UP, Bihar by-elections: Vote share of each party

The BJP suffered shock defeats in Gorakhpur and Phulpur. The Samajwadi Party bagged both these seats in the Uttar Pradesh by-elections. It was clear that the support from the BSP helped the SP a great deal in beating the BJP.

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Mayawati plays numbers game again: This time it is 18

maywa1BSP supremo, Mayawati who resigned from the Rajya Sabha has decided to hold rallies on the 18th of every month. She has decided to make the 18th of every month a significant date as it was on July 18 that she resigned from the Rajya Sabha.

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Do you expect Yogi to clean up the SP, BSP mess of 20 years in three months?

yogiadi1Yogi Adityanath was a surprise pick to head the government in Uttar Pradesh where the BJP won with huge mandate. Nearly three months after taking over as the Chief Minister of UP, Yogi as he is popularly referred to as has been in the news almost everyday.

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Why Yogi’s appointment as UP CM is a preemptive strike on a united opposition

The elevation of Yogi Adityanath as chief minister of Uttar Pradesh took many by surprise. There were a lot of factors that went into Yogi being appointed as the CM.

The vote share of the Bharatiya Janata Party in the recently concluded assembly elections was 40 per cent whereas the Samajwadi Party, the Bahujan Samaj Party and the Congress together got a 52 per cent vote share.

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UP election result: How Mayawati’s Elephant shrunk

The elephant has shrunken further in Uttar Pradesh. With just 19 seats in her kitty, the experts suggest that the game for former CM Mayawati may just be over.

Despite the first mover advantage, Maywati could not rake in the numbers and after the results were declared accused that the EVMs had been tampered with.

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Is the ‘behenji’ era in Uttar Pradesh over Read more at: http://www.oneindia.com/india/is-the-behenji-era-in-uttar-pradesh-over-2371593.html

It was a campaign that never took off. The BSP was hoping to make a difference in the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections. However the party ended up with just 18 seats. Even the exit polls predicted that the BSP was heading for a big loss.

There was never any momentum and despite having the first mover advantage as she chose candidates first, the BSP failed to make any mark.

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Exit Poll 2017 Live: Akhilesh ready to shake hands with the BSP?

Who is the winning the big battle in Uttar Pradesh? Elections have concluded in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Manipur, Uttarakhand and Goa. The exit polls have started to roll out.
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UP elections: Find out who are the richest candidates here

uppollsOne thousand four hundred and fifty seven crorepatis contested the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections. The richest candidate is Nazir Ahmed of the Congress who has declared assets worth Rs 211 crore.

He is followed by the Shah Alam Urf Guddu Jamali of the bahujan Samaj Party with assets worth Rs 118 crore. Third on the list with assets worth Rs 114 crore is Satish Kumar Sharma of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

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Now BSP candidate in UP accused of rape

rape-1-580x395The BSP’s candidate from Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh has been booked along with 6 others on charges of rape. Bazmi Siddiqui and 6 others were booked on rape charges by the police on Saturday.

In the complaint it was alleged that Siddiqui and his men had forcibly entered a house in Faizabad city and raped the woman. They are alleged to have beaten up the family members and took turns in raping the woman.

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UP elections: Mukhtar Ansari, kin rejoin Bahujan Samaj Party, will contest from Mau

The four time MLA and don turned politician, Mukthar Ansari, and his brother Afzal Ansari joined the Bahujan Samaj Party on Thursday. Making this announcement at a press conference, BSP supremo, Mayawati said that Ansari’s family had been framed by his political opponents. Ansari also decided to merge his Quami Ekta Dal with the BSP.Mayawati defended the move saying that the allegations against the jailed leader have been not been proven so far. “In par lage aarop abhi tak saabit nahi kar paaye iss baat ko dhyaan mein rakh kar aaj party mein wapas liya (The allegations against him haven’t been proven so far; keeping that in mind, we have inducted him once again into the party),” said Mayawati.

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