Bodhgaya: After Kerala, NIA finds another JMB terrorist in Bengaluru


New Delhi, Aug 7: The National Investigation Agency has arrested a terrorist wanted in several cases in India and Bangladesh from Bengaluru. Mohammad Jahidul Islam, aged 38 is also a wanted in the Bodhgaya blast case.

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Operative alleged to be involved in Bodhgaya blast arrested in West Bengal

The Kolkata police arrested a 57 year old man suspected to be a member of a sleeper cell that carried out the blasts at Bodhgaya in 2013. The special task force nabbed Hajibullaa, a resident of Murshidabad district from the Bandel railway station.

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Bodhgaya blasts: How an old SIMI cadre orchestrated the attack

On Friday, a special court awarded life imprisonment to 5 persons for their involvement in the Bodhgaya bomb blast case.

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Dressed as a monk, how ‘Black Beauty’ bombed the holy shrine at Bodhgaya

afp-bodhgayaHe went by the code name Black Beauty and he set up a plan to bomb Bodhgaya in a bid to rake up the cause of the Rohingya Muslims. On July 17, a series of blasts rocked the holy city of Bodhgaya. The impact in terms of destruction was low, but the message that the cadres of the Students Islamic Movement of India were trying to send out was a very loud one.

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Bodhgaya bombs: West Bengal module of JMB admits to its role

The role of the neo JMB in the recent Bodhgaya incident has almost been confirmed. Two neo Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen members were arrested and 50 kilograms of ammonium nitrate was recovered from them in West Bengal.

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Bodhgaya bombs: JMB’s West Bengal module behind incident

Has the Jamaat-ul Mujahideen Bangladesh raised its ugly head again? The probe being conducted into the recent incident where bombs were found at the holy Bodhgaya shrine in Bihar may have not been the handiwork of the Students Islamic Movement of India or Indian Mujahideen.

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Bodhgaya blast: An attempt to avenge atrocities against Rohingya

The blast at Bodhgaya in Bihar and the subsequent recovery of two crude bombs is now being probed by a team of the National Investigation Agency. While the forensic report would analyse the nature of the bomb, security officials say that this could well be an act of terror.

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Bodhgaya blasts: Attack was to avenge Rohingya atrocities

rohingyaThe Juvenile Justice Board has held that an 18-year-old boy was guilty of planting a bomb at the Bodhgaya Temple complex at Bihar in 2013. Further, the board held that the bomb was planted to avenge the atrocities against the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.

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Patna bombs- NIA seeks details

patna_map_240x180The National Investigating Agency has collected details about the low intensity blast that took place in an apartment at Patna on Monday, March 30.

The NIA had sought details as the bombs that were found at the apartment are similar to the ones that were used at the Hunkar rally and also during the Bodhgaya blasts.

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Touch DNA: How cops need to use it?

nia3Touch DNA is a forensic method to analyse the DNA left at the crime scene. If one looks at the manner in which the National Investigating Agency has gone about solving several cases, it becomes clear that they are exploring every possible method and are constantly upgrading their investigating techniques to beat the terrorists at their own game.

Most of the recent cases that were handled by the NIA relied on the Touch DNA methodology and it has proven to be a major success for the agency. Be it the Patna and Bodhgaya blasts case or even the recent Liaqat Shah incident, the success rate was 100 per cent thanks to the out of the box thinking and the right use of forensics and technology.

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