Indian link to deported Al-Qaeda man: Agencies to probe further

Mohammad Ibrahim Zubair

New Delhi, May 22: An Al-Qaeda operative from Hyderabad, who was convicted in the United States has been deported to India. He was convicted for financing activities of slain Al-Qaeda preacher, Anwar al-Awlaki.

A resident of Toledo in Ohio, US, the 41 year old Mohammad Ibrahim Zubair was deported to India on a special flight that landed in Amritsar on May 19. He was born in Sharjah, but is an Indian national. His parents originally hail from Hyderabad.

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AQAP seeks attention on Charlie Hebdo

YEMEN-FRANCE-QAEDA-ATTACKS-CHARLIE-HEBDOIt was on expected lines that the Al-Qaeda’s Yemen unit claimed in a video that it was responsible for the Charlie Hebdo attack. While the authenticity of the video cannot be ascertained, investigators are still not giving any credit to the Al-Qaeda,  which it has been seeking desperately. However, what is interesting to note here is that Yemen connection to this incident. The Yemen wing of the Al-Qaeda operates under the banner of the Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.
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Anwar Awlaki- 26/11 to Charlie Hebdo

Anwar al- Awlaki is dead but his legacy lingers on. The Cyber Terrorist of the world based out of Yemen has been linked to the Charlie Hebdo case, with a foreign agency claiming that one of the terrorists had in fact met Awlaki a couple of months before his death. The French agencies would have no reason not to believe that Charlie Hebdo attackers were not part of the Al-Qaeda.


An intelligence report stating that the terrorist had met Awlaki and also the fact that during their attack they screamed we are Al-Qaeda in Yemen will all be proof to suggest their linkeages. However what is more important here is that Awalaki has become a centric figure not just for the Al-Qaeda which he was part of but also the Lashkar-e-Tayiba which had told Kasab and the nine others to read what this man had to preach.

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