AgustaWestland: After Michel, another accused deported to India

New Delhi, Jan 31: Rajeev Saxena, an accused in the AgustaWestland scam was deported from the UAE to India. He has been accused of money laundering by the Enforcement Directorate.

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Two weeks and James Michel hasn’t sung as yet: Game still on says CBI

New Delhi, Dec 19: He was expected to sing in custody and put out the big names in public domain. However for the Central Bureau of Investigation, which has James Christian Michel the alleged middleman in the AugustaWestland case, the case is tougher than it may have appeared to be.

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AgustaWestland: Why did UPA go to Italy, when it could have shopped in Hyderabad

New Delhi, Dec 7: One of the main allegations made in the AugustaWestland case was that middleman, James Christian Michel had deliberately disqualified the competition.

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