In Tejasvi Surya candidature, BJP sent out message, ‘not a party of grandfathers, grandsons’

Bengaluru, Mar 28: After the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) announced that Tejasvi Surya would contest from Bangalore South, there has been a major debate over his candidature.

The big question was did the BJP err in not giving a ticket to Tejasvini Ananth Kumar, who had nurtured and won from this constituency for over 25 years. The analysts point out that this is an interesting gamble that has been taken by the BJP.

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Who fills the void in Bangalore South? BJP says Tejaswini Ananth Kumar is best choice

Bengaluru, Dec 25: The untimely death of Ananth Kumar came as a major blow to the BJP. Ananth Kumar had held on the Bangalore South parliamentary seat for as long as one could remember.

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Mrs Nandan and Ananth-Battle of the wives

campThe men are already out on the battle field and now it is the turn of the women to join in. The better halves of Nandan Nilekani and Ananth Kumar who are battling the prestigious Bangalore South constituency are on the streets and are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that their respective husbands win the prestigious seat.

There are a lot of contrasts in their style. Tejaswini Ananth Kumar is a well known face here and has been campaigning for her husband since the year 1988. However for Rohini Nilekani it is a new task which she says she finds interesting and a great challenge. Rohini is learning the tricks of the trade and is making every attempt to strike a rapport with the voter. She is comfortable in some segments especially when campaigns with the IT crowd, but she is trying to find her ground when it comes to a campaign with the ordinary man.

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Nandan’s English speech leads to chaos

It was meant to be a healthy debate ahead of the elections, but then it had to be called off due to a major verbal duel. The problem began when Congress Nandan Nilekani who is contesting the Bangalore South seat began his talk in English. As he began his speech, the people demanded that he speak in Kannada. Nandan Nilekani however continued to speak and the crowd got even more aggressive.
The Congress supporters began verbally abusing the BJP supporters who had demanded that Nilekani address the crowd in Kannada. Ananth Kumar tha BJP candidate contesting against Nandan tried to pacify the crowd, but in vain. Nilekani too tried his best to pacify the crowd, but failed.
The other speakers at the debate Ruth Manorama, JD(S) candidate from Bangalore South and AAP candidate Nina Nayak watched helplessely. After all efforts to pacify the crowd failed, the debate had to be called off.
The debate was between the candidates of the Bangalore South constituency and was meant to discuss issues ahead of the elections. Ananth Kumar after the incident blamed the Congress workers for the incident, while members of the AAP staged a silent protest outside the venue.

Did Muthalik bat for the Congress?

pramodContrary to his statement that he will fight to ensure that Narendra Modi becomes the Prime Minister, the controversial Pramod Muthalik will now make life hell for the BJP. Muthalik will now fight two Parliamentary constituencies at Dharwad and Bangalore South in an apparent bid to show that the candidates here who had allegedly okayed his entry into the BJP six days back were the ones who let him when the BJP sought to remove him.
While Ananth Kumar appears to be least bothered about his candidature from Bangalore South Parliamentary constituency, Prahlad Joshi the candidate from Dharwad is an extremely worried man. The manner in which the Congress has reacted to Muthalik’s candidature from two constituencies is only an indicator that he is set to do some damage to the BJP in Dharwad. The Congress however is well aware that Muthalik will make no difference in Bangalore South.
In Bangalore South, Muthalik has no takers as none are keen that a controversial person like him should get any votes. He will not even be able to take away the Hindu votes in this constituency which has vowed to vote for none other than Narendra Modi.

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Modi- tried tested and trusted

12847354375_a16474315b_c-750x400He is up against one of the most hyped candidates, Nandan Nilekani from the Bangalore South constituency. While the Congress has termed Nilekani as the giant killer, the man against him Ananth Kumar says that there is no threat at all.

People may be seeking a change, but the change they want is at the centre, Ananth Kumar the five time MP from Bangalore South says.

Nandan Nilekani:

The Congress is not a match. Nandan Nilekani has a lot to take on. There are issues such as corruption in the UPA government, price rise and also unemployment. Nandan is not a threat to me, instead the programme which he heads, Aadhar is a threat to the country. The Aadhar should be done away with as it involves the data of Indian citizens held by some company in the United States of America. This was also rejected by the Supreme Court, but the UPA stubbornly went ahead with it. To be honest, I would not take pride in stating that I was part of the Aadhar programme in fact I would be ashamed of it.

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Campaign trail with Nandan Nilekani

nandLet’s get it done- This is the one sentence that Nandan Nilekani says as he officially commences his campaign for Bangalore South. “ Its heartening to see the energy and the passion of the people on the ground. This is not just about me – the demand from our people is for more energy and vision in the public space. I deeply believe that the more people with a vision, with a passionate agenda, get involved, the more we will see the kind of politics we dream of.

The Indian National Congress does have a lot of hope in Nandan Nilekani and despite the Bharatiya Janata Party not taking him too seriously, he has been given the prestigious Bangalore South constituency. Nilekani joined the Congress as an ordinary worker is what he and the rest say, but then the kind of reception he got did not one bit indicate that he was ordinary in the Congress.

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Nandan- BJP not clean either

Nandan Nilekani formally joined the Congress today and he will battle it out against five times winner Ananth Kumar from Bangalore south.
I keep talking to people and they want a change, Nilekani told the media after being formally inducted into the party. The other party is not clean either, Nandan said on being asked about the corruption in the Congress.

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Nandan’s Aadhar stunt under scanner


Nandan Nilekeni the Bangalore South candidate will have to answer the election commission of India on charges of using the Aadhar data base to promote his campaign. The Karnataka BJP in a complaint to the election commission has stated that Nandan who headed the UID has been sending out campaign material such as pamphlets with his photograph specifically to houses whose members have been issued with an aadhar card.
The BJP asks how he managed to get the details of those issued with aadhar cards. Since he is in charge of the project he has used his position to access the data base of Bangalore south from where he is contesting, the BJP states in its complaint.
Further the BJP questions the need for Nandan to harp on the aadhar issue. Is it is private property or does the scheme belong to the government of India they ask.
The complaint which was filed a while ago will be scrutinised by the election commission following which a notice may be issued.

Only Modi can save us- Ananth Kumar

Bangalore South MP & BJP National General Secretary Ananth Kumar on Monday asserted that only the party’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi was capable of steering the nation out of the economic mess created by one decade’s rule of the Congress.

Addressing the Karnataka BJP Election Management Committee meeting here, he pointed out that uncontrollable inflation and resultant hike in prices of essential commodities had created tremendous burden on people of the nation. “If at all there is any leader, who can rescue the nation from the economic crisis that is possible by Modi. Look, how he has developed Gujarat, which is now of the most advanced states in the country,” he added.

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