Sympathy vs Yeddyurappa- The battle for Gundlupet

Both the Congress and the BJP is leaving no stone unturned to bag a victory in the Gundlupet by-election.

The BJP is up against Mahadevi Geetha Prasad the widow of former minister Mahadev Prasad. It was the sudden demise of Mahadeva Prasad which forced an election in Gundlupet. The polls will be held on April 9.

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With cases falling like 9 pins, BSY from BJP’s strong man becomes stronger man

yeddyurappa_350_110812071234Bengaluru, Oct 26: He was hounded by cases and finally was forced to step down as the Chief Minister of Karnataka. Today with an acquittal up his sleeve, Yeddyurappa can heave a sigh of relief. The fact is that the cases against BS Yeddyurappa seem to be falling like nine pins.
While the Rs 40 crore bribery case investigated by the CBI worried him and his followers no end, Yeddyurappa had got relief in 15 other cases earlier. There was a lot of discussion and debate earlier this year before he was made the state president of the BJP in Karnataka.

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No more exodus-KSE

Deputy Chief Minister and Karantaka state president of the Bharatiya Janatha Party, K S Eshwarappa says that the government is safe. Reacting to the resignations tendered by 13 MLAs, Eshwarappa told the media that the government will complete its term and there is no chance of any more MLAs quitting the BJP.

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Will Sad Gowda go?

Are Karnataka Chief Minister,  Sadananda Gowda’s days numbered? B S Yeddyurappa who is in New Delhi has raised the pitch high to change Sadananda Gowda as the Chief Minister of Karnataka, a move that is being strongly opposed by party boss, L K Advani.
There was a lot of political activity in New Delhi with Yeddyurappa insisting that the CM be changed. It is said that he has managed to convince many in the top leadership regarding this change while stating that the CM’s proximity to the Deve Gowda clan is annoying and would cause more embarassment to the BJP.
However Yeddyurappa has been told not to get his hopes too high and has also been told that it would not be possible to make him the CM right now. Although cleared by the High Court in the Mining scam, he still has a couple of cases pending against him. If he is made the CM and the those cases re-surface it would be extremely embarassing for the BJP. Yeddyurappa who would give it another shot is however not opposed to the idea of placing his candidate for the post of CM. He has been rooting for former rival and Lingayat leader Jagadish Shettar who has aspired to be CM. Shettar in fact lost to Gowda when the BJP MLAs elected him leader nearly a year back.
However now they have been trying to pacify Advani for the change. Indications are that they may go ahead even if Advani does not agree.
The Yeddyurappa camp has decided that a vote for the new CM would be held on March 19th and the name would be announced in Delhi the same day. The legislature session in Karnataka they say would commence under the new leadership on March 21.
However despite these important developments, Gowda remained unfazed. He told the media that he would continue in office and the state budget would be presented under his leadership.

I will come out of Chakravyuha: BSY

Former Chief Minister of Karnataka, B S Yeddyurappa towed a soft line while stating that he has no ambition for any post. Addressing a mammoth gathering Hubli in North Karnataka today he said that he would commence a state wide tour from tommorrow and ensure that the BJP returns to power with a majorty during the next elections.
The rally was more to send a message to the party’s central leadership that he was still the big in the party. Yeddyurappa had been forced to resign as CM in the aftermath of the mining report. However the High Court cleared him recently from the mining scam which prompted his followers to raise the pitch to reinstate him as CM.
Yeddyurappa managed to draw a huge crowd at Hubli. However leaders from Delhi, the CM of Karnataka, Sadananda Gowda and Party president in the state, K S Eshwarappa were absent. However Yeddyurappa’s close supporters were present.
Yeddyurappa told the crowd that he would never quit the party. I will work for it very hard.
I know a trap has been set for me by H D Kumaraswamy, H D Deve Gowda and some members of my party. I will come out of the Chakravyuha.
I am not going to beg for any post and am not going to Delhi to seek any favours. I will be here and work for the BJP, he also added.

In a month you will know what Sadanand Gowda is

Sadananda Gowda addressing his first press conference after being sworn in as the Chief Minister of Karnataka says that there is no need to read too much into the allocation of portfolios and the issues will be sorted out amicably in around four days. Stop calling me a rubber stamp, wait another month you will know what Sadananda Gowda is. I will consult with my national leaders and take a decision along with all the rest of my party colleagues, the CM of Karnataka also said.On the comment by Yeddyurappa that he will return as the CM in the next 6 months, Gowda said that it was an opinion expressed by him and would not say much about this. However if Yeddyurappa feels that he will return as the Chief Minister, then there is no harm in him thinking in this way.

He played down the rift with Jagadish Shettar and said that we are very much together and things are cordial between the two of us. We had spoken with each other this morning and there is no problem between us. He also added that there was no need to read too much into the secret ballot that was held yesterday. It was a democratic process which the BJP has followed and this process of selecting a leader will go down in the history of India.

Gowda had his moments during the press conference when he answered a question in Malayalam and said that he has a close connection to the state of Kerala.

 I was the incharge of that state for the party and hence I am attached to it. On the Lokayukta report on illegal mining, he said he will need some time before he can comment on the same. I need to study the report and only then can I comment on the same he added.

I will ensure that Karnataka will head in a new direction under his leadership.

I will take into confidence not only my party colleagues, but also the leaders of the opposition in order, Gowda also pointed out.

Further he said that the media should play a constructive role and help better the administration in the state. Give me all your support and I will take your suggestions.

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As it develops in Karnataka

Yeddy man Sadanand Gowda makes it to CM's post. Photo courtesy:

9.50 PM- D Sadananda Gowda will be sworn in as Chief Minister of Karnataka tomorow at 4.30 PM, according to a communication from the Raj Bhavan. The communication adds that Gowda will be sworn in at Raj Bhavan at 4.30 PM.
The communication also states that Sadananda Gowda had met the governor after being selected as the new leader. The Governor has accepted the candidature and invited him to be sworn in as the Chief Minister.
Tomorrow only Gowda will be sworn in and the appointment of a Deputy Chief Minister as is being discussed in the BJP circles will take place in another day or two. The candidate most likely to make it as the Deputy Chief Minister is Jagadish Shettar who lost a secret ballot to Gowda today.

04.04 pm

Sadananda Gowda press conference-
I thank all my supporters and also the leaders in my party.
I have been elected as the leader. My resolve to continue the good work of the BJP. My policies will be pro friendly.
I will take everyone into confidence and do my work. I will start my work immediately.

Sadananda Gowda will be accompanied by state BJP Chief Eshwarappa to the Raj Bhavan.

04.02 pm

First press conference by Karnataka Chief Minister Sadananda Gowda in the next five minutes. He is accompanied by K S Eshwarappa and Shobha Karandlage, Suresh Kumar and Chandre Gowda.


All is well that ends well in the BJP. The voting was first conducted and then the leaders broke for lunch.
B S Yeddyurappa then took to the stage and proposed the name of Sadananda Gowdam by that time it was clear that Gowda was emerging as the favorite. Shettar and Eshwarappa joined him on stage and seconded the name of Gowda while promising that they would all work together in future.


Law minister Suresh Kumar says the process was smooth. We welcome the new leader and he will be going to the Raj Bhavan in sometime to inform the Governor about the same.

03.29 pm

There is absolute chaos on the streets as all BJP MLAs start coming out of Hotel Capitol. The reactions are mixed and the members of the Ananth Kumar faction look clearly upset. Sadanand Gowda still remains inside the hotel as the streets swell with his supporters waiting for him.

03.14 pm

Sullya based Sadananda Gowda is the next Chief Minister of Karnataka. Backed completely by former Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa, Sadananda Gowda beat his nearest rival Jagadish Shettar.
The official announcement will be made in a while. However there is a balancing act on inside Capitol where the Ananth Kumar faction is being pacified. They have been promised the post of Deputy CM.

03.08 pm
Sadananda Gowda supporters have taken to the streets in Celebration with news of him emerging victorious. He is said to have beaten Jagadish Shettar by 9 votes in the secret ballot just held at Hotel Capitol in Bangalore.

03.06 pm

62 for Sadananda Gowda and 55 for Shettar. No official word as yet but Gowda supporters already celebrating.
The Speaker K G Bopaiah did not take part in this vote. Suresh Kumar, law minister and two others did not vote

03.05 pm

The counting process has been completeted and it is just a matter of time vefore an official announcement is made. Unconfimed reports say that Sadananda Gowda has won the ballot.

2.32 pm

Lunch time for the Karnataka BJP. The voting has just concluded and the votes will be counted after lunch.
This entire process is expected to take another hour and a half. The BJP will announce the results to the legislators before breifing the media on the final verdict.

02:02 pm

With the secret ballot underway around 70 MLAs so far have cast their vote. The fight is between Jagadish Shettar and Sadananda Gowda. There around in all 120 MLAs in the hall.
In a while from now the votes will be counted and the annouuncement made.

01.44 pm

When the national leaders landed in Bangalore, it was decided that Sadananda Gowda would be the CM and Shettar the Dy CM. However the Shettar camp has opposed this completely which has forced the BJP to adopt to a secret ballot. Sources now say that the process of a secret ballot has already commenced although the BJP will never officially announce this since in the open. The BJP legislators have been told not to be open about this process since it would send out a wrong signal to the people.

01:05 pm

Latest from inside Hotel Capitol. The scene is not too cordial. Leaders are aggressive about pushing the candidate and the pleas by the senior leaders have fallen on deaf years. Yeddy’s camp with 71 MLA’s now is pushing for a secret ballot. Jaitley and Rajnath appear emotional as they say that the party should not break and a secret ballot be avoided at any cost.

12:53 pm

No differences as yet in tha party with a difference. Rajnath Singh has just addressed the legislators and told them the need to stay united. He says that it is important for the party to have a consensus candidate in the larger interest of the party.

12:23 pm

The process to elect a new CM for Karnataka has commenced. All MLCs and other party workers have been kept outside the meeting hall. Only the 121 MLAs are allowed to take part. Senior leaders pushing for a consensus candidate. Yeddys team claims it has 68 MLAs.

11:59 am

Rajnath Singh has just arrived at the hotel Capitol. Jaitley too has arrived and just walked into the hotel. Appears to be a close fight although the bus math is something people are speaking about. Efforts on to avoid a ballot, but every indication that the leader would be chosen that way.

11:52 am

The moment that everyone has been waiting for. Yeddys camp arrives finally. Who has the numbers? Yeddys camp have come in four buses whereas Ananth Kumar faction arrived in two buses. the slug fest is about to begin as supporters chant long live sadananda gowda.

11:43 am

Two Volvo’s land at Capitol with the BJP MLAs as the process to elect the new CM is about to begin. The Yeddyurappa camp is yet to arrive. The Ananth Kumar camp has just arrived and are heading towards the hotel now. The meeting will commence once the other camp which is till involved in negotiations arrives.

11.34 am

K S Eshwarappa, state BJP president says that the party may resort to a secret ballot to elect the next CM. It is clear that there is no consensus as yet. Shettar meanwhile has sadi that he hopeful which has made the Yeddyurappa camp return to their hotel rooms to hold discussions with the senior leaders.

11.27 am

New names being thrown into the CM’s race. Party bosses want a consensus and no split in the party. Suresh Kumar and K S Eshwarappa could be consensus candidates since they are acceptable to both parties. However party sources say that this would be a last ditch attempt and both sides still pushing for Shettar and Sadandanda Gowda.

11.22 am

All possibilities that a canandidate would be choisen on the basis of a secret ballot. There is no consensus as of yet and the battle still is between Shettar and Gowda.

11.15 am

Chaos outside of Hotel Capitol, Bangalore where a decision on the next CM of Karnataka will be taken. Some confusion still porevails with Yeddyurappa faction trying to make a last pitch for Sadanand Gowda. They are meeting with Rajnath Singh now and will arrive at Capitol in a while.

08:21 am

It is just a matter of time before Karnataka has a new Chief Minister. A meeting of the BJP legislators meeting has now been fixed for 11 AM in Bangalore.
The leaders from New Delhi, Arun Jaitley and Rajnath Singh were involved in deliberations all through the night to bring about a consensus between the B S Yeddyurappa and Ananth Kumar who are claiming the support of 60 MLAs each.
BJP sources say that the meeting at 11 AM today will bring about a clarity to the issue and there is expected to be a consensus.
Jagadish Shettar however appeared to look confident that he would be elected the next CM of the state. Sadananda Gowda is meeting with Yeddyurappa after which he will meet with the senior leaders. The BJP however is trying its best to bring about a consensus candidate and would not want any split in the party especially after the party’s image has taken a beating. The party is ready to sacrifice both Shettar and Gowda if there is no consensus and could even propose the name of a third candidate to avoid any tussle.
The Yeddyurappa camp is however adamant that it would install its candidate and adds that it is even ready to show its strength if the need be.

Developing in Karnataka now

The BJP in Karnataka is keeping matters close to its heart. While Sadananda Gowda and Jagadish Shettar are front runners, sources in the BJP say that one should not be too surprised if a third candidate acceptable to both sides ie Yeddyurappa and Ananth Kumar is selected at the end of it.
Rajnath Singh has just arrived in Bangalore ahead of a crucial meeting to elect the next Chief Minister of Karnataka. Jaitley too would join in some time. Meetings with all the factions have already commenced and K S Eshwarappa is already in a meeting with Rajnath Singh. A meeting to announce officially Yeddyurappa’s sucessor has been scheduled tentatively for 11 am tomorow but the venue has not been decided as yet.
The leaders from New Delhi have come with a fixed mindset and that is to select a consensus candidate. At no cost do they want any division in the party although both sides are pushing for a secret ballot. The national leaders will make one last ditch attempt to convince the warring factions. However it is clear that both factions as of now are not agrreable to each others candidates. This is why there is every chance of a third candidate emerging who will be acceptable to both sides.
At the moment there is status quo with BJP leaders indicating that Shettar has tje edge over Gowda.
The BJP national leadership had promised on Sunday that the CM would be made known on August 3 at 11 am. However there are likely delays and the decsision could be delayed further.

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In a quieter Karnataka today

B S yeddyurappa acting Chief Minister of Karnataka said in Bangalore that one would have to wait two days more to find out who the next leader would be.
He told media persons that they have proposed the name of their cndidate and now its up to the senior leaddership to take a call on that.
He also said that things in his government would have been smooth had they won with an absolute majority. However due to a simple majority they had to rely on other candidates and trouble emerged at times.
Meanwhile there is calm in the political circles and each of the factions are holding on to their flock. The Yeddyurappa faction which claims the support of 78 MLAs has parked all of them at the hotel chanceory while the Ananth Kumar faction is at the hotel Ashok. Each one is holding their flock ahead of the crucial annoucement day after tomorrow. Both these factions would like to display their strength on wednesday when they make a last pitch for their candidate as chief Minister of Karnataka.

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Anyone but Ananth Kumar

Minutes after Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa confirmed that he would be quitting as the CM, his supporters have upped the ante against Ananth Kumar. Yeddyurappa’ supporters have now reached the Hotel Ashok in Bangalore with a memorandum to the leaders from the high command.
In their memorandum they have requested the high command not to appoint Ananth Kumar at any cost. The leaders have been shouting slogans against Kumar and have stated that he should not be made the CM come what may.
This move by Yeddyurappa’s followers gives a signal that the high command is toying with the idea of making Kumar the CM. The bad blood between Kumar and Yeddyurappa is an open secret and all through the latter has been saying that he would never accept his candidature. However the high command has made it clear to Yeddyurappa that they would chose the next leader on the basis on the opinion of all the legislators.
The BJP wants to get this process over with as it wants to hold the legislature party meeting tomorrow at anu cost.
Yeddyurappa’s supporters have also complained that Kumar’s name features in the Nira Radia tapes and also the major HUDCO scam. Since he is tainted he should not be permitted to become the Chief Minister

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