Karnataka: An uncomfortable coalition since day one and why the internal feud must be blamed

Bengaluru, July 12: The million dollar question is who is behind the Karnataka crisis. The issue has dragged on and the Speaker is yet to take a call on the resignation of the rebel MLAs.

In the interim all parties have thrown barbs at each other accusing each one of engineering the crisis. The BJP says that it is an internal feud within the JD(S) and Congress that is playing out. The ruling coalition however blames the BJP for carrying out Operation Lotus.

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Karnataka: BJP better placed to face polls rather than form govt and become hostage

Bengaluru, July 09: There appears to be no end to the crisis in Karnataka and the big question is will the BJP take advantage of the situation and form the government.

Analysts have said that it is only a matter of time before the JD(S)-Congress government falls for the want of numbers. The MLAs are unlikely to take back their resignations as it could lead to a loss of face. Moreover if you try and pacify the sulking MLAs and make them ministers, another group would become disgruntled and the problem will return says leading political scientist, Dr. Sandeep Shastri.

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Karnataka crisis: 7 options before Speaker while deciding on resignation of MLAs

Bengaluru, July 09: Amidst the looming crisis in Karnataka, the speaker of the Legislative Assembly would need to take a very important call today.

The Speaker, Ramesh Kumar would have to decide on the resignations of the 13 MLAs from both the Congress and JD(S). There are several options before the Speaker and below let us take a look at what they are.

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Curtains for the coalition: BJP now in striking distance to form Karnataka government

Bengaluru, July 06: The resignations by 11 MLAs from the ruling coalition in Karnataka clearly shows that the BJP’s game plan is right on track. While last week two Congress MLAs resigned, today, 8 quit their membership. In addition to this 3 from JD (S) too tendered their resignations.

While taking into account all these numbers, one must also bear in mind that Congress MLA, Roshan Baig stands suspended. OneIndia had reported in May 23 that the BJP would be looking to bring down the House strength in order to form the government.

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Two down, more to go, BJP inches closer towards forming govt in Karnataka

Ramesh Jarjkiholi and Anand Singh,

Bengaluru, July 01: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is keeping a close watch on the developments in the wake of Congress MLAs Anand Singh and Ramesh Jarkiholi resigning.

There are also reports that seven more MLAs of the Congress would quit and if this spree were to continue, then the coalition in Karnataka is staring at a major crisis. Recently, senior Congress leader, Roshan Baig ruffled feathers, when he rebelled against the party leadership. He has been suspended from the party.

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The Congress-JD(S) combine in Karnataka has been a disaster: Dr Shastri

New Delhi, May 23: The mandate is for Narendra Modi again and these elections have shown that it was a strong leadership that has taken the party forward. The Congress would have plenty of soul searching to do and the big challenge would be to its leadership.

Dr Sandeep Shastri, leading political scientist says that it is the leadership that has played a very important role for the BJP. In a direct fight with the Congress, the BJP has done exceptionally well, he tells OneIndia.

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India has endorsed Narendra Modi yet again: Amit Malviya

New Delhi, May 23: The BJP has put up an outstanding show and is all set to form the government again. It was a massive mandate that the country gave Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which ensured his return to power again.

BJP spokesperson and the party IT Cell chief, Amit Malviya says that the people of India have endorsed Narendra Modi. His development plank, what he has done for the poor and the respect that he commands has ensured that the BJP returned to power with such impressive numbers. The people of the country have immense respect for him and the numbers clearly show that, he also added.

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No Operation Lotus, here is how BJP plans to form government in Karnataka

Bengaluru, May 23: There is trouble brewing in Karnataka, with the BJP winning big in the Lok Sabha elections. The Congress-JD(S) alliance has performed poorly and analysts feel that this would have an impact on the government in the state.

Senior Congress leader, Roshan Baig on Tuesday ruffled several feathers, when he went on to call K C Venugopal a Buffon and Dinesh Gundu Rao a flop show. He went a step further to say that if the NDA is coming back to power, then he appeals to his Muslim brothers to learn and compromise with the situation.

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Why Yeddyurappa may get a top posting in Delhi and not Karnataka

New Delhi, May 22: The coalition government in Karnataka looks shaky. Many within the BJP have decided to play the wait and watch game. After a couple of unsuccessful operations, the party has decided to wait for the coalition to collapse on its own.

The BJP is confident that there would be several resignations by Congress MLAs and the strength of the House would come down, following which it would stake a claim to form the next government.

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Will the BJP benefit from lack of alliance chemistry in Old Mysore region?

bjp223New Delhi, Apr 16: 14 Lok Sabha constituencies will go to polls in Karnataka on April 18. In all Karnataka has 28 Lok Sabha constituencies and on Thursday, 12 constituencies in the old Mysore region will go to polls.

Polling will also be held in the Shimoga and Davangere seats. The old Mysore region in particular will witness an interesting contest as this is considered to be a stronghold of the Congress and JD(S), which is fighting the elections together.

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