Cabinet reshuffle: PM Modi unlikely to meet with ministers today

New Delhi, July 06: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s meeting with the ministers amidst the buzz of a Cabinet reshuffle has been cancelled.

The PM is unlikely to have the meet with the ministers today. Earlier it was said that the PM would meet with the ministers as well as BJP chief J P Nadda.

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Cabinet reshuffle on cards as names of Scindia, Sarma, Trivedi, Paras do the rounds

New Delhi, July 02: There is plenty of speculation amidst talks of a Cabinet reshuffle at the Centre. When it happens, this would be the first reshuffle after the NDA returned to power in 2019 under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 

Several ministers are overburdened with numerous portfolios and hence the reshuffle becomes important so that they are eased of their responsibilities, sources tell OneIndia. Talk of a rejig and expansion further gained steam after the Prime Minister met with the Council of Ministers. 

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Taking load of some ministers, scores of new entrants expected at Cabinet reshuffle

New Delhi, June 19: There is a lot of anticipation around the Cabinet reshuffle and if this happens, it would be the first since the NDA returned to power under the leadership of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi in 2019. 

The reshuffle is likely to take place this month. Sources tell OneIndia that it is most likely to take place after June 21. Several ministers are overburdened with numerous portfolios and hence the reshuffle becomes important so that they are eased of their responsibilities. 

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Cabinet reshuffle likely after June 21 as top leaders hold deliberations

New Delhi, June 15: There has been a lot of talk about a Cabinet reshuffle at the Centre. Union Home Minister Amit held a meeting with several leaders from various states on Saturday and Sunday. 

Shah also called on members of Parliament from various states, which will be going to polls next year. Sources tell OneIndia that the Cabinet reshuffle is likely to take place after June 21.

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Cabinet reshuffle in Nepal, Army Chief’s visit, ties with India heading for a reset

New Delhi, Oct 15: The visit by India’s Army Chief General M M Naravane and the shunting out of Ishwar Pokhrel from Nepal’s defence ministry are two key developments that suggest that the ties between the two nations are being reset.

Nepal’s Prime Minister, K P Oli shunted out deputy PM, Pokhrel out of the defence ministry in a cabinet reshuffle and officials say that this indicates that this is an effort to reset ties with India. 

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Decoding the cabinet reshuffle with psephologist Dr Sandeep Shastri

img_0715Political statecraft, assertive and a clear message, “perform of perish.” This is what some of India’s top experts term the recent Cabinet Reshuffle by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It is a cleverly planned political strategy which while inducting a large number of ministers has also managed to keep cabinet the core decision making body small inn size.
Dr Sandeep Shastri, one of India’s leading psephologists and political commentators took time off to discuss with OneIndia the cabinet reshuffle. He says that the real story is not the induction of the ministers, but the reshuffle. Dr Shastri also goes on to add that it is probably for the first time in two decades that we have witnessed a Prime Minister being assertive.

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What to expect from the Cabinet reshuffle tomorrow

leaders_650_052714043347The much spoken about cabinet reshuffle in the Narendra Modi led NDA Government is likely to take place tomorrow. The list is expected to be sent to Rashtrapati Bhavan today following which preparations for the swearing in ceremony will have to be made.
The DG PIB had tweeted that the cabinet expansion would take place tomorrow at 11 AM. Currently there is a lot of speculation about the reshuffle. However sources say that there are certain factors that are being considered in the reshuffle. Non performers are likely to be dropped. There are likely to be two faces from Uttar Pradesh which is going to polls soon.

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