Do vested interests want to renew call for Greater Bangladesh by opposing NRC, CAB

New Delhi, Dec 20: The Opposition has gone from Citizenship (Amendment) Bill and has not only staged protests but also damaged public property. In plain words, the Citizenship law aims at giving citizenship to those religiously persecuted and the NRC aims at identifying the illegal migrants who have now for years stolen the rights of the genuine Indian.

There are nearly 2 crores, illegal immigrants, from Bangladesh and now Myanmar staying in India.

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From Elgar to CAB to assassinating Modi, Left-Wing Extremism is India’s biggest security threat

madras-university-protest-CAB-mnBe it CAB protests or plot to assassinate Modi that rears its head, security agencies have said on several occasions that Left-Wing terrorism is the most lethal threat that India faces. It is deep-rooted and emanates from within the system, thus making it extremely dangerous

Be it the Bhima Koregaon incident or the protests in the aftermath of Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, there is always a Left and Naxal angle to it.

The security agencies have said on several occasions that Left-Wing terrorism is the most lethal threat that India faces. It is deep-rooted and it emanates from within the system, thus making it extremely dangerous.

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High level probe initiated as NIA busts naxal link to Assam violence

cab-protests-newNew Delhi, Dec 18: The National Investigation Agency and Special Investigation Team will probe the violence that erupted in Assam following the passage of the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill in Parliament. Assam minister Himanta Biswas Saram accused vested interests and Islamic organisations of being behind the violence.

He said that there was a conspiracy to burn down the entire secretariat. He also accused certain Congress members of urging the mob to gather in front of the Secretariat and indulge in anti-social activities. He however added that the AASU and the AJYCP were not involved in the incident.

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False narrative: Time to look at the role of Naxals, SIMI in CAB protests

cab-protests22While protests over CAB continue to take place, we take a look at the pattern of proceedings to reveal the hand played by Naxals and SIMI in fuelling and fanning the fire

The violent protests that have broken out in various parts of the country over the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill is a clear indicator that it has been fanned in a particular pattern. Both leaders of the Opposition and Left-wing sympathisers have deliberately created a false narrative around the Bill and fanned violence, as a result of which public property has been damaged in large measures.

Going by the advisory of the Ministry of Home Affairs and a report prior to that by the Intelligence Bureau, it becomes clear that the violence has been stage managed as a result of which it has become a chain reaction.

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Challenge to CAA: Supreme Court to batch of petitions on Wednesday

supremecourtNew Delhi, Dec 17: The Supreme Court said it will hear on December 18 pleas of the Congress and former Maharaja of Tripura Pradyot Kishor Deb Barman challenging constitutional validity of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

A bench headed by Chief Justice S A Bobde said it will hear the pleas along with other pending matters coming up for hearing on December 18.

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Kerala should worry about its radical Islam instead of Citizenship (Amendment) Act

kerala-radicalisationKerala should worry about its radical Islam instead of Citizenship (Amendment) Act

While the state of Kerala has seen huge protests over the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, one cannot miss the irony of the rise of radical Islam in the region

Kerala is one of the many states where the Citizenship (Amendment) Act would not have much of an impact. However, joining the bandwagon of those who are opposing the legislation, Kerala’s chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that the CAA would not be implemented in the state.
Vijayan said that the BJP was executing the RSS agenda to divide the nation on communal lines. The statement is an ironic one considering the fact that the state of Kerala has the highest number of Islamic State recruits, the highest number of ISIS modules and over the years has become one of the most radical states in the country.

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Quick thinking: How Amit Shah’s top men handled Assam during CAA protests

amitshah2New Delhi, Dec 16: The passage of the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill has witnessed protests in several parts of the country, especially in the North Eastern states. There was violence for a few days, before it died down.

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CAA: On alleged police atrocities, SC says won’t hear matter in atmosphere of riots

jamia-policeNew Delhi, Dec 16: The Supreme Court has said that it would take up matters relating to alleged police atrocities on students during the Citizenship (Amendment) Act protests.

The court however made it clear that the matter would be taken up only if violence, arson and damage to public property is stopped immediately.

Challenge to Citizenship (Amendment) Bill to be heard by SC on December 18

supremeNew Delhi, Dec 15: The Supreme Court is likely to take up petitions challenging the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill on December 18.

There are as many as 12 petitions in the Supreme Court that have challenged the legislation that was passed by both Houses of Parliament last week.

2019: Paving the way for the persecuted and passage of the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill

citizenship11New Delhi, Dec 14: After the abrogation of Article 370, that gave special status to Jammu and Kashmir, the next major call that was taken by the Narendra Modi government was the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill.

The BJP said that history had been created after the Bill was passed easily both in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.

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