MOAB: Pakistan’s role in setting up Islamic State module in Afghanistan exposed

Moab1The cave which was hit by the ‘mother of all bombs’ had an approximated 800 fighters of the Islamic State. However an official statistic from the US states that around 36 IS fighters were killed in the bombing at Nangarhar province in Afghanistan on Thursday.

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What we know about the “mother of all bombs,’ that US dropped on Afghanistan

Moab1On Thursday, the United States dropped the most powerful non-nuclear bomb on Afghanistan to target a cave used by Islamic State militants. The GBU-43 or the Massive Ordinance Air Blast also known as the Mother of all Bombs targetted an IS hideout in the Nangarhar province.

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A mini Kerala of IS recruits was wiped out in Trump’s big Afghan bombing

ISIS-flag-afp-640x480The United States of America dropped the Mother of all Bombs at Nangarhar in Afghanistan on Thursday and Indian Intelligence agencies suspect that the mini Kerala may have been destroyed. It may be recalled that around 21 Keralites had gone missing last year and as per the intelligence agencies, they had taken shelter in Nangarhar in Afghanistan.

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500 Pakistanis including ISI officers blown up in mammoth Afghan bombing by US

MOABAtleast 500 Pakistani nationals have been killed in the US bombing that took place at Nangarhar province in Afghanistan. The area that was targetted was controlled by the Islamic State and protected by the Pakistan army, sources say.

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Trump has bombed the s**t out of the IS suckers

trump_flicker_face_yessIt was the first time that the Mother of all Bombs was used despite it being developed in the early 2000s. What the targeting of the Islamic State in Afghanistan with this mighty bomb signals is that US President Donald Trump has delivered on his promise that he would ‘kick the s**t out of the Islamic State.

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Islamic state operative from Kerala killed in drone strike

droneattackAn Islamic State operative from Kerala was reportedly killed in a drone strike in Afghanistan. Hafeezudeen, who was missing from Padanna, Kasaragod since June 2016, was reportedly killed in a drone attack on Friday in Afghanistan.

This message was conveyed by his friend Ashfaq to a relative of the deceased in a telegram message. Ashfaq too had accompanied him to Afghanistan to be part of the Jihadi forces.

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21 Keralites who joined IS instigating others, says NIA

isis-flag-759The 21 persons from Kerala who went missing and were tracked to Afghanistan are currently active on the social media trying to instigate others, sources in the National Investigation Agency tell OneIndia.
All these persons have been tracked to a camp at Jalalabad in Afghanistan, NIA sources also say.

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50 Indians in Islamic State’s Afghanistan camp: IB

isisnewThe Interpol has been alerted after Intelligence Bureau officials found that at least 50 persons from India had allegedly joined the Islamic State in Afghanistan.

The IS camp in Nagrahar in Afghanistan is said to have at least 2,000 recruits from different parts of the world. However, Indian agencies are hot on the trail of Shajeer Abdullah, from Kerala, believed to be the prime recruiter for the IS in Kerala.

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21 missing youth from Kerala traced to IS camp in Afghanistan

isisIndian intelligence agencies have revealed that the 21 persons from Kerala who had gone missing between June and Jul, are now settled in an Islamic State camp at Jalalabad in Afghanistan.

Sources tell OneIndia that the IS runs a camp at Jalalabad and these persons have been shifted there.

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After demonetisation, drug mafia no longer on a high

drugs1Bengaluru, Nov 15: It is an industry worth over Rs 60,000 crore. The drug mafia run by Afghanistan and Pakistan has a big market in India and today thanks to the decision on demonetisation, the industry has taken a major hit. There has been no business on the borders since last Wednesday says an Intelligence Bureau official.
The drugs are there, but there is no money to pay. The money that is there is today is as good as toilet paper as they are in the denominations of Rs 500 and 1,000.

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