5 reasons why the Chabahar port is of strategic importance to India

chabaharportThe first phase of the Chabahar port was launched on Sunday. It is a strategically import port for India and to sum it up in a nut-shell, Pakistan will be bypassed to reach Afghanistan.

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Obama must support Modi on the Chabahar deal with Iran

New Delhi, June 7: Inking the Chabahar port deal with Iran is extremely beneficial for India. The terms state that India will provide $500 million to develop a port in the southern Iranian city of Chabahar.
A pledge to invest 16 billion dollars in a free trade zone around the city has also been made. Michael Kugelman, Senior Associate for South and Southeast Asia Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington DC says that the Chabahar deals geopolitical ramifications are enormous.
He further says that US president, Barack Obama should announce his unequivocal support to the deal.

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Modi’s best men will over see implementation of Chabahar project

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced after signing Chabahar port deal with Iran that history had been created. For India this is a very crucial project as it opens up a route to Afghanistan. However what India must also bear in mind is that there should not be any delays in implementing the project. The Prime Minister is likely to appoint a ministerial committee to oversee the progress of the project for which India has said it will provide 500 million US dollars. The project which was conceived over a decade back was stuck due to delays largely due to sanctions being implemented on Iran.

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The importance of Chabahar port explained in 5 points

chabharportNarendra Modi who became the first Prime Minister in 15 years to visit Iran inked 12 pacts. Among these pacts the one which is considered to be the most important is the one in which both countries have decided to develop the Chabahar port.
The developing of the Chabahar port has several advantages for both countries. While it signals economic cooperation between the two countries, it would also allow Indian to by pass Pakistan while accessing the global markets.

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