Since when did Qatar, Kuwait, Turkey become champions of religious freedom, human rights

Kuwait had in 2021 April rejected requests by Hindu and Buddhist communities to cremate bodies of their deceased in the city

New Delhi, Jun 09: The controversial statements made by two BJP spokespersons one of whom has been suspended and another removed has led to at least 15 nations condemning the same.

There was condemnation from Qatar, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Kuwait among others. India on its part rejected criticism from Pakistan, Turkey who are part of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation and reminded that these countries are serial violators of minority rights.

The Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) was brought in by India to protect the persecuted minorities including Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and Ahmadiyyas by Pakistan.

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CAA does not deprive any Indian of citizenship: MHA 

New Delhi, Apr 27: The Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) does not deprive any Indian of citizenship, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) said. It also said that the legislation is compassionate and amliorative.

In its latest annual report for 2020-21, the MHA said that the CAA is a limited and narrowly tailored legislation which seeks to provide a relaxation to aforesaid specific communities from the specified countries with a clear cut-off date. It is a compassionate and ameliorative legislation.

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The Afghan crisis and what message India can send the world through CAA

New Delhi, Aug 24: With the scenario in the war-torn Afghanistan getting worse by the day, India has launched missions to evacuate its citizens and others in need from the country.

Union Minister, Hardeep Singh Puri said recently that the developments in Afghanistan are the reason why the enactment of the Citizenship Amendment Act is necessary.

“Recent developments in our volatile neighbourhood and the way Sikhs and Hindus are going through a harrowing time are precisely why it was necessary to enact the Citizenship Amendment Act,” Puri said in a tweet.

Experts that OneIndia spoke with say that it is time to start implementing the CAA now at least for those persecuted minorities staying in India. It is the right time to give a message to the international community that this is the only country where people who are persecuted can get refuge.

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Criminal conspiracy against NRC, CAA to unravel further with arrest of key accused in Bengaluru riots

New Delhi, July 01: The arrest of a key conspirator, Syed Abbas in connection with the K G Halli, Bengaluru riot case will unravel the modus operandi behind the incident further.

After a long chase the NIA managed to net Abbas who is the president of the SDPI Nagwara, Bengaluru ward. The NIA said that the mob had attacked and injured many police officers.

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Bengaluru riots aimed at sending message against CAA, NRC, Ram Mandir

New Delhi, Feb 25: The Centre’s decisions on Article 370, CAA, NRC and the ruling of the Supreme Court had made the SDPI unhappy, following which the riots in Bengaluru were triggered, the National Investigation Agency said in its chargesheet.

The chargesheet also said that the SDPI were waiting to create communal disharmony in the country. 

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Delhi riots: Agencies keep close watch on Muslim Defence Fund

delhi-riots-mn1The scanner is back on the Muslim Defence Fund now, reportedly, as money has started to come in, in large numbers to fund the protests over CAA

Bengaluru: The Muslim Defence Fund (MDF) was set up two years ago. This was a front that was meant to receive money from Pakistan to fan violence and also set up outfits that would preach a form of rabid Islam.

The scanner of the agencies on the Muslim Defence Fund is back now as money has started to come in, in large numbers to fund the protests over the citizenship law that was amended to provide citizenship to the persecuted minority from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

The National Investigation Agency, which first busted this case, learnt that the MDF had been set up in 2018, with a long-term plan. The MDF was to receive donations from both Muslims in India and abroad. It was originally set up by the Lashkar-e-Tayiba.

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UNHRC plea in Supreme Court: A sinister design aimed at the balkanisation of India

michelle-bacheletWhile the former Chilean president, Michelle Bachelet, aims to interfere with India’s internal matter, CAA, which does not violate any human rights law, the UNHRC chief seems to have forgotten the human rights issues in her country.

Bengaluru: The United Nations Human Rights Council chief, Michelle Bachelet, was at it again. Under her direction, the UN rights panel has sought to intervene as the amicus curiae to assist the Supreme Court in adjudicating the constitutional validity of the newly amended citizenship law.

It may be recalled that in September 2019 she had raked the issue of communication blockage in Jammu and Kashmir. This, despite India raising severe security concerns and also saying that the issue relating to Jammu and Kashmir and Article 370 were entirely India’s internal matters.

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Watch out! ISIS could be infiltrating CAA protests to carry out recruitment drives

shaheen-baghCries of Muslims being marginalised among other tactics are being used by the ISIS to show their support to the people. What it is doing, however, is trying to propagate unconventional Jihad, and carry out a recruitment drive for the same

Amidst all the protests that have been taking place around the newly amended citizenship law, one of the key concerns raised by our intelligence agencies is the recruitment of Muslim youth into terror outfits such as the ISIS.

The ISIS which has been pushing for pan India outfit would use its radical recruiters to enter these protests and undertake a recruitment drive. The other big danger is with regard to unconventional Jihad that the ISIS has been propagating for some time. An unconventional act of Jihad is basically undertaking an act of terror, with the conventional use of an IED.

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The Pakistan Paradox and why ongoing protests aim at promoting anti-Hindu bigotry

kolar-mnIf one looks into the nature of the protests that have taken place, one can see a deliberate attempt to put Hindus in bad light; all this for the sake of CAA which only seeks to offer a sense of belonging to those minorities who have fled Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan

Barely two days after Islamist goons attacked the Nankana Sahib in Pakistan, a Sikh was shot dead at Peshawar on Sunday.

The 25-year-old Sikh youth has been identified as Rowinder Singh. He had arrived at Peshawar from the Shangla district in Khyber Paktunkhwa to shop for his wedding. This heart wrenching incident comes in the wake of scores from the Left protesting the newly amended citizenship law, which only aims at giving a home to the religiously persecuted from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

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Face off: Why states have no right to stall NPR, citizenship law

pinarayiNew Delhi, Jan 02: Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Wednesday strongly defended the move to pass a resolution against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and said that “the state assemblies have their own privileges.”

Union law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said state governments have the “constitutional duty” of implementing the laws passed by Parliament.

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