Overcharged COVID-19 patients get lakhs in refund after team led by IPS officer Roopa steps in

d-roopaBengaluru, July 28: Several hospitals in Bengaluru have refunded lakhs of Rupees taken as advance from COVID-19 patients. Many private hospitals in the city have been charging huge fees to patients, despite the government order against the same. The hospitals have been told to pay a cumulative sum of Rs 24 lakh to 22 patients on account of overcharging them.

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Bengaluru has been reliable partner of the world where IT sector is concerned: Ashwathnarayan

ashwathnarayanBengaluru, Apr 16: Karnataka’s Deputy Chief Minister, C N Ashwathnarayan spoke about the road map in which the IT sector in the state would function.

When asked about how the IT sector would function without public transport, he said that private vehicles would be allowed. Employees can be transported in contract buses as well. He, however, added that only 40 to 50 per cent persons would be allowed in these buses. He also added that if the capacity of the bus is 50 passengers, then only 20 would be allowed in it.

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17 rebels from MP carted to a star hotel at Marathhalli, Bengaluru

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Bengaluru, Mar 10: The Congress government in Madhya Pradesh plunged into a political crisis on Monday after a sulking Jyotiraditya Scindia, along with at least 17 MLAs, virtually raised a banner of revolt prompting Chief Minister Kamal Nath to call a late-night cabinet meeting where around 20 ministers present resigned reposing their faith in his leadership.

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JMB in Bengaluru: NIA charges 11

nialogoNew Delhi, Feb 19: The National Investigation Agency has filed a chargesheet against 11 persons in connection with a Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen, Bangladesh case. Investigations revealed that the members of the JMB were involved in a criminal conspiracy to commit acts of terror.

They were raising funds by committing dacoities for their terrorist activities, organising terrorist camps, recruiting persons for committing terrorist activities, harbouring group members, procurement of explosive and ammunitions for anti-national activities.

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Ansar-al-Islam is here: It’s time to take a hard call on 3 lakh illegal Bangladeshi migrants in Bengaluru

illegal-evictionWith 3 lakh Bangladeshi nationals situated in Bengaluru, members of the Ansar-al-Aslam have found their way into the city. It is time to protect the city from possible threats by terror groups

There are around 3 lakh illegal Bangladeshi migrants in the city and their numbers are only increasing. This was stated by the Bengaluru city police commissioner, Bhaskar Rao, who also added that many were victims of human trafficking and were also being used by those in the construction sector.

While Rao spoke about the population explosion and the rampant activity by illegal immigrants in the construction sector, it is also important to note that these persons are extremely vulnerable and have been used for crimes and terror related activity.

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Ansar-al-Islam case: NIA charges two for attempting terror strikes in Bengaluru

NIA-33New Delhi, Jan 25: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has filed a charge sheet in connection with the Ansar-al-Islam case.

It may be recalled that two suspected Bangladeshi nationals had been detained by the Border Security Force as they were unable to produce valid documents. The police then registered the case before handing it over to the NIA.

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Charities of terror: Decoding Bengaluru’s Al-Hind trust that backs ISIS

isis-888Raids conducted by police have uncovered a Bengaluru based trust and has also brought to light the method by ISIS of using charities as a front to fund terror related activities.

Running a charity to cover up acts of terror has been rampant for some time now. During the nation-wide raids conducted in connection with an Islamic State case, one such charity cropped up.

The police found that this charity being run in Bengaluru was in reality a front to carry out terror related activities.

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Bengaluru to have exclusive anti terror cell

atcBengaluru, Nov 05: Bengaluru will have a separate anti terrorist cell. This decision has been taken in the wake of a growing threat of terror.

The cell would work under the CCB and would be headed by an officer if the ACP rank and would be monitored by the Joint Commissioner of Police.

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30 Bangladeshis living illegally in Bengaluru arrested

arrestBengaluru, Oct 26: The police have arrested 30 Bangladeshi nationals who were staying illegally in the city.

The police conducted raids early in the morning and arrested these persons. It was learnt that these persons were staying illegally without a visa. They will be booked under the Foreigners Act and later deported.

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The JMB trail: How Bengaluru became a happy hunting ground for these terrorists

New Delhi, Oct 20: The Karnataka government said that the Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen, Bangladesh had set up at least 4 modules in the state.

The National Investigation Agency which has been probing a case relating to the JMB had made a very crucial arrest recently and learnt that terrorists of the group had a free run in Karnataka.

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