Desperate times, desperate measures: De-coding Al-Qaeda’s latest threat to Indian Army

img_0062New Delhi, July 11: The Al-Qaeda made an open threat to the Indian establishment through a video that was released by its media arm As Sahab.

In the video titled, ” Dont Forget Kashmir,” Ayman al-Zawahiri is heard threatening the Indian Army, apart from calling for strikes in the Valley.

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Zawahiri’s message on Kashmir is a desperate attempt to stay relevant after Musa’s death

Ayman al- Zawahiri

New Delhi, July 10: The media arm of the Al-Qaeda, As Sahab released a video message from Ayman al-Zawahiri tittled, “Dont forget Kashmir.”

Although he did not mention Ansar Ghazwat-ul-Hind, the Kashmir wing of the Al-Qaeda, he ends the video with the image of the Ansar chief, Zakir Musa, who was gunned down in an encounter on May 23 2019.

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Does al-Qaeda still exist in the sub-continent?

  A year has gone by since the al Qaeda in the sub-continent (AQIS) was announced. The question today is whether this outfit still exists or not. The announcement was made by Ayman al-Zawahiri in a video message a year ago and it had declared that it would set up the Islamic Caliphate in the sub-continent. However, today the AQIS is a non-entity in the region and the only presence it can boast of is at Bangladesh where piggy backs on the Ansarullah Bangla Team or the ABT. Security experts say that the AQIS never seemed lethal and the announcement by Zawahiri was more out of desperation after the al-Qaeda had lost substantial ground in Iraq and Syria to the ISIS.
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Al-Qaeda General Guidance for Jihad action and how CIA dropped the ball

tersilThe former CIA chief Michael Morrell sums it all up in just one line- ” We dropped the ball on the Al-Qaeda.” An outfit that was bruised and beaten after the death of Osama Bin Laden is back in business and it is just a matter of time before they exercise complete control over the south of Yemen.

Their sleeper cells in the Southern part of Yemen have woken up and surprisingly we get to hear Ayman Al-Zawahiri talking after coming out of a self imposed exile. To add to all that is happening in Yemen was a video from Asim Umar the Al-Qaeda in the Sub Continent chief who threatens to establish themselves from France to Bangladesh.

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Al Qaeda in Sub-Continent was a hoax?

tercampHas the al Qaeda left Afghanistan? Is there an al Qaeda even present in Afghanistan? Was the announcement relating to the presence of the al Qaeda in the Sub-Continent just a hoax?
These are extremely pertinent questions and would matter a great deal to India in particular as the war in Afghanistan directly affects us.

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Has the Mullah Omar hunt ended?

Mullah-omar1is more than what meets the eye in Afghanistan. Mullah Omar is off the most wanted list of the United States of America even as Afghanistan sent some of its soldiers to train at the elite officer academy in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

The United States of America did manage to hunt down, Osama Bin Laden, but a decade on, they still claim that they are clueless about the whereabouts of Mullah Omar, the Supreme Commander of the Taliban.

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Iran and Al-Qaeda, an uncomfortable relationship

IMG_0278The Al-Qaeda’s link to Iran has become a talking point after the prosecutors in New York submitted documents suggesting the same. Several documents that were seized from the Abbottabad compound in which Laden was living before his death suggest close ties between the Al-Qaeda and Iran.
It may seem surprising to many that the Al-Qaeda which has been espousing largely the cause of the Sunni Muslims was or is friendly with the Shia dominated Iran. What are the ties that Iran and the Al-Qaeda share with each other? Several analysts that we spoke to suggest that it is a unique relationship that the two share and has been full of ups and downs.

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Al-Qaeda, unfortunately is serious about India

‎The Al-Qaeda’s announcement of setting up its India wing has sent shivers among many in the India establishment. The Al-qaeda made this announcement with an intent of strengthening itself in Afghanistan once the West withdraws and also as a counter move to the ISIS trying to make inroads in this part of the world.
Washington however is not worried about this announcement and is too busy with the ISIS for now.

Michael Kugelman, senior programme associate for South ans South East Asia, Woodrow Wilson Centre for Scholars, a Washington based think tank says that from the Al-Qaeda video we can assume that Ayman Al Zawahiri is based somewhere in the tribal areas of Pakistan.
He says that the US does not view this development too seriously and the Al-Qaeda has fallen off its radar thanks to the ISIS.

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Asim Umar the ideologically driven chief

zawahri2Asim Umar is the new chief of the Al-Qaeda’s Indian outfit. He is the head of the Al-Qaeda’s Sharia wing based out of Pakistan. He has been very critical of the Indian democracy and the last time he gave a call he had said that you who have been ruled for 800 years and how long will you live in this slumber. It is time to out your lives at risk for the cause of Jihad and implement the sharia law immediately in India, Umar had said last year. Pamphlets conveying the message of Umar were distributed in parts of India.
The Intelligence Bureau says that Umar has been an ideologically drive man and does not involve himself in combat. He has been handpicked by the Al-Qaeda to head the Indian operations since he can drive youth ideologically. This is an important move by the Al-Qaeda as it has found that the youth are driven more towards ideology and the implementation of the sharia law.

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Al Qaeda’s final jihad

Ghazwa-e-Hindi or the destruction of India was a call made by the Al-Qaeda and now with the dreaded outfit announcing its India wing, the message they managed to send out is that the time has come to launch a final jihad against India. What this essentially would also mean is that the Al-Qaeda and the ISIS which are fighting for supremacy in Iraq and Syria would now do the same in India as well thus making a mess out of the security situation out here.
An Intelligence report on the Al-Qaeda’s operations in India prepared in the early part of August suggests that the outfit has 23 modules in the country and there are around 130 youth who are actively part of these modules. These modules could be found in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat. Howefver the Al-Qaeda would first launch its India offensive from the Kashmir Valley. There has been enough slogan shouting by the Al-Qaeda which while calling for final Jihad or Ghazwa-e-Hindi also questions the Indian Muslim youth as to why they are quiet and there is no storm in their ocean.
The Al-Qaeda coming in a big way to India also poses another major headahce. The two home grown terror outfits, the Indian Mujahideen and the radical SIMI will fight each other for more turf. The IM has been supporting the ISIS off late while the SIMI has shown signs of cozying up to the Al-Qaeda assuring them of major recruitment drives in India. The ISIS has already made a lot of ground in India and has called for a Global Islamic Council which would have India as part of it. The report states that this essentiallly would mean that the ISIS and the Al-Qaada which are at logger heads in Iraq and Syria would now fight for dominance in India.

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