Grade A Intel: Battle hardened terrorists from Pak-Afghanistan ready to hit J&K

terNew Delhi, Jan 11: A high alert has been declared after the Intelligence Bureau has warned of fresh attempts to spruce up violence in Jammu and Kashmir.

Top Home Ministry officials familiar with the development confirmed to OneIndia that there would be an attempt to send in battle hardened terrorists from both Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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The Pakistan Paradox and why ongoing protests aim at promoting anti-Hindu bigotry

kolar-mnIf one looks into the nature of the protests that have taken place, one can see a deliberate attempt to put Hindus in bad light; all this for the sake of CAA which only seeks to offer a sense of belonging to those minorities who have fled Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan

Barely two days after Islamist goons attacked the Nankana Sahib in Pakistan, a Sikh was shot dead at Peshawar on Sunday.

The 25-year-old Sikh youth has been identified as Rowinder Singh. He had arrived at Peshawar from the Shangla district in Khyber Paktunkhwa to shop for his wedding. This heart wrenching incident comes in the wake of scores from the Left protesting the newly amended citizenship law, which only aims at giving a home to the religiously persecuted from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

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NIA charges 11 in international drug racket case

New Delhi, Dec 27: The National Investigation Agency has filed a chargesheet against 11 persons in connection with a narcotics case. The case relates to seizure of 532 kilograms of heroun at the Integrated Check Post at Handwara in Jammu and Kashmir. During the probe, the involvement of an international drug racket based at Pakistan and Afghanistan also came to light.

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Indian missions in Afghanistan will be targets of ISI-ISIS sponsored suicide bombings

isiscadreNew Delhi, Dec 25: An Intelligence Bureau report has said that there is a plot that has been hatched to bomb the Indian missions in Afghanistan.

The report further states that the ISI has tasked the Lashkar-e-Tayiba and the Islamic State in Afghanistan to carry out the bombings.

The ISIS in Afghanistan has a large number of Indians. Most of the Indians who are part of the ISIS Khorasan in Afghanistan are from Kerala.

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To hell with CAA protests, time to stand by our religiously persecuted brothers and sisters from Pakistan

While we talk about the protests and the amended citizenship law, we should not forget the pain of the persecuted minorities in Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan

The violence around the citizenship law is a classic case of what a fake narrative by a desperate opposition can do. While the reckless protesters destroy public property, does even one person take a moment to try and feel the pain of the persecuted minorities in Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan?

Should these persons who have been abused, tortured and raped live like second rate citizens in India as well. The Citizenship (Amendment) Act has come as a blessing to these persons, who will finally have a home that they can call theirs.

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No automatic citizenship for minorities from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh: MHA sources

minoritiesNew Delhi, Dec 17: In the wake of the ongoing protests regarding the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, the Ministry of Home Affairs has clarified that migrants of the six faiths who came down to India on or before December 31 2014 will not become Indian citizens automatically.

A Home Ministry official told OneIndia that the citizenship will be awarded after the competent authority makes an assessment and certifies that such persons fulfil all the requirements for registration or naturalisation as Indian citizens.

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Citizenship (Amendment) Bill: India set to give a home for persecuted Hindus

amit-shah-parliament1New Delhi, Dec 05: Amidst the debate around the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, the experts say that it is much welcome.

The persecuted Hindus from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, will now have a country of their own.

Kerala ISIS member surrenders: Police seek more information

isisuaeNew Delhi, Nov 28: In the wake of a lady member of the Kerala ISIS module surrendering in Afghanistan, the police have sought more information.

It may be recalled that Sonia Sebastin alias Ayesha was among the 21 persons from Kerala who left for Afghanistan and was part of the ISIS. It may be recalled that these persons had left Kerala in batches in the year 2016.

Surrender of Kerala ISIS module members in Afghanistan could be larger ploy to destabilise India

kerala-isis-mnThe surrender of members from the Islamic State before the Afghanistan forces no doubt comes as good news to many, but one must be wary as this could be a ploy by ISIS to have trained members return to their homeland to carry out attacks

10 Indians were among the 900 from the Islamic State who surrendered before the Afghanistan forces in the past fortnight. 10 Indian women and children, most of them from Kerala, are said to have surrendered and have been shifted to Kabul.

More recently, Sonia Sebastin alias Ayesha who was one among the 21 persons from Kerala who joined the ISIS too surrendered before the Afghan forces. She is the wife of Rashid Abdullah, the head of the Kerala module. He had in fact converted her to Islam before taking her along to Afghanistan.

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Lady member of Kerala ISIS module surrenders in Afghanistan

ISIS-flag-afp-640x480New Delhi, Nov 26: A member of the ISIS from Kerala has surrendered in Afghanistan before the law enforcement agencies.

Sonia Sebastin alias Ayesha was among the 21 persons from Kerala who left for Afghanistan and was part of the ISIS. It may be recalled that these persons had left Kerala in batches in the year 2016.