Demand created: Why no country wants to take on China on the coronavirus

unsc-1aNew Delhi, Mar 27: Efforts to initiate a discussion at the United Nations Security Council over the outbreak of the coronavirus were nixed by China.

Along with China, both Russia and South Africa said that there was no need to discuss the issue as there was no direct link between the spread of the virus and threat to peace and security of the world.

FATF: Now China, Saudi Arabia set new deadline for Pakistan

FATFNew Delhi, Feb 20: In a major development, China has joined India and the US to send a strong message to Pakistan to act on terror funding.

Saudi Arabia too has joined the above mentioned countries and has told Pakistan to complete its commitments on action against terror funding and money laundering given by the Financial Action Task Force.

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Shift from the past: Pakistan terrorists using China made grenades in Valley

indian-army-newNew Delhi, Jan 26: The security forces have found that a large number of Chinese made grenades are being used by Pakistani terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir.

It has been found that at least four China made grenades bearing the serial numbers 86P/01-03/632 had been used in attacks in the Valley. This came to light following the four attacks in Srinagar district.

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Terror groups with help of Pak establishment may launch bio-warfare: How prepared are we

terNew Delhi, Jan 23: There has been no conclusive evidence found as yet, but there are allegations that China could have unleashed the SARS like virus as part of a biological warfare campaign.

A few years back, Union Minister Rajnath Singh had said that the armed forces must be properly trained and equipped to combat chemical and biological threats. He said that the forces are deployed in many regions where the adversaries may use such weapons.

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Expert on counter terror and China, General Naravane will add great value to national security

manoj-mukund-naravaneNew Delhi, Jan 01: Counter terrorism and an expert on China are some of the major plus points associated with General Manoj Mukund Naravane who took over as the new Army Chief. The new General will add great value to India’s national security considering the challenges India faces at Kashmir and the north-east.

In addition to the issues in Kashmir and the north-east, General Naravane would also face a great challenge in getting money to take forward the Indian Army’s modernisation programmes.

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China’s dual intent at Hambantota in Sri Lanka red flagged

Hambantota Port

New Delhi, Dec 10: China could use the facilities created by it at the Hambantota port in Sri Lanka for both civilian and military purposes, a senior French Naval officer has said.

The statement comes in the wake of China repeatedly arguing that its interest in the port is purely commercial.

Even if Pakistan remains in grey list, it would lose 10 billion USD annually

imrankhan11New Delhi Oct 14: Will Pakistan remain in the grey list or will it be downgraded to the blacklist? All indications are that Pakistan would stay on in the grey list with support from China and Malaysia.

Though it has been recommended by the Asia Pacific Group that Pakistan should be downgraded to the blacklist, the FATF is most likely to keep Pakistan in the grey list.

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Not Kashmir, but XI briefed Modi about Imran Khan’s visit to Beijing

modi-jinpingNew Delhi, Oct 13: During his meeting with Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, Chinese President, Xi Jinping spoke about Pakistan Prime Minister, Imran Khan’s visit to Beijing.

There was no discussion on Kashmir and both leaders kept the contentious issue off the table, Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale said. He said that the Kashmir issue was not raised or discussed. Our position has been clear and this is India’s internal matter, he also said. Xi however appraised Modi about Khan’s visit to Beijing, he further added.

Not even a formal note at UNSC: How Pakistan failed to internationalise the Kashmir issue

unsc1New Delhi, Aug 17: India remained unfazed and navigated moves by Pakistan to internationalise the Kashmir issue. India continued to maintain that the constitutional changes that were made in Jammu and Kashmir were internal to India.

The UN security council members rejected Pakistan’s demand for a formal meeting and also did not adopt an informal statement.

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Kulbhushan Jadhav verdict: Will it be a unanimous verdict?

kulbhushanNew Delhi, July 17: India is hopeful of a favourable verdict in the Kulbhushan Jadhav case. The 16 judge Bench at the International Court of Justice comprise judges from both India and Pakistan.

This is an indication that the verdict may not be a unanimous one. China has always taken a stance in similar cases involving national security and espionage to deny consular access. If it were to follow the same, then there is a likelihood that China may dissent.

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