Bengaluru: Church street blasts accused relied on DIY bomb manual

bangaloreblast3aBengaluru, Apr 25: A 12 page document titled an easy way to make a bomb is now part of the evidence that the National Investigation Agency (NIA) has placed on record in connection with the Bengaluru Church Street Blasts.
Alamzeb Afridi, an accused in the Church Street Blasts case is alleged to have relied on this manual to prepare the bomb.

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Alamzeb Afridi: One terror accused, multiple cases

alamzebafridiNew Delhi, April 21: Here is an accused who is wanted in almost all cases of terrorism. Alamzeb Afridi for the investigators was a prized catch for investigators as they hope to close nearly half a dozen cases in which they suspect he is involved.
Be it the Wagmon terror camp in Kerala, the attack on the Israeli visa centre at Bengaluru, the Ahmedabad serial blasts, the Patna blasts, Afridi is a wanted in all these cases.

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Terrorist desperation- Its not just Modi

terfundsSince the past one and half weeks there has been hectic activity among terror groups and each of these outfits have adopted to various tactics calling for Jihad. While everyone tends to go bersek attributing this to Narendra Modi taking over the country’s new Prime Minister what one also needs to understand that the desperation is more to do with the fact that they are becoming a diminishing race.
The arrests carried out by the National Investigation Agency in which SIMI operative Haider Ali and three others were arrested incidentally marked the end of the last known modules in India. This is a huge set back for the terror outfits who have virtually not a single organised module left in the country today. Taking this into consideration, it is very obvious terror groups are going to become desperate in a bid to reinstate themselves on Indian soil.

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After Yasin who?

With the arrest of Yasin Bhatkal, there is a vacancy in the Indian Mujahideen for the top post. Officials of the Indian Intelligence Bureau and the National Investigation Agency tell that the post has fallen vacant, but it is just a matter of time before they fill it up.

Currently there are five men who are in contention for the top post of India’s most dreaded terrorist outfit, the Indian Mujahideen. They are Shahnawaz Alam, Muhammad Sajid Bada, Alamzeb Afridi, Fayaz Kagzai and Ariz Khan. All these operatives were in close contact with Yasin Bhatkal and have very often reached right up to the top cadres settled in Pakistan. Carrying on with the operations may not be a problem for them as they are well versed with the set up and also the modus operandi. An IB official told that all these six men were part of the operational set up and hence were in the know of things. Moreover they always had one on one interactions with Yasin Bhatkal which itself shows that they were part of the inner ring of the Indian Mujahideen.

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