You broke a very important protocol: PM Modi pulls Kejriwal after meeting went live

New Delhi, Apr 23: Prime Minister Narendra Modi took strong objection after Arvind Kejriwal went live during a meeting with the Chief Ministers whose states are reporting a high case load.

After Kejriwal spoke and the same went live, PM Modi took strong objection and said that he had broken a very important protocol. These are private conversations and are never televised and this behaviour is unacceptable the PM also said.

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Row over Arvind Kejriwal’s televised appeal during meeting with PM

New Delhi, Apr 23: A controversy has erupted after the Prime Minister’s discussion with Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal went live for sometime on television channels. This took place when the PM was meeting with the CMs of 10 states, which have been reporting a heavy caseload of COVID-19 cases.

Kejriwal said that a big tragedy could happen because of oxygen shortage in Delhi hospitals. Please sir we need your guidance, Kejriwal said. He also said that oxygen tankers were being stopped from entering the city.

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Kejriwal vs Modi: Is it time for AAP to stick its finger in the national pie

modi-kejriwalNew Delhi, Feb 13: Will Arvind Kejriwal be Narendra Modi’s challenger in 2024. There are a good four years away for the next national election, but there is already talk that Kejriwal would be the face of the Opposition in the 2024 elections.

While the AAP would already be nurturing its national ambition, leading psephologist, Dr. Sandeep Shastri feels that Kejriwal should not dip his finger in the national pie now.

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Is it time for Aam Admi Party to give it another shot on the national scene

aap12.jpgNew Delhi, Feb 11: A banner outside the Aam Admi Party’s office in Delhi read, join AAP for nation-building. To join the AAP, dial, 9871010101.

The AAP won in the most outstanding fashion in the Delhi elections. However, this banner is an indicator that the AAP has once again started to nurture national ambitions like it had done in 2014. In 2014, the AAP launched the Main Bhi Aam Admi campaign. It had provided a toll-free number for people to either give a missed call or send a message in order to join the party.

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How Kejriwal’s TINA campaign put AAP ahead of its opponents

kejriwalNew Delhi, Feb 11: The exit polls suggested a third term for the Aam Admi Party. The early leads suggest that the AAP has its nose in the front and if the trends continue this way, then there is no stopping Arvind Kejriwal.

The AAP built its campaign around the TINA factor. This meant, “there is no alternative.” Further from day one Kejriwal challenged the BJP to name its chief ministerial candidate. The BJP went into this election without a CM face, unlike in 2015, when it projected Kiran Bedi as its leader. The result for the BJP was nothing much to talk about.

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AAP’s hall of shame: Here are all the MLAs who are in the dock

Somanth-Bharti-AAP-facebook3The troubles for the Aam Admi Party are never-ending. The latest row in the party has cropped up following the sacking of water minister Kapil Mishra who has alleged that the Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal had got Rs 2 crore from Health Minister Satyendar Jain at his residence. The party has denied the charges while the opposition has sought for the resignation of Kejriwal. Several members of the AAP are facing various charges.

Here is the list of who is facing what.

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