Now China triggers a border row with Nepal with construction of 11 structures

New Delhi, Sep 23: A border row has been triggered between Nepal and China after the latter constructed 11 buildings in a part of the remote border district of Humla, reports in the Nepalese media say. 

The border district of Humla is claimed by Nepal as its own territory. The construction of the buildings by the Chinese security and border forces have been reported to the Home Ministry of Nepal. 

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You first: India tells China to disengage from friction points at military commander level talks

New Delhi, Sep 22: India has once again reiterated to China and said that it expects complete disengagement from the friction points.

During the military commander level talks held on Monday, India told China to disengage from Pangong Tso, Chushul and Gogra Hot Springs. Further India also sought for the finalisation of a roadmap for Des-escalation along the entire frontier in Eastern Ladakh.

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China distracted the world from Ladakh by opening up three fronts in South China Sea

New Delhi, Sep 21: The People’s Liberation Army has mobilised four of the five of its military theatre commands. 

Reports have suggested that live-firing drills and exercises from the East China Sea, the Yellow Sea to the South China Sea were a diversion for its aggression in Ladakh. A report in the Nikkei Asian Review said that the PLA mobilised its Southern Theatre Command, which oversees the South China Sea, Northern Theatre Command, which oversees the Korean Peninsula and the Eastern Theatre Command, which oversees Japan and Taiwan. 

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Boxer Rebellion in China and the role Indian soldiers played in crushing it

Eight nations alliance soldiers in 1900.
Source: Wikipedia-Unknown author – 
Historica, Yamagawa shuppan

New Delhi, Sep 18: As part of China’s psy-ops, the PLA troops have been playing Punjabi pop on loudspeakers on the border areas amidst the tense face-off with China. 

The Chinese had used similar tactics in 1962 in the western and eastern sectors as well as in 1967 during the Nathu La skirmish. 

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Class 70 bridges: India preps for long haul with China

New Delhi, Sep 16: While there has been no escalation of tensions in the past couple of days, China has however shown no signs of abiding by the agreements between the Special Representatives and foreign ministers on total disengagement. 

India has sought for the restoration of status quo ante on the Line of Actual Control. With China showing no signs of disengagement, India is rushing supplies with the Border Road Organisation to ensure that the Chang La pass and Khardung La on route to contested Pangong Tso is kept snow free through this year. 

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Expansionist China now tests its might in Bhutan

New Delhi, Sep 15: The People’s Liberation Army is now eyeing territory in Bhutan. This move comes after China increased its presence along the Line of Actual Control and the South China Sea. 

Thimpu has been sensitised about the developments. Bhutan is central to India’s national security as it lies next to the Siliguri corridor. In case of any sort of compromise by Bhutan, it would have an adverse affect on India’s defences in the area. 

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What China is trying to do by sending representatives linked to UFWD

New Delhi, Sep 14: China has been upping the ante with aggressive posturing. Now comes the posting of hardcore ambassadors in a bid to influence South Asia. 

China has sent Nong Rong as ambassador to Pakistan. Rong is closely associated with the United Front Works Department (UFWD), where Chinese President, Xi Jingping served for many years. The mandate of the UFWD is influencing political, economic and intellectuals in other countries. They largely achieve their mandates by penetrating into the system of a country. 

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India-Japan sign mutual logistics pact amidst China’s expansionist behaviour

New Delhi, Sep 10: India and Japan have signed a mutual military logistics pack. The pact was signed by defence secretary Ajay Kumar and Japanese ambassador Suzuki Satoshi.

The agreement signed in the midst of China’s expansionist behaviour provides for the creation of a framework for closer cooperation, interoperability and use of each other’s military facilities by the armed forces of the two countries.

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Warning shots fired by India, claims China as tensions further escalate

New Delhi, Sep 08: Tensions have escalated further along the Line of Actual Control with soldiers of both India and China exchanging fire on the south bank of Pangong Tso in Eastern Ladakh on Monday night. 

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China, Pak planning against us: DG BSF

New Delhi, Sep 07: Director General of the Border Security Force, Rakesh Asthana has urged the force on alert as both China and Pakistan has been planning against India. 

On the last leg of his three day visit to Jammu and Kashmir, Asthana took stock of the situation. 

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