Ajit Doval is a ray of hope says China amidst Doklam standoff

Ajit DovalNational Security Advisor Ajit Doval’s visit to China will be important to ease tensions amidst the Doklam standoff an article in the Global Times has said. A Chinese analyst while making comments in the report said that Doval’s visit may be key and would serve as an opportunity to ease India-China tensions.

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Amidst standoff, what to expect from Ajit Doval’s visit to China

ajitdoval2All eyes and hopes are on National Security Advisor, Ajit Doval who will visit China later this month amidst the standoff at Dokalam. A lot rides on this visit as he is expected to open up the diplomatic channels for the first time since the standoff.

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Amidst stand off, NSA Ajit Doval to visit China next week

ajitdovalNational Security Advisor, Ajit Doval will travel to China next week to attend the BRICS summit. His visit is being keenly watched in the midst of a standoff between India and China.

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Doval’s China doctrine: We need you, but not at the cost of a compromise

ajitdoval2The National Security Advisor of India, Ajit Doval is likely to visit China amidst the standoff between the two countries. It is expected that the standoff would melt down during his China visit as he is expected to find a solution there. Known as a man who relied on a military solution over a compromise, it would be interesting to see how Doval would go about his business in China. India would not compromise on its territorial interests he would say when asked. His views on the territorial interests of the country whether it is China or Pakistan are now famously known as the Doval doctrine.

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Ahead of Doval’s visit to China, India raises importance of diplomacy

AJIT-DOVALNational Security Advisor Ajit Doval will later this month convey to China that construction of roads near the International Border is hampering India’s strategic interests. Doval is scheduled to visit China on July 26.

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Dokalam crisis: NSA Doval to visit China, resolution expected

AJIT-DOVALThe tensions between India and China is expected to witness a thaw following the July 26 visit by National Security Advisor Ajit Doval. The NSA will take part in the meeting of the NSAs from BRICS- Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

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Chase, kill, freeze, block: The new Doval doctrine to restore peace in Kashmir

wpid-25-doval-nsa_g9_26_1914101e.jpgChase, Kill, freeze, block- This is the three point strategy adopted by the Union Government to restore normalcy in the Valley. Over the past few weeks several security meets have been held with National Security Advisor, Ajit Doval at the helm of things. It was stated repeatedly that the Indian Army must be given a free hand to tackle the problem. The results are quite visible already and the Army has said it would wipe out the terrorists before the winter sets in, in December.

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Doval doctrine and Army’s iron fist: Kashmir clean up in two months

AJIT-DOVALThe Doval doctrine clubbed with the iron fist of the Indian Army is what you are getting to witness in Kashmir today. National Security Advisor, Ajit Doval’s doctrine made says, “Do not overreact, it will pass off as they cannot sustain beyond a point.”

On the other hand, the Indian Army which has been given a free hand to deal with the Kashmir crisis has promised to wipe out every militant by the next winter sets in.

NTRO under Intelligence Act: What does it really mean

NTROwpid-25-doval-nsa_g9_26_1914101e.jpgA decade old demand to give teeth and bring out sanctity in the National Technical Research Organisation under National Security Advisor, Ajit Doval has finally seen the light of the day. The NTRO will now have powers similar to the Intelligence Bureau and the Research and Analysis Wing.

US-India NSAs agree to fight terror jointly

mcmasterThe meeting between the National Security Advisors of India and the United States of America concluded on a positive note with both sides deciding to extend cooperation in the fight against terror. India’s NSA, Ajit Doval met with his counterpart from the US.  Gen. H R Mc Master at Delhi on Tuesday where a host of issues were discussed.

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