Decoding the big BJP defeat in Bellary: How the party lost the plot

Photo courtesy: The Hindu

Bengaluru, Nov 6: The Karnataka by-elections are done and it was advantage Congress-JD(S). The BJP managed to win just the Shivamogga Lok Sabha seat. However the biggest defeat for the BJP was in Bellary, which has been considered as a BJP strong hold owing to the clout of the Reddy brothers and their close aide, B Sriramulu.

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In battle of prestige at Badami, how do the numbers add up

sidd2With Chief Minister, Siddaramaiah and BJP strongman B Sriramulu filing their nominations from Badami, the contest has become an interesting one. Both the leaders would go all out to ensure a victory and it has now become a battle of prestige.

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Sriramulu from Bellary


After much debate and a lot of tweeting by one time God Mother, Sushma Swaraj, B Sriramulu will now fight on a BJP ticket from the Bellary parliamentary constituency. Bellary which is famous for its mining miseries will be a crucial constituency for the BJP.

The state BJP in particular felt that in order to secure Bellary and the neighbouring constituencies, it was extremely crucial to bring Sriramulu back to the party. Sriramulu had quit the BJP over the mining issue and floated the BSR Congress party which put up a good showing in the Bellary regions during the 2013 assembly elections. He clearly snatched away the BJP votes which hurt the party bad especially in a constituency which has been its strong hold since the past ten years.

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Bansal, Sriramulu- Winning vs morals

bsri1The granting of tickets to Pawan Kumar Bansal, B Sriramulu among others has only gone on to show that winning an election scores over morality and clean governance. The names of around 188 candidates to contest the elections have been declared so far and statistics would show that 56 of them or 30 per cent have criminal cases against them. The BJP has 23 out 62 candidates with a criminal background while the Congress has 33 out of the 126 candidates declared so far.
Justice Santhosh Hegde, the former Lokayukta of Karnataka who had prepared a detailed report on the illegal mining scam says that values that the political parties speak of is only for public consumption. When it comes to elections every party is ready to compromise to get a majority, Justice Hegde tells

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Sriramulu wins

B Sriramulu who floated the BSR Congress party has won the Bellary rural seat. He defeated the BJP and the Congress in a one sided battle.
Meanwhile Yeddyurappa loyalist Murugesh Nirani who refused to quit the BJP is traling. CM Udasi who quit the BJP and joined the KJP lost his seat.

Kar results- What is at stake?

Tomorrow is a big day for Karnataka and by the end of the day, the state will have a new government in place. The counting process which will commence at 8 AM tomorrow is going to be keenly watched and the fate of 2940 candidates will be at stake.

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No Reddy funds- What will Sriramulu do?


B Sriramulu appears to be in neck deep trouble as he is struggling to find allies to fight the forthcming Karnataka assembly elections. Not only did a tie up with the Janatha Dal(S) not work, but his closest aides, the Reddy brothers have refused to fund the party for the elections.
Sriramulu had broken away from the BJP and formed the BSR Congress party. He won by a huge margin in the Bellary by-poll that followed. However he put up a disastrous performance in the urban local body polls and this marked the downfall of the party.

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Kar- Regional parties will fail

karKarnataka has never had a history to show that a regional party works in the state. The best performance by a regional party in the state of Karnataka ever was by the Karnataka Congress Party led by S Bangarappa which had won 10 seats.

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BJP- life without BSY

bjp-questionThe BJP is a worried lot in Karnataka but each of its leaders chose to put on a brave front following the resignation of B S Yeddyurappa. It was clear that the BJP failed to retain Yeddyurappa, the man who was responsible for bringing the party to power in Karnataka.

R Ashok and K S Eshwarappa the two Deputy Chief Ministers of Karnataka were the only two who reacted to the resignation. Ashok said that it is a sad day, but the party had nothing to be worried about since it is not a party of individuals. The party is capable of looking after itself. Eshwarappa on the other hand said that no major impact would be there following the resignation. However if at all he wants to come back, he is more than welcome to do so and we will welcome him with open arms. Continue reading “BJP- life without BSY”

CBI summons Sriramulu

The Central Bureau of Investigation summoned B Sriramulu, Karnataka MLA in connection with the cash for bai scam. He would now be questioned by the an corruption bureau of the CBI at Hyderabad.

B Sriramulu a close aid of the Bellary Reddy brothers was named in the scam by Suresh Babu another accused in the case.

Babu had told the CBI that when the deal with the judge to get Janardhan Reddy bail was being planned B Sriramulu was kept in the loop.

He also said that Sriramulu had suggested ways of getting the bail done after paying of the judge.
CBI sources say that  Sriramulu is indirectly connected with the case and wheather or not tomake him an accused would be decided once questioning is completed.