean

chinanavyAmidst the Doklam standoff, the Chinese navy is now eyeing the Indian Ocean in a bid to extend its reach. Throwing open its strategic South Sea Fleet (SSF) base in the coastal city of Zhanjiang to a group of Indian journalists for the first time, People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) officials say the Indian Ocean is a common place for the international community.

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China’s biggest bank to open branch at Gwadar port

bankofchinaThe Bank of China will open a branch near Pakistan’s strategic Gwadar port amid growing partnership between the two countries, a senior Pakistani official said.

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Doklam standoff: We will soon call your actions ‘invasion,’ China tells India

indchin2We will soon call it invasion, the Chinese have told India amidst the Doklam standoff. So far we have been using trespass and incursion and that is China’s goodwill, an analyst of the People’s Liberation Army has said.

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China says India has started evacuating villagers near Doklam

doklamvillagesThe People’s Daily China has said that the Indian Army has ordered the evacuation of a Sikkim village near Doklam. The Indian Army has however refused to comment on the report published by China’s biggest newspaper which is also the mouth piece of the Communist Party.

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Doklam standoff: India readies response as troops build up

indianarmAmidst the Doklam standoff, there has been some build up from the Indian side in terms of troops and artillery. While not specifying why the build up was taking place, the source added that the mobilisation was not unusual. Highly placed sources tell OneIndia that India is ready to respond if they find any unusual mobilisation by China. For now, things stand at a standstill from the Chinese side and they it does not appear as though they are itching for a war, the source also added.

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Don’t lie on Doklam, it belongs to us, Bhutan tells China

indchin2China’s claim that Doklam belongs to them is wrong and we never acknowledged it said Bhutan. China had said that Bhutan had agreed that Doklam belongs to the Chinese. This has however been rubbished by Bhutan.

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Doklam standoff: Military countdown has begun says China

Chinese-ArmyA Chinese daily has said that the countdown for a military conflict has begun. This media report comes a day after a senior Chinese official said if the Indians do not leave Doklam, then they could enter Uttarakhand and Kashmir. An editorial in the state-run China Daily today warned India that the “clock is ticking away” and “India will only have itself to blame” if it does not withdraw its soldiers from the Doklam plateau which has hosted a military confrontation between the two countries since the middle of June.

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