How woman power in Bihar helped NDA win the elections

New Delhi, Nov 11: This year there were 119 assembly constituencies in Bihar which had a higher number of women voters. This was because the number of women voters turning up at the polling booths was higher compared to the men in the 118 constituencies.

This year, the woman turn out in Bihar was 59.9 per cent as opposes to the 54.7 of the men who voted. The large turnout of women appears to have helped the NDA win the elections. The NDA performed best in the second and third phase where the women turn was higher. 

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Bihar Elections 2020: Significant rise in number of crorepati candidates

New Delhi, Nov 03: B K Singh, contesting from the Warisnagar constituency in Bihar on an RLSP ticket is the richest candidate. He has declared assets worth Rs 85,89,86,049.

Next on the second of richest is Anant Kumar Singh contesting on an RJD ticket from the Mokama constituency. He has declared assets worth Rs 68,56,78,795. 

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Bihar Elections 2020: Phase 3 has 1,201 candidates with pending criminal cases

New Delhi, Nov 02: There 1,201 candidates with pending criminal cases who are contesting in the third phase of the Bihar Assembly Elections 2020.

Association for Democratic Reforms in its report said that it had analysed 3,722 candidates. It also said that in the 2015 Bihar Assembly Elections, out of 3450 candidates analysed, 1038(30%) had declared criminal cases against themselves. 

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Bihar Elections 2020: Average assets of candidates in phase-1 is. Rs 1.99 crore

New Delhi, Oct 21: Among the major parties 39(95 per cent) out of 41 candidates analysed from RJD, 31(89per cent) out of 35 candidates analysed from JDU, 24(83per cent) out of 29 candidates analysed from BJP, 30(73per cent) out of 41 candidates analysed from LJP, 14(67per cent) out of 21 candidates analysed from INC and 12(46per cent) out of 26 candidates from BSP have declared assets worth more than Rs. 1 crore. 

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Naxal alert declared ahead of Bihar Elections 2020

New Delhi, Oct 20: An Intelligence Bureau report has warned of a possible naxalite attack during the Bihar Assembly Elections 2020. The naxalites are planning on an ambush on politicians and also security forces, an IB report prepared ahead of the elections says.

The National Investigation Agency has filed an explosive chargesheet against in the Bhima Koregaon case. It has exposed the nexus between the naxalites and their sympathisers in the urban areas. 

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Bihar Elections 2020: 328 candidates have pending criminal cases against them

New Delhi, Oct 20: 328 of the 1,064 candidates analysed for the Bihar Assembly Elections 2020 have declared criminal cases against them.

Of the 328 candidates, 244 have declared serious criminal cases pending against them says a report by the Association for Democratic Reforms. 

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Bihar Elections 2020: Will Congress mention Article 370 asks BJP

New Delhi, Oct 18: A day after the Congress pitched for restoration of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir, the BJP Saturday dared it to say so in its manifesto for the Bihar assembly polls and accused it of speaking the language of “separatists”.

Senior BJP leader and Union minister Prakash Javadekar accused the Congress of practising the politics of “dividing society” for collecting votes ahead of the Bihar polls, which begin from October 28, and asserted that people have supported the government”s move on Jammu and Kashmir. 

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Bihar Elections: NDA in current form, a formidable alliance says Amit Malviya

New Delhi, Oct 10: The Bihar Elections 2020 are round the corner and it would be a keenly watched contest. The BJP is contesting the elections with the JD(U) and Nitish Kumar is the chief ministerial candidate.

Another factor this time around is that the elections are being fought amidst a pandemic and the Election Commission of India has put in place strict norms to ensure the safety of all.

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Bihar Elections 2020: Since 2005, 30 per cent have declared pending criminal cases

New Delhi, Oct 09: A total of 10,785 candidates who have contested either Parliamentary or State assembly elections since 2005 from Bihar have been analysed by the Association for Democratic Reforms and Bihar Election Watch.

A total of 820 MPs/MLAs who have held seats either in the Parliamentary or State assembly elections since 2005 from Bihar have been analysed.

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