Quran circle: Bengaluru based operative assured support of Indian Muslims to ISIS

New Delhi, Oct 25: The National Investigation Agency has arrested one Islamic State operative in connection with a conspiracy case hatched in Bengaluru. The arrested operative has been identified as Muhammad Tauqir, a resident of Bengaluru.

The NIA had registered a case against Tauqir, Zuhab and Mohammad Shihab for their affiliation with the ISIS. Earlier the NIA had also arrested two accused persons namely Ahamad Abdul Cadar and Irgan Nasir.

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Boris Johnson likely to visit, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai during April 26 visit

New Delhi, Mar 21: There are plenty of expectations during the visit by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to New Delhi next month.

The British PM will be in India on April 26 and the focus would be on a new trade pact. Johnson is also expected to travel to Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai and Chennai as well. While he is keen on travelling to these cities, the itinerary is yet to finalised.

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MDMA from Netherland, Cocaine from Ethiopia seized in major drug bust in Bengaluru

New Delhi, Dec 22: The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), Bangalore Zonal Unit has seized 3,000 units of Yellow and Grey coloured polls of MDMA (610) grams from a parcel at Foreign Post Office, Bangalore.

The consignment was concealed in layers of table cloth. 2 persons including a women arrested in the case. 

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Bank analyst, rice merchant and how they used Quran Circle to further ISIS in Bengaluru

New Delhi, Oct 09: The investigations conducted by the National Investigation Agency has revealed that the two arrested persons from Bengaluru and Tamil Nadu had set up a group called the Quran Circle. This group was used to radicalise gullible Muslim youth in Bengaluru.

Further the probe revealed that the group was also used to raise funds to sponsor the visit of these radicalised youth to Syria where they were supposed to assist the Islamic State terrorists. 

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Overcharged COVID-19 patients get lakhs in refund after team led by IPS officer Roopa steps in

d-roopaBengaluru, July 28: Several hospitals in Bengaluru have refunded lakhs of Rupees taken as advance from COVID-19 patients. Many private hospitals in the city have been charging huge fees to patients, despite the government order against the same. The hospitals have been told to pay a cumulative sum of Rs 24 lakh to 22 patients on account of overcharging them.

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Bengaluru has been reliable partner of the world where IT sector is concerned: Ashwathnarayan

ashwathnarayanBengaluru, Apr 16: Karnataka’s Deputy Chief Minister, C N Ashwathnarayan spoke about the road map in which the IT sector in the state would function.

When asked about how the IT sector would function without public transport, he said that private vehicles would be allowed. Employees can be transported in contract buses as well. He, however, added that only 40 to 50 per cent persons would be allowed in these buses. He also added that if the capacity of the bus is 50 passengers, then only 20 would be allowed in it.

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17 rebels from MP carted to a star hotel at Marathhalli, Bengaluru

File photo

Bengaluru, Mar 10: The Congress government in Madhya Pradesh plunged into a political crisis on Monday after a sulking Jyotiraditya Scindia, along with at least 17 MLAs, virtually raised a banner of revolt prompting Chief Minister Kamal Nath to call a late-night cabinet meeting where around 20 ministers present resigned reposing their faith in his leadership.

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JMB in Bengaluru: NIA charges 11

nialogoNew Delhi, Feb 19: The National Investigation Agency has filed a chargesheet against 11 persons in connection with a Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen, Bangladesh case. Investigations revealed that the members of the JMB were involved in a criminal conspiracy to commit acts of terror.

They were raising funds by committing dacoities for their terrorist activities, organising terrorist camps, recruiting persons for committing terrorist activities, harbouring group members, procurement of explosive and ammunitions for anti-national activities.

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Ansar-al-Islam is here: It’s time to take a hard call on 3 lakh illegal Bangladeshi migrants in Bengaluru

illegal-evictionWith 3 lakh Bangladeshi nationals situated in Bengaluru, members of the Ansar-al-Aslam have found their way into the city. It is time to protect the city from possible threats by terror groups

There are around 3 lakh illegal Bangladeshi migrants in the city and their numbers are only increasing. This was stated by the Bengaluru city police commissioner, Bhaskar Rao, who also added that many were victims of human trafficking and were also being used by those in the construction sector.

While Rao spoke about the population explosion and the rampant activity by illegal immigrants in the construction sector, it is also important to note that these persons are extremely vulnerable and have been used for crimes and terror related activity.

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