Amarnath yatra attack was about oneupmanship between warring Lashkar factions

amarnathyatra2The attack on the Amarnath yatra was about oneupmanship between the two warring factions of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba. Abu Dujana who was killed in an encounter last week had fallen out with Abu Ismail a few months back.

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Amarnath yatra attack: Logistic providers identified

amarnathyatra2The police are ascertaining if the two militants killed in Bragpora encounter on July 17 were involved in the Amarnath yatra attack or not. The two Lashkar-e-Tayiba terrorists killed in the encounter have been identified as Jibran and Saad.

For Lashkar attacking Amarnath yatra was about establishing Islamic supremacy

amarnathyatraThe attack on the Amarnath yatra was both shocking and surprising. Many in the security establishment say that the terrorist outfits had always spoken about an attack, but had stopped short of attacking the yatra. Then what changed and why did the Lashkar-e-Tayiba go ahead with this attack at the cost of losing local support. There is a sense of desperation in this attack. While the targeting of the police officers in Kashmir were a message to the force not to provide intelligence, the yatra strike was clearly aimed at establishing the Islamic ideology in the Valley.

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Amarnath yatra attack: Cop arrested, PDP legislator under scanner

arrestIn a major breakthrough the Jammu and Kashmir Special Investigation Team has arrested a policeman in connection with the Amarnath yatra terror attack. The SIT is also questioning a ruling PDP legislator in connection with the case.

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Amarnath yatra attack: Probe focuses on insider role, PDP leader under scanner

amarnathyatraThe investigations being conducted into the Amarnath yatra point towards an insider role. With the arrest of a policeman the security forces are convinced that that many insiders had played a role in Monday’s attack in which 7 persons were killed. The police meanwhile continued to question a PDP legislator in connection with the case. Official sources tell OneIndia that they suspect the role of an insider in the attack.

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More drones to monitor Amarnath yatra after terror attack

amarnathyatra1aDrone cameras have been introduced as part of the security mechanism to ensure that the Amarnath yatra goes incident free. The introduction has been made following the tragic attack that took place on the yatris on Monday in which seven persons lost their lives.

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World condemns Amarnath yatra attack, but China, Pak stay mum

amarThe two countries that are quiet after the Amarnath yatra attack are China and Pakistan. Condemnation for the attack in which seven persons were killed came from the world over. But Pakistan and China have decided to remain mum.

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Amarnath yatra attack: Abu Ismail emptied a magazine on the victims

abuismailInvestigations being into the Amarnath yatra attack have shown that the operation was coordinated by the Lashkar-e-Tayiba and Hizbul Mujahideen. Investigations also confirmed that Abu Ismail was part of the attack and he was one of the two Pakistanis on the scene.

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A fatal puncture that gave terrorists an hour to plot attack on Amarnath yatris

amarnathyatra2A flat tyre between Pampre and Bijbehara proved to be fatal and gave the terrorists an opportunity to target the bus carrying Amarnath yatris on Monday. Seven persons were killed in the attack carried out by the Lashkar-e-Tayiba.

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The end of terror in sight as Valley placed on ‘highest ever alert’

highalertIndia is on the last phase of terrorism several Union Ministers said in the aftermath of the Amarnath yatra attack in which seven persons were killed. The statements by Hansraj Gangaram Ahir and Jitendra Singh comes in the wake of Kashmir being placed on the highest ever alert.

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