After losing triple talaq battle, AIMPLB looks to stay relevant through Sharia courts

triple-talaqNew Delhi, July 10: The All India Muslim Personal Law Board has been mired in controversy ever since it proposed the setting up of Sharia courts in all districts in the country. The Centre has said that the move is not legally tenable and any debate to this effect is unnecessary.

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Babri will remain a Mosque till eternity: AIMPLB

Rekindling the debate yet again, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board has said that Babri Masjid will always remain a Mosque and Muslims can never exchange the land for the Masjid.

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Muslim law board: Men must have triple talaq, else they’ll kill wives!

TalaqDesperate to prevent the Supreme Court from ruling on the validity of the practice of ‘triple talaq’, the All-India Muslim Law Personal Board (AIMPLB) has offered the court a strange explanation: Who knows, if a man is not able to easily divorce his wife, he could burn or murder her!
If ‘triple talaq’ is not permitted, a man will have to undergo the legal process of divorce, which could be time-consuming and expensive. In such an event, a man may resort to illegal means to get rid of his wife — he may murder her, or he may tarnish her image so she can’t marry again, the board notes in its affidavit to the court, justifying ‘triple talaq’.

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