Afghan crisis: India’s secularism should not precede national security

New Delhi, Aug 25: In the past week scores of Afghan nationals have come into India. With the situation turning from bad to worse following a takeover by the Taliban, several persons from the country have been coming into India.

The Centre has said that all Afghan nationals must travel to India on e-visas only. All previous visas have been invalidated in the wake of the evolving situation in Afghanistan following a take-over by the Taliban.

It is has become amply clear that Pakistan had played a major role in the victory of Afghanistan. Security experts have warned that Pakistan may take advantage of the current situation and may look to send in rogue elements into India from Afghanistan.

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The Afghan crisis and what message India can send the world through CAA

New Delhi, Aug 24: With the scenario in the war-torn Afghanistan getting worse by the day, India has launched missions to evacuate its citizens and others in need from the country.

Union Minister, Hardeep Singh Puri said recently that the developments in Afghanistan are the reason why the enactment of the Citizenship Amendment Act is necessary.

“Recent developments in our volatile neighbourhood and the way Sikhs and Hindus are going through a harrowing time are precisely why it was necessary to enact the Citizenship Amendment Act,” Puri said in a tweet.

Experts that OneIndia spoke with say that it is time to start implementing the CAA now at least for those persecuted minorities staying in India. It is the right time to give a message to the international community that this is the only country where people who are persecuted can get refuge.

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