Why the arrest, capture or killing of Madvi Hidma would weaken the naxal movement further

Madvi Hidma. Pic Courtesy: NIA

New Delhi, Apr 18: The National Investigation Agency has declared a bounty on Madvi Hidma, the dreaded naxal leader who is the mastermind of the massacre on 22 security personnel in Chhattisgarh”s Bastar region.

Sources tell OneIndia that getting to Hidma would be a major success as his arrest, capture or killing would weaken the naxal movement further. 

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CPI(Maoist) foundation week observed; Naxals reveal big plans

Raipur, Sept 25: Bastar in Chattisgarh is witnessing a resurgence of the naxal movement. A seizure of 1,750 kilograms of explosives today came hours after a constable was injured in a blast when he accidentally stepped on a pressure bomb that was planted by the naxals. Incidentally these two incidents have been reported at a time when the Maoists are observing the CPI(Maoist) foundation week. The seizure of the explosives has been a major success for the police. 1,750 kilograms of explosives which included 750 kilograms of gelatine sticks has left the police shocked and it goes on to show the extent of the naxal network in the area.
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