Balakot, 3 years on and why it required guts to hit it

New Delhi, Feb 26: It has been three years since the Indian Air Force carried out a daredevil operation in which a Jaish-e-Mohammad-e-Mohammad base within Pakistan was hit.

It required immaculate planning to enter Pakistan undetected, strike at the target and return unhurt.

The Balakot facility in Pakistan was under the radar for at least 15 years before the actual hit took place.

Balakot was a known terrorist camp. It was not in 2019, butbut 15 years back itself, we had mapped it out, intelligence officials tell OneIndia. These targets were on the radar of the Indian establishment for long.

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How different would a Balakot strike been if India had the Rafale

rajnathNew Delhi, Oct 21: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said recent that had India possessed the Rafale fighter jets earlier, the Indian Air Force would have not have needed to enter Pakistan to hit terror camps.

“Had we possessed Rafale fighter jets we would not have required to enter Balakot and launch a strike. We could have struck at Balakot while sitting in India,” he said.

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How Indian Navy tracked down Pakistan’s PNS Saad post Balakot

New Delhi, June 24: The Navy was in full swing post the Balakot strike that India carried out to avenge the Pulwama attack in which 40 CRPF jawans were martyred.

The Navy deployed a major part of its fleet close to Pakistan territorial waters. The deployment came immediately after the Pulwama attack and Pakistan was given the impression that India could use its maritime powers to avenge the Pulwama attack.

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