Former Punjab CM Beant Singh’s killer held in Thailand

Jagtar Singh the killer of former Chief Minister of Punjab, Beant Singh has been arrested in Thailand.

The arrest is a major breakthrough as it would help the Indian agencies curb the growth of ISI sponsored Punjab militancy.

beant-singhJagtar Singh alias Tara was arrested after information regarding his whereabouts were provided to the Thailand police.

He will now be extradited to India.

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What makes Rajoana a hero back home?

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What makes Balwant Singh Rajoana such a debatable subject in Punjab? The Union Home Ministry examines the mercy petition of Balwant Singh, the man who confessed his role in the assassination of late Chief Minister of Punjab, Beant Singh.

Whether his mercy petition would be allowed or not is something that one would have to wait and see. But the people at his village, Rajoana Kala believe that he would be saved and would return to his village as nothing bad could happen at the village.

Amandeep Sandhu, author of the book Sepia Leaves is all set to come up with a new book- Role of Honour which is about Operation Blue Star. Sandhu was at Rajoanas village and spent a considerable amount of time with his mother and the rest of the residents. He shares with the experiences regarding the man and also talks us through the reasons as to why Rajoana is such a spoken about subject in Punjab.

There are a lot of interesting things regarding the man who confessed to his role in the killing of Beant Singh. The people of Rajoana Kala say that nothing bad could happen to this village and share a historic experience. Years ago when Guru Gobind Singh was leaving on one of his historic journeys he met three brothers and sought to stay with them. He then asked the brothers to place him on a bed and carry him on his historic journey. When the journey commenced the Guru found one of the sides of the bed tilting and when he looked down he found that the fourth person carrying him was the mother of the three boys. Touched with the gesture he asked the mother to ask him for anything to which the mother sought that her sons get married and they get good work. The Guru granted the wishes and also gave each of the sons a village each one of which is Rajoana Kala. Since that day it is believed at the village that nothing bad would happen over there.

The other interesting point to note is that Rajoana’s father, Malkiat Singh was killed by terrorists. His father who was also an ex-army man was also the Sarpanch of the village. The terrorists had an axe to grind against Malkait Singh’s brother who was the sarpanch before him. One night Rajoana’s father heard a noise from his brothers house. He rushed to the scene and tried stopping one of the terrorists and in the bargain was shot dead.

According to the Sandhu, the villagers say that this village is the Guru’s bakshish and there is some force which protects them all. They say that Rajoana’s life has been chosen to do something big and no matter what the argument is they believe terrorism came to a halt after that incident in which Rajoana was involved.

The villagers are of the firm belief he has done 17 years in jail and death has eluded him and hence he is not destined to be hanged. Even on the day of the assassination he would have well been the person who would have blown himself up. Just before the assassination, he along with Dilawar Singh had to chose as to who would have to undertake the assassination. They tossed a coin and Jagtar was chosen to blow himself up. They also argue that it has become more of a case of abetment and he was a back up and hence cannot be hanged.

Those who know the man say that he would never ask for forgiveness and he himself has pleaded guilty. The entire trial was based on his confession and today the government after having tried him is thinking twice before hanging him. The other general perception is that in case he is hanged Punjab could be on the boil. The dynamic of Punjab are very strange and today it is quiet and such an incident could trigger up passions once again.

Sandhu says that his intention of visiting the village was to write about what Rajoana would get to see in case he returns to his village. I am sure he would be pleased as the village Rajoana Kala is still an island of purity. The menace of politics, land grabbing and narcotics for which Punjab is notorious has not yet touched this village.

His mother Gurmeet Kaur has left it up to fate. How would a mother feel about all this, she asks. I have accepted it and no mother would be happy to see her son die. The entire village stands by him and the villagers say that the issue here is not about politics of the Khalistan movement. It is just that we stand by him.

Rajoana lost his father in an unfortunate circumstance. When the mother is asked whether he held terrorists responsible for his father’s death, Rajoana never felt that way. He felt that his father died due to a mistake and his father was never their target. The villagers say that the one of the main reasons they are with him is because thanks to Beant Singh a lot of innocents lost their lives. Moreover the family of Beant Singh too has forgiven him.

According to Sandhu, most of Punjab had forgotten him and it is only now that this subject has become hotly debated. The mother too adds saying that not a single person from the media or the political fraternity had come to meet her. As I say I have left it to fate. Although no mother wants to see her child die, I am still very proud that he has not sought pardon. The Akali Takht has called him a living martyr and no one wants him hanged. Whatever is the stance of my son is my stance. A Sikh will never bow down or seek pardon when he has not done wrong. My son has donated his eyes and he never once felt any sort of intolerance towards any religion.

Even the member of the village say that this is not about the Khalistan cause as none of us believe in it. This is about Rajoana who has had a closer look at the law and felt that there is something wrong with it and hence has rejected the law.

Sandhu says that there is a lot of unity in the village which has 4000 people. They want him to return. However they would also listen to what he has to say. He had in fact said that the day on which he is hanged all of them should raise saffron flags and each one was ready with the flags before the hanging was stayed.

Delhi court blast-connecting the dots

The haul at Ambala has kept investigating agencies on their toes and today they are not even ruling out the possibility of the Delhi High Court blasts being remotely linked to the attack.
During the course of the investigations, the agencies conducting the probe are exploring the possibility of the Delhi court blasts and the Ambala Haul being interlinked. In fact when the Delhi blasts had first occurred there was an intercept from the intelligence bureau that the blast could have been the handiwork of the Babbar Khalsa outfit. However officials of the National Investigating agency felt the Delhi blasts was the handiwork of the Harkat-Ul-Jihadi and the Indian Mujahideen. They beleived that they had specific leads regarding this outfit and hence decided to probe in this angle.
Today however following the Ambala haul, investigating agencies are looking into possibility that the Babbar Khalsa could be involved in the Delhi blasts. During the course of the investigation into the Ambala case the police found that it was the Babbar Khalsa with the help of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba which had planned on undertaking an attack at New Delhi. However the more important aspect that has come into focus is the four modules in Northern India which have been jointly opened up by the two outfits with a specific intention of targetting Punjab and New Delhi.
Further the probe has also revealed that the BKI had been transporting the ammunition to Delhi and the plan was to carry out attacks at the Patiala House court. With the help of the IB the police have also learnt that the operation was being headed by top militant Jagjith Singh Tara who also happens to be the prime accused in the murder of Beant Singh former CM of Punjab. It was found that the Delhi module which is under him had carried out surveys of the Patiala House court and the intention was to carry out a blast in the month of October.
This probe had also led the police to specific information that the arms were provided by Lashkar operatives in Kashmir and cadres of the BKI were planning on using these for a blast in New Delhi.
Today investigators are trying to find links between the Delhi court blasts and the Ambala haul. The entire Delhi blast case rests on the emails that were sent out after the blasts. There were a couple of arrests too that were made, but more information regarding the mails have cropped up than the real operation. However today with the Ambala haul case giving out more details the investigators feel that they should look into the Delhi blasts case along with this case.
There are very many similarities between the two cases. In both cases the ammunition had come from the Valley and the target was Delhi. Going by these similarities and also the creation of newer modules in Nothern India it becomes clear to a certain extent that both incidents could have been inter linked. Moreover the police now feel that even the Delhi High Court blast could be the handiwork of the BKI and the mails could have been sent out by a couple of youth who were not even connected with this incident. They could have done so for some financial favours, an investigator pointed out.
NIA sources inform that they are yet to look into this angle but also added that case is now being looked into by the police and they would await a detailed report.
The IB speaks about the various intercepts they had shared regarding the BKI-Lashkar link. There has been an increase in their movement. The Lashkar has been bringing in the arms into the valley and sharing it with BKI operatives who have set up modules in Punjab. In addition to this the BKI operatives have also helped ISI agents smuggle drugs and also fake currency.
This probe is about to take an interesting turn and a lot would depend on how the agencies coordinate between themselves. The probe into Delhi High Court blasts has already created much confusion regarding the agency which carried out the attack. However the emergence of this new angle should put things into perspective if probed properly.

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