New offshoots of Al-Qaeda, ISIS banned in India

The Centre has banned new offshoots of terror organisations al-Qaeda and ISIS under the stringent anti-terror law — Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, according to an official order.

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Rohingya terror suspect reveals al-Qaeda’s massive India plan

samiun-rahmanNew Delhi: The merger of Bengal and Bangladeshwith the help of the Rohingya Muslims is what the Al-Qaeda had in mind. The idea was to rake up the Rohingya issue in India and Bangladesh and mobilise a large number of people and spread havoc.

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Pak’s bluff called out again: Musa speaks of ISI backed terror groups in Kashmir

New Delhi: Pakistan’s ISI stood exposed yet again and this time it was called out by Zakir Musa, the head of Kashmir’s Al-Qaeda wing, Ansar Gazwat-ul-Hind. Musa who refers to the ISI as Nimrod says that many are leaving the Pakistan backed terrorist groups and joining him.

Musa who had broken away from the Hizbul Mujahideen to join the Ansar says that it is the ISI which is at work in Kashmir and are backing terrorist groups such as the Lashkar-e-Tayiba and Jaish-e-Mohammad.

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Plot to rake up Rohingya cause in Bengal: NIA charges al-Qaeda operative

The National Investigation Agency filed a chargesheet against one Samiun Rahman for being part of an al-Qaeda conspiracy which sought to rake up the Rohingya issue. The chargesheet was filed under the provisions of the Arms Act, Indian Penal Code and Foreigners Act.

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Why al-Qaeda was and will remain a non-starter in India

alqaedaAl-Qaeda in the subcontinent was announced with much fanfare back in 2014. It never got the traction it had hoped for and till date the problem for the terrorist outfit is the same.

Of late, al-Qaeda through its social media wing has been circulating videos calling for attacks on the mainland in a bid to “liberate” Kashmir. “You strike Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata and automatically Kashmir will be liberated from India,” the person in one such video is seen saying.

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Blow for al-Qaeda in India as its senior most leader is killed

ter4The second in command of the al-Qaeda in the Sub-Continent (AQIS) has been killed in Afghanistan. The killing of Omar Bin Khetab was the result of a joint operation by the Afghan intelligence and US military.

As Trump recognises Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, ISIS threatens bloodbath

jerusalemThe Islamic State and al-Qaeda have threatened a bloodbath moments after US President Donald Trump announced that it was time to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

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Saffron Terror: al-Qaeda’s new video sends agencies into a tizzy

terroristA video titled Saffron Terror said to be released by the al-Qaeda is under investigation. The Intelligence Bureau which is looking into it says that the video is being released in parts.

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The menace of radicalisation: Here is how it will be fought

radicalisationRadicalisation followed by cybercrime are two major worries for the security agencies. With both these crimes rising rapidly, the Government has put in place a system to check the menace.

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How a rash driver became al-Qaeda’s hitman in Delhi

terrorist1He was arrested in London on charges of rash driving. Shauman Haq alias Samiun Rahman joins the list of 100s of youth whose radicalisation process began in jail. Jails have very often been dubbed as radicalisation hubs and there are several cases in the past as well when such instances have taken place.