Gauri Lankesh murder: Probe suggests presence of one killer

gaurilankeshblackThe investigations being conducted into the Gauri Lankesh murder case increasingly suggests that there could have been just one assailant. The various angles captured by the CCTV footage suggests that the killer was alone.

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Gauri Lankesh murder: 500 CCTV footages, no concrete lead as yet

gaurilankesh1The police is examining footage from 500 CCTV cameras in a bid to crack the Gowri Lankesh murder case. Officers say that nothing concrete has emerged as yet and they are still piecing together the evidence. For now the only confirmation that the police have is regarding the weapon. Investigations have clearly established that the journalist/activist was shot from a 7.65 mm pistol.

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Gauri Lankesh murder: Police secure CCTV footage

gaurlankeshThe Bengaluru police have secured the footage of the CCTV from the residence of senior journalist, Gauri Lankesh who was murdered on Tuesday. The police are analysing the footage which is said have the images of the bike borne assailants who shot her dead.

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Chandigarh stalking: Crucial CCTV proof against BJP leader’s son found

varnikakunduThe CCTV footage supporting a disc jockey’s charge that the Haryana BJP chief’s son and his friend followed her has been retrieved by the Chandigarh police. The footage was retrieved late Monday night after the police had faced criticism for saying that the CCTVs along the route of the incident were not working.

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At the jewellery store, the taxman is watching you on CCTV

jewelNew Delhi, Nov 12: With the currency ban, many people had begun thronging the jewellery stores. The Income Tax department was well aware that many would now move towards buying gold as an investment.
The IT department was also aware that those in possession of black money would start investing heavily in gold.

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Video: Is this the man who bombed Church Street, Bengaluru?

church street blst1Bengaluru, Jan 13: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has got CCTV footage of the man who possibly carried out the blast at Church Street, Bengaluru in the month of Dec 2014.
The footage as seen indicates that a man in a blue shirt and wearing a cap is heading towards Church Street.

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Professor MM Kalburgi murder case: Vital CCTV footage points to more than 2 persons

IMG_0493In a major breakthrough the CID have found vital clues through the CCTV footage in connection with the Professor M M Kalburgi case.
In the CCTV footage it is seen that two persons on a motor cycle after murdering the professor had sped away not before signalling to two people who were waiting in a car outside.

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West Bengal Nun rape case: Breakthrough for CID

nun2The West Bengal CID made its first breakthrough in the nun rape case when it arrested one of the seven persons involved directly in the case.
Salim, one of the seven persons who was present at the crime scene, was picked up from Mumbai after the CID chased him down with the help of intelligence bureau inputs.
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No one bombed Chennai

chennaibomberIf one looks at the odds of nabbing the Chennai bomber it could be said that the police have a one out of ten chance of doing so. Last month at the Bangalore Railway station where the Chennai bomber boarded the train a man in broad day light managed to unscrew five Public display units, carry it on his head and make an escape without anyone noticing.

Once the realisation seeped in that the Public Display LED units were missing, the cops checked on the CCTV to find a ghost like figure carrying these units on his head and making an escape. The image was so hazy and just the outline of the man could be seen which prompted one police officer to joke, “ I think there is a ghost in the railway station.”

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ATM victim recovering, police launches man hunt

bangalore-woman-atm-attack-360It has been 12 hours since a lady was brutally assaulted at ATM in Bangalore, but the police are yet to nab the culprit whose footage is extremely clear on the CCTV footage that was captured.

The 44 year old bank employee was assaulted on her head when she was withdrawing money from the ATM in Bangalore. When she resisted the miscreant, he struck her repeatedly on her face and her head. Continue reading “ATM victim recovering, police launches man hunt”