Batla House: “Kyun yeh encounter farzi nahin tha”

It is based on the encounter that took place in 2008. There was a hue and cry after the encounter, with a large number of persons debunking the encounter and calling it fake.

A supreme sacrifice was made by inspector Mohan Chand Sharma during the encounter.

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The master of serial blasts and Batla House accused Ariz Khan now in NIA net

A team of the National Investigation Agency has unearthed key details on the functioning of the Indian Mujahideen following the arrest of Ariz Khan. It was learnt that the IM had conspired to commit acts of terror in a bid to de-stabilise the country.

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After 10 year chase, dreaded IM operative Junaid arrested

After a chase of nearly 10 years, a key operative of the Indian Mujahideen wanted in the Batla House encounter case has been arrested by the special cell of the Delhi police.

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Batla House- Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Inset: Shahzad Ahmad
Inset: Shahzad Ahmad

Beyond Reasonable Doubt- The conviction of Shahzad Ahmed is a report that speaks in length about why the verdict in the Batla House encounter is wrong. The 24 page report which has been put out by the Jamia Teachers’s Solidarity Association or the JTSA states that the findings of the court are based on conjectures.

The site map of L 18, Batla House, where an ‘encounter’ resulted in the death of Inspector M.C. Sharma and two young men, Atif Ameen and Md. Sajid. Flat Number 108, where the seven-member police party entered to apprehend its occupants is in the rear. The plot on which the flats are built is 200 sq yards. The front flat is the larger one, measuring 130 sq yards, the rear flat being 70 sq yards. Continue reading “Batla House- Beyond Reasonable Doubt”

Jehad factory, start to finish

terrorA dossier on the Indian Mujahideen which was prepared following its resurrection post Batla House termed the outfit as a, “ start to finish jehad factory.” According to the dossier which is in the possession of, the IM built up operational bases in states such as Bihar, but relied heavily on religious platforms it had slowly started to establish in Mangalore (Karnataka) and Pune (Maharashtra).

The version 2 of the Indian Mujahideen was a changed outfit. Reborn after the Batla House encounter, the progress of this group was slow, but lethal. A major part of the Indian Mujahideen had been busted and the Batla House encounter only made it worse for them. In fact in that encounter, they lost their best bomb maker, Atif Ameen and vaccum they took almost two years to fill.

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Indian Mujahideen- End the politics NOW

Pic: TOI
Pic: TOI

The Batla House encounter was probably one of the most politicised issue where the issue regarding terrorism is concerned. Several statements have been made by politicians terming the encounter as fake, but the Delhi court went on to indicate otherwise yesterday.

Do such statements help operatives and how does it hamper the probe? There have been a couple of cases where operatives of the Indian Mujahideen have been affiliated with political parties and have used this as a front to further their operations. Take the case of Syed Maqbool for example- an accused in the Pune blasts case who also claimed to have surveyed Dilsukhnagar in Hyderabad. He makes an interesting statement before the Delhi police. During his questioning he says, “ after every attack there are political statements and this often ends up confusing the investigators who are under pressure from such leaders. It takes them a while to react and this time that we get helps us get away.”

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Batla verdict- How the Delhi police won?

Batla House findings raise suspicion of fake encounterThere have been mixed reactions to the Batla House encounter verdict in which the Delhi court today held that the encounter was genuine. There have been many twists and turns to this case and many who were claiming that the encounter was fake believed that the court would uphold their view.

However the court came to the conclusion based on circumstantial evidence and also a very crucial ballistic report regarding the bullets that were fired at Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma.

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Batla House verdict- Fresh lease of life for agencies

Batla House encounterThe Batla House encounter has been considered to be a reason for Indian Mujahideen version 2 to be born. With the verdict on Batla House being delivered today, several agencies such as the National Investigation Agency and the state level police officials have a fresh resolve to track down the IM operatives who are believed to be hiding.

The first change that would occur following this verdict is to seek the extradition of several operatives such as Dr Shahnawaz, Asadulah Akthar among others who are operating out of Gulf. While Dr Shahnawaz is said to be in Sharjah, Akthar has been in and out of India. While their role is being probed in the various blast cases in the country, the major case against them was the Batla House encounter case. It is said that the above mentioned youth were in that building on that day and along with them 10 others escaped.

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Batla verdict- AIMMM unhappy

There were many organizations that had stated that the Batla House Encounter was fake. Today after the verdict they say that they stand by their demand of seeking a higher judicial inquiry into the matter.

Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan, President, All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat, New Delhi tells that, it is too early to comment. We do not know in detail what the judgment

really says. The judge has convicted one person who is claimed to have fled from the L-18 flat in Batla House area. The building has only one exit which was manned by police people; there is no possibility to escape by jumping. Anyone attempting that would only break his bones.

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Batla house- 5 years on


On July 25th a Delhi court will pronounce its verdict on the Batla House encounter case in which one Shahzad Ahmed has been charged with the murder of Inspector, Mohan Chand Sharma.

A lot would ride on this judgment. If the court pronounces Ahmed guilty then it would it would throw open a big counter question about the authenticity of the encounter which many Muslims in the country have termed as fake.

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