Another chargesheet: Illegal immigration into Bengal assumes worrying propositions

New Delhi, Jan 12: A chargesheet filed by the National Investigation Agency in connection with a Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) case shows the extent up to which these terrorists go to radicalise and recruit Muslims into terror groups.

A major criminal conspiracy was hatched by three nationals of Bangladesh. They had illegally entered into India along with their associates of the JMB and Al-Qaeda in the Sub-Continent. They were in the process of recruiting and motivating young Muslims in order to establish the Caliphate and further terror acts in India and Bangladesh.

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ISIS planned to establish Caliphate in India says NIA

New Delhi, June 22: The plan was to establish a Caliphate, the National Investigation Agency in its chargesheet that was filed in connection with the Islamic State Amroha case.

They had named this module as ‘Harkat-ul-Harb-E-Islam’ (Movement for War of Islam). This group owed its allegiance to ISIS and wanted to establish an ISIS Caliphate in India by resorting to large scale terrorist attacks in and around National Capital Region. The group carried out reconnaissance of some such locations in and around NCR, the NIA further said.

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With an assurance of 72 virgins, here is what Baghdadi said in his farewell speech

baghdadiAbu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the self-proclaimed Caliph and chief of the Islamic State made a farewell speech while acknowledging defeat in Iraq.

A statement by Baghdadi titled Farewell Speech was distributed among all the preachers, clerics and fighters. “Return to your countries or detonate yourselves,” was the message he had in his statement.

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How Islamic State is leaving a mark in India

ISIS-afghanThe Islamic State may have not captured the imagination of a majority of the Muslims in India, but it is slowly leaving its mark on several youth.

The recent raids conducted in Telangana, Gujarat, West Bengal and Rajasthan have shown that the dream of the Caliphate has managed to impress a select set of youth who are ready to wage a war in India in the name of the Islamic State.

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50% Indian IS recruits follow this EXTREME school of Islam

isisOfficials from the National Investigation Agency who are probing all IS-related cases say out of those arrested for ties with the outfit, only 20 per cent had studied in a madrasa. The rest had gone to regular schools and colleges and are also highly-qualified. This shows that it is not the old school of thought which has driven youth towards the IS.

The IS has successfully managed to capture the imagination of several Muslim youth through propaganda. The dream of the Caliphate or the virgins in heaven are some of the points that have been driven into the minds of youth who took to the IS.

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What you will find in an ISIS operative’s kit?

When the Anti Terrorism Squad of Maharashtra began probing a case relating to the ISIS, it found plenty of material which suggested the amount of study terrorists do before they actually execute the job. Manuals, kill lists and e-books were all part of the kitty of the ISIS recruits, who had planned on setting up a Caliphate in India.

Most of the exchange of notes would happen through a mobile application known as Telegram. One of the messages shared by Naseer Bin Yafai Chaus, a 31-year-old civil contractor had a note titled, “Wanted Kill List.” This note contained the names of 285 people that the ISIS wanted to kill in India.

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Why does ISIS refer to Indian Muslims as the ‘Hindi Miskeens’?

isis-fightersWe have heard of the stories of how Indian Muslims joining the ISIS in the so-called Caliphate have ended up cleaning toilets. To add to their misery, they are tricked into becoming suicide bombers as Indian Muslims are considered not good enough to fight.
Amidst so much insult here is another terminology that the ISIS has for the their recruits from India- Hindi Miskeen.

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An English teacher from Hyderabad who administered oath of allegiance to ISIS

isisuaeHyderabad, July 13: At a meeting held in Hyderabad 7 men pledged their allegiance to the formation of Caliphate and the so-called Caliph Abu Bakr al-Bhagdadi.
The seven men who are now in the custody of the National Investigating Agency got together and decided that they would strike in Hyderabad in the name of the ISIS.
Investigations being conducted by the NIA show that these men were determined that they will hit Hyderabad in a bid to announce the arrival of the ISIS.

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