Citizenship (Amendment) Bill: India set to give a home for persecuted Hindus

amit-shah-parliament1New Delhi, Dec 05: Amidst the debate around the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, the experts say that it is much welcome.

The persecuted Hindus from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, will now have a country of their own.

Kerala ISIS member surrenders: Police seek more information

isisuaeNew Delhi, Nov 28: In the wake of a lady member of the Kerala ISIS module surrendering in Afghanistan, the police have sought more information.

It may be recalled that Sonia Sebastin alias Ayesha was among the 21 persons from Kerala who left for Afghanistan and was part of the ISIS. It may be recalled that these persons had left Kerala in batches in the year 2016.

Surrender of Kerala ISIS module members in Afghanistan could be larger ploy to destabilise India

kerala-isis-mnThe surrender of members from the Islamic State before the Afghanistan forces no doubt comes as good news to many, but one must be wary as this could be a ploy by ISIS to have trained members return to their homeland to carry out attacks

10 Indians were among the 900 from the Islamic State who surrendered before the Afghanistan forces in the past fortnight. 10 Indian women and children, most of them from Kerala, are said to have surrendered and have been shifted to Kabul.

More recently, Sonia Sebastin alias Ayesha who was one among the 21 persons from Kerala who joined the ISIS too surrendered before the Afghan forces. She is the wife of Rashid Abdullah, the head of the Kerala module. He had in fact converted her to Islam before taking her along to Afghanistan.

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Lady member of Kerala ISIS module surrenders in Afghanistan

ISIS-flag-afp-640x480New Delhi, Nov 26: A member of the ISIS from Kerala has surrendered in Afghanistan before the law enforcement agencies.

Sonia Sebastin alias Ayesha was among the 21 persons from Kerala who left for Afghanistan and was part of the ISIS. It may be recalled that these persons had left Kerala in batches in the year 2016.

Winter Session of Parliament: Citizenship Bill on agenda


New Delhi, Nov 16: The Parliament has been informed that an amendment to the Citizenship Act would be taken up during the winter session of Parliament.

The Citizenship Amendment Bill is aimed at giving citizenship to non-Muslims from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan. This figures in the tentative list of 35 bills that the parliamentary affairs ministry has sent to the legislative branch of the Lok Sabha.

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Kerala’s terrorists with ISIS are dying at a quick pace, but 58 remain in Afghanistan

isis-flag-759New Delhi, Aug 09: Another Kerala operative, who had joined the Islamic State has been killed in Afghanistan.

This is the second incident being reported from Afghanistan in less than a fortnight in which a Kerala operative has been killed.

59 remain: How Kerala became the main contributor to Islamic State in Afghanistan

New Delhi, Aug 03: While one more Islamic State recruit from Kerala was killed in Afghanistan, the fact of the matter is that there are currently 59 of them still part of the Khorasan.

Muhsin, a resident of Edappal was killed along with Huzaifa-al-Bakistani, a Pakistani ISIS commander.

Another Kerala module ISIS operative killed in Afghanistan

New Delhi, Aug 01: An engineering undergraduate from Kerala, who had joined the Islamic State is suspected to have been killed in a drone strike in Afghanistan.

The recruit, Mohammad Muhsin, 22, a resident of Edappal in Mallapuram district was killed in a drone strike more than 10 days back. An official confirmed the development to OneIndia and said that his family had received a message that he was martyred in God’s path as per his wish.

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From Rs 10,000 to Rs 5 crore a kg: The journey of heroin from Afghanistan, Pakistan through India

New Delhi, July 06: A week ago, one of the biggest drug consignments was busted at Attari. A truck from Pakistan managed to transport heroin worth Rs 2,600 crore. The heroin was packed in 52 bags and weighed up to 523 kilograms.

During the process, the officials stumbled upon heroin worth Rs 2,600 crore. The officials seized 52 bags which had a mind boggling 532 kilograms of heroin in it.

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Post Balakot strike, JeM opens training centres in Afghanistan

New Delhi, July 08: The Jaish-e-Mohammad which was dealt a bloody blow in the wake of the Balakot air strike has shifted its main training camp.

Intelligence suggests that the camps of the JeM have been moved to Afghanistan. However the bigger worry is that the JeM would look to target Indian missions and establishments in Afghanistan, the intelligence also states.

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