Batla House: “Kyun yeh encounter farzi nahin tha”

It is based on the encounter that took place in 2008. There was a hue and cry after the encounter, with a large number of persons debunking the encounter and calling it fake.

A supreme sacrifice was made by inspector Mohan Chand Sharma during the encounter.

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Thwarted thrice by Indian agencies: When the Indian Mujahideen almost returned

New Delhi, Jan 10: The year 2018 witnessed several arrests of Indian Mujahideen. Those arrested were not ordinary operatives, but those who were part of the first batch which set up the Indian Mujahideen.

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The master of serial blasts and Batla House accused Ariz Khan now in NIA net

A team of the National Investigation Agency has unearthed key details on the functioning of the Indian Mujahideen following the arrest of Ariz Khan. It was learnt that the IM had conspired to commit acts of terror in a bid to de-stabilise the country.

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IM terrorist debunks the ‘fake’ Batla encounter theory

New Delhi: Ariz Khan, the top Indian Mujahideen operative arrested by the Delhi police has spilt out details on the Batla House encounter that took place in 2008. During the initial rounds of questioning by both the Special Cell of the Delhi police and the Intelligence Bureau, he confessed that he along with his accomplices had taken shelter at the Batla House.

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IM operative Ariz Khan wanted to revive terror outfit with Abdul Subhan

New Delhi: Two key arrests in two months have been made by the special cell of the Delhi police. While Abdul Subhan, the founding member of the Indian Mujahideen (IM) was arrested last month, today the Delhi police arrested Ariz Khan alias Junaid.

Following Junaid’s arrest on Indo-Nepal border, a team of the Intelligence Bureau and the police questioned him. He said that he had fled India for Nepal following the Batla House encounter. He further said that he was contacted by Subhan who wanted to bring in all the old cadres and revive the Indian Mujahideen.

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To unearth IM’s network, Subhan, Junaid to be brought face to face

The Delhi police would look to unearth the existing modules of the Indian Mujahideen following the arrest of Ariz Khan alias Junaid. Police officials say that the back to back arrests of Junaid and Abdul Subhan are crucial and their interrogation would help unearth any existing modules of the IM.

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The Indian Mujahideen story and why its revival is so ‘damn’ dangerous

The Indian Mujahideen, one of the most dreaded terrorist groups in India is back in the news. The back to back arrests of two of its top men- Abdul Subhan and Ariz Khan are without a doubt a major breakthrough for the security agencies.

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After 10 year chase, dreaded IM operative Junaid arrested

After a chase of nearly 10 years, a key operative of the Indian Mujahideen wanted in the Batla House encounter case has been arrested by the special cell of the Delhi police.

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Is the IM dead now? NO

terpic1Can the Indian Mujahideen still strike? The top four who ran the outfit since the year 2009 have all been arrested and this without a doubt has made the outfit weaker, but then is it the end?
Let us look back at the outfit from the time it made its debut in the year 2006-2007. The year 2006 witnessed a major blast at Varanasi. At that point in time everyone was hunting for clues and while the names of some operatives did crop up, none could say with certainty that it was the Indian Mujahideen which had struck. In fact none of were really aware of the existence of this outfit and the blame went to the Students Islamic Movement of India. The year 2007, November 23 saw six blasts that rocked Lucknow, Varanasi and Faizabad. Just when the police were all set to blame the SIMI, came an announcement which announced the birth of the Indian Mujahideen. The audacious announcement by a set of very determined operatives came with a tag line, “catch us if you can, we are the Indian Mujahideen.” The Indian Mujahideen had decided to take on the establishment and said that many innocent languishing in jail were not being represented properly in the courts and hence they decided to carry out an attack on the judiciary.

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IM- UP govt in denial mode?

tehseen1Monu who also goes by the alias, Tehsin Akthar is the most dangerous Indian terrorist according to the National Investigation Agency. He poses the greatest threat to the nation today says a report by the National Investigation Agency which had recently launched a massive manhunt for him.

The NIA further points out that Tehsin heads 13 modules in the country. Out of the 13 modules operational, 5 are from Azamgarh, 4 from Darabhanga, 1 from Ranchi, 1 from Hyderabad and 2 from Karnataka. This is a clear indicator about the operational areas of the Indian Mujahideen and it also goes on to show that the outfit no longer relies on its powerful Maharashtra module.

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