Church street blast: Breakthrough soon says Commissioner

bangaloreblast3aThe Bengaluru police claims that it has made some headway in the Church Street blasts case. Commissioner of Police, Bengaluru City, M N Reddi informed the media today that it had made some headway in the probe.

There is concrete evidence that has emerged from the case and very soon we will arrest the accused persons in the case, he also pointed out.

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Praveen Togadia barred from entering Bengaluru

togadiaPraveen Togadia, senior Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) leader has been barred from entering Bengaluru and holding the Virat Hindu Samajothsava programme on Feb 8, 2015.
The Commissioner of Police, Bengaluru city issued this order citing security reasons.
Togadia was to hold a programme at the National College Grouds in Basavanagudi. The programme organized by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad was to witness a huge gathering.

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Bengaluru: 9 ISIS bound team let off after being cleared by police

isis1Nine persons, who were deported from Turkey to Bengaluru after it was found that they were trying to join the ISIS, were all released by the police.
The police had questioned all the persons after they arrived in Bengaluru after being deported from Turkey and felt that no case could be made out.Read more

Pre-activated SIM racket busted in B’luru thanks to this Bodo militant

There were a host of rules that were in place before a SIM card could be issued. Various checks and stringent documentation process was necessary before a SIM card was handed out and later activated.

2015/01/img_0238.jpgHowever in this mad rush for competition rules have been thrown out of the window and one such SIM card landed in the hands of an alleged terrorist believed to be behind the Assam Massacre that claimed over 80 lives including women and children.

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Assam attack, major arrest in Bangalore

bodoIn a major breakthrough in the Assam attack case, the Bengaluru police have nabbed the organizing secretary of the NFDB (S). The police arrested Sanju Bodoloi who is also alleged to be involved in the massacre that took place at Sonitpur and Kokrajhar districts on December 23 2014 killing over 80 persons including women and children. The police arrested Sanju aged 27 years from Electronic City based on inputs. It was said that he had come down to Bengaluru and taken shelter at the Electronic City area after taking part in the Assam attack.
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@shammiwitness- Nation wide checks

IMG_0053It appears as though a nation wide investigation is taking place in the @shammiwitness case. Anyone who has interacted with Mehdi Masroor Biswas on his mail or Twitter handle is being questioned as the police seek clues on whether he had any connection with Indians. The police are verifying and analyzing the 1,30,000 tweets that are present on his handle. Every tweet is being analysed an officer informed OneIndia.

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The arrogance of @shammiwitness

“I believe I have not broken any law in India.” These were the words of Mehdi Masroor Biswas who ran the ISIS sympathetic twitter handle @shammiwitness. He was clearly aware of the laws of the country and continued to sit in the comfort of his one-bedroom Bengaluru home and launch a campaign for the blood thirsty ISIS. An officer part of the investigation says that he was well aware that tweeting against India would land him trouble and harsher laws such as sedition would apply against him. He deliberately ensured that he did not speak out against India and a tweet by one persons specifically asking him how many ISIS persons in Syria were from India or Pakistan got no response.
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Shami Witness: Bengaluru cops search for Mysuru links

IMG_0054.JPGA team of the Bangalore police force (CCB) is camping in Mysore after they found few calls made to a number in that city. Moreover the police have also claimed that he had visited Mysore more than once. An officer with the Bangalore police told Oneindia that a team is in Mysore and they are carrying out investigation.
The officer however pointed out that nothing concrete has emerged, but they need to be doubly sure. The officer also said that they wanted to see whether he had any links in Mysore, although preliminary investigations have so far found that he is a virtual and not an actual force.

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Blore rape- Cops always knew he wasn’t the one

20140729-192056-69656484.jpgThe exact words of a senior officer to his higher ups prior to the arrest of Mustafa in connection with the rape of a six year old was, ” don’t arrest him, we have no evidence against him. We will cut a very sorry figure.”
However this advise was not taken and the police went ahead and arrested Mustafa an instructor at the school. They kept him in custody for five days before deciding to seize his laptop and mobile phone. The police even came out and claimed that he had confessed to his crime. Now it is a known fact that a confession before a police is not admissible before the court and it is used only to find further leads in a case.

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Blore rape- Whats in store for the chairman?

‎The Bangalore police which arrested the chairman of the school in which a 6 year old was allegedly sexually assaulted has a host of charges against him. If proved guilty Rustam Kherrawala, the chairman of the school faces a rigorous jail term of 4 years.
The police headed by the non-nonsense commissioner M N Reddi has booked the chairman under the tough Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act of 2012. He will be treated as an abettor in the case. This would mean that despite knowing about the offence he decided to conceal it.
In addition to this he faces a host of charges which include destruction of evidence which is a major offence under the Indian Penal Code.
Kherrawala faces tough questions from the police. His arrest took a while, but the police say that they had to be doubly sure before carrying out such a high profile arrest. Sources say that they have information that the management tried to conceal the incident in a bid to safeguard the reputation of the school. In the bargain a lot of evidence may have also been destroyed the police source also informed.

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