The Mullahs from Bangladesh and how Assam became hotbed of jihadi activity

Illegal immigration from Bangladesh are part of a devious agenda to set up a Greater East Pakistan/Bangladesh and the primary targets in India are West Bengal and the North Eastern states

New Delhi, Sep 19: There has been enhanced activity by the mullahs from Bangladesh who are being invited to lower Assam. They have been coming in to Assam on tourist visas and then conducting religious preaching.

On Saturday, 17 Bangladeshi nationals were arrested in Assam’s Biswanath district on the charge that they were involved in religious preaching. All these persons had entered Assam on tourist visas and conducted religious events in violation of the provisions of their visa, DGP Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta said.

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They stay among you to kill you: Ansarul Bangla Team could be India’s biggest threat

The main message that ABT has been sending out to people is to eradicate democracy. The group said in a video message that democracy is the biggest enemy of Islam.

New Delhi, Sep 14: Late last month, a madrasa was demolished in the Barapeta area of Assam. Named Shaikhul Mahmudul Hasan Jamiul Huda, reports said that it was allegedly linked to terror groups Al-Qaeda in the Sub Continent (AQIS) and the Ansarul Bangla Team (ABT).

In the same month, a woman was arrested from Dhubri in Assam for her alleged links with the ABT. Identified as Jahura Khan, the agencies alleged that her husband Abu Tallah is also wanted for his links with the proscribed outfit.

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