As Al-Qaeda scouts for new chief, Indian agencies worry about an Islamic State spillover

Mohammad Salahldin Zidan

The coming days would be crucial because the Al-Qaeda would not want to break the momentum it has generated when it comes to spreading its ideology in India

New Delhi, Aug 03: Mohammed Salahldin Zidan who is of Egyptian origin is likely to be the next chief of the Al-Qaeda. The terror group began the hunt for a new chief after US President Joe Biden announced that Al-Qaeda boss Ayman al-Zawahiri had been killed in a drone strike in Kabul, Afghanistan on Saturday.

Zidan who also goes by the alias Saif-al-Adel is tipped to be the next chief of the terror group that carried out the 9/11 attacks. His whereabouts are however unknown currently.

While the death of Zawahiri is welcome news for India, the agencies are also worried about the possible spillover of Al-Qaeda cadres into the Islamic State whose ideology has caught traction against many radical Indian Muslims. The Islamic State has demonstrated how deeply it is able to penetrate in India especially in the southern states.

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From hijab to Kashmir, Zawahiri was Al-Qaeda’s voice for everything anti-India

Following the hijab row, the deceased Al-Qaeda chief had put out a video praising the defiance by the girl. He said that he was moved by her defiance

New Delhi, Aug 02: The United States today confirmed that it had taken out Al-Qaeda chief, Ayman al-Zawahiri in a drone strike. He was killed in Kabul when a drone hit him while he was standing at the balcony of his residence.

This is a welcome development for India as Zawahiri had in the past few years trained his guns on India. The chief who everyone thought had been killed confirmed his existence recently when he put out a video praising the girl from Karnataka who raised the hijab issue, which went on to become a national narrative.

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How the hasty Afghanistan pull out by US added to rise in Islamic radicalisation in India

The Al-Qaeda is getting stronger thanks to the backing from the Taliban and this is leading to the problem of radicalisation across the globe

New Delhi, Jun 15: The Al-Qaeda is on overdrive mode and its chief Ayman-al-Zawahiri has released several videos in the past couple of months. The worry however is that most of them are India centric where he comments on India’s internal affairs and attempts to instigate Indian Muslims.

For India it is not just the Al-Qaeda which is a worry. With the United States hastily pulling of Afghanistan, the region has been unstable under the rule of the Taliban. This has also led to the strengthening of the Islamic State of Khorasan Province (ISKP) in Afghanistan. After the Taliban took over several of its leaders were released from prison.

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Karnataka girl who defied hijab ban gets honourable mention, a poem from Al Qaeda chief

Ayman al-Zawahiri

New Delhi, Apr 06: Al Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri says that he was moved by the defiance of the Karnataka college student who took on a group of men protesting against hijab.

He also composed a poem praising the girl. He further attacked countries that had banned hijab. The nine minute video was released by the Al Qaeda’s official Shabab media. The same was also verified by SITE Intel-Jihadist Threat.

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Desperate times, desperate measures: De-coding Al-Qaeda’s latest threat to Indian Army

img_0062New Delhi, July 11: The Al-Qaeda made an open threat to the Indian establishment through a video that was released by its media arm As Sahab.

In the video titled, ” Dont Forget Kashmir,” Ayman al-Zawahiri is heard threatening the Indian Army, apart from calling for strikes in the Valley.

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Zawahiri’s message on Kashmir is a desperate attempt to stay relevant after Musa’s death

Ayman al- Zawahiri

New Delhi, July 10: The media arm of the Al-Qaeda, As Sahab released a video message from Ayman al-Zawahiri tittled, “Dont forget Kashmir.”

Although he did not mention Ansar Ghazwat-ul-Hind, the Kashmir wing of the Al-Qaeda, he ends the video with the image of the Ansar chief, Zakir Musa, who was gunned down in an encounter on May 23 2019.

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Does al-Qaeda still exist in the sub-continent?

  A year has gone by since the al Qaeda in the sub-continent (AQIS) was announced. The question today is whether this outfit still exists or not. The announcement was made by Ayman al-Zawahiri in a video message a year ago and it had declared that it would set up the Islamic Caliphate in the sub-continent. However, today the AQIS is a non-entity in the region and the only presence it can boast of is at Bangladesh where piggy backs on the Ansarullah Bangla Team or the ABT. Security experts say that the AQIS never seemed lethal and the announcement by Zawahiri was more out of desperation after the al-Qaeda had lost substantial ground in Iraq and Syria to the ISIS.
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Al-Qaeda General Guidance for Jihad action and how CIA dropped the ball

tersilThe former CIA chief Michael Morrell sums it all up in just one line- ” We dropped the ball on the Al-Qaeda.” An outfit that was bruised and beaten after the death of Osama Bin Laden is back in business and it is just a matter of time before they exercise complete control over the south of Yemen.

Their sleeper cells in the Southern part of Yemen have woken up and surprisingly we get to hear Ayman Al-Zawahiri talking after coming out of a self imposed exile. To add to all that is happening in Yemen was a video from Asim Umar the Al-Qaeda in the Sub Continent chief who threatens to establish themselves from France to Bangladesh.

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Has the Mullah Omar hunt ended?

Mullah-omar1is more than what meets the eye in Afghanistan. Mullah Omar is off the most wanted list of the United States of America even as Afghanistan sent some of its soldiers to train at the elite officer academy in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

The United States of America did manage to hunt down, Osama Bin Laden, but a decade on, they still claim that they are clueless about the whereabouts of Mullah Omar, the Supreme Commander of the Taliban.

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