From Mainland to Tier-2 cities: Terror has a new address

The murders at Udaipur and Amaravati have become a security nightmare for the agencies

New Delhi, July 08: In the wake of the recent killings in Udaipur and Amaravati, India could now be witnessing a new model of terror with threat knocking at the tier-2 cities, a tactic often propagated by the Islamic State. The recent killings suggest a clear shift of focus from the mainland to the hinterland and the country’s intelligence now needs to spruce up for this new shift.

While outfits such as the Lashkar-e-Tayiba, Jaish-e-Mohammad and Hizbul Mujahideen have kept their focus largely on Jammu and Kashmir, the Islamic State has stayed out of it.

If one takes into account the Nice attack in France, it was an indicator that the outfit wanted to move into the hinterland and create terror. While the killers in the Udaipur and Amaravati murders have not yet said that they have been associated with the Islamic State, the manner in which the killing hints otherwise.

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Spread of Radicalisation in Rajasthan linked to the rise in foreign funded Mosques at Pakistan border

New Delhi, Jul 01: The horrific killing of a Hindu tailor by two Islamic radicals in Udaipur earlier this week only shows up to what extent radicalisation has spread in India.

The National Investigation Agency says that it will probe the role of local radical groups in Rajasthan.

In this context we must revisit the book Radicalisation in India, authored by Abhinav Pandya, a Cornell University graduate in public affairs, is a policy analyst specialising in counterterrorism, Indian foreign policy and Afghanistan-Pakistan geopolitics.

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If Qatar doesn’t do better on terror funding, it risks joining Pakistan in the Grey List

There have several instances both in the past as well as present whn Qatar has been accused of terror funding

New Delhi, Jun 07: Qatar has several times in the past faced severe scrutiny over its alleged financial ties to terrorism. The family of slain American journalist Steven Sotloff alleged in a lawsuit filed in May that prominent Qatari institutions wired $800,000 to an Islamic State Judge who ordered the murders of Sotloff and another American journalist James Foley. It may be recalled that the two were beheaded in Syria in 2014. The killing was filmed and published in propaganda videos.

The role of alleged terror funding by Qatar is not limited to the West alone. There are plenty of instances where individuals from Qatar and fuelled terror factories in India as well.

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Who will be CDS Rawat’s successor?

CDS General Bipin Rawat was today laid to rest in New Delhi. His cremation took place at Brar Square Crematorium, where his daughters, Kritika and Tarini performed the last rites of their father and mother. With General Bipin Rawat gone, a bid void has been left and the question arises who will be the next Chief of Defense staff.

Radicals in Kerala could use Kabul bombings as inspiration to recruit more for ISIS

New Delhi, Aug 27: The suicide bombings at the Kabul Airport are a grim reminder that the Islamic State cannot be written off as yet.

A few months back, it was being said that the Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP) had stopped getting the desired traction it may have hoped for. Several of its people were killed while many others were arrested. In this context one must recollect that the ISKP has managed to attract nearly a 100 people from Kerala alone. This became more evident when it was revealed that the gunman involved in the Kabul Gurudwara attack was from Kerala. 25 people were killed in that attack.

Earlier this month, the mother of Nimisha Fathima urged the Indian government to bring her daughter back from Afghanistan. Fathima along with her husband and several others had left Kerala to join the Islamic State in Afghanistan a few years back. Her husband was killed in an air strike, following which several ISIS operatives had surrendered before the Afghanistan government. With the Taliban taking over, it freed many of these operatives from jail.

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Will the Taliban takeover of Kabul play out in Kashmir?

New Delhi, Aug 18: There have been reports stating that the Taliban is unlikely to focus on Kashmir as it feels that this is India’s internal issue. Reports say that the Taliban has made it clear it would not focus on Kashmir.

The question remains how much can the Taliban be trusted and would it not back a Pakistan sponsored agenda in the Valley. Abhinav Pandya, a Cornell University graduate in public affairs, is a policy analyst specialising in counterterrorism tells OneIndia that these developments are going to be tough for us.

The motivation and passion following the victory of the Taliban will play out in India as well. There are many within the country who are happy with this victory and we have seen statements to this effect as well, Pandya who also has written for the Vivekananda International Foundation(VIF) says.

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Pakistan-India Ceasefire a Response to Developing Situation in Afghanistan

NEW DELHI—India and Pakistan announced a ceasefire for the first time in two decades on their heavily militarized, disputed border in late February, a development experts said was influenced by the situation in Afghanistan.

The ceasefire can’t be seen as an independent incident and there’s a regional context to the situation that’s determined by the larger border disputes that have persisted in the region since British colonial times, the crisis situation in Afghanistan, and the terrorist machinery that operates across borders between India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, said experts.

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Demographic jihad: Radical Islamists oppose NRC, NPR as Indian govt stands in the way of their plans

CAA-prtoestsWhy have protests over the citizenship law turned so violent? The events that transpired in the national capital only highlights the point that the government’s measures stand in the way of the long-term plan of radical Islamists called “demographic jihad”

The radicals have come on to the streets and wrecked absolute havoc. They say that they are protesting the newly amended citizenship law, which does not affect them at all.

When the debate progresses, these radicals speak about NRC and NPR. The NPR is a normal census exercise and the NRC aims at identifying illegal immigrants, so that the real citizens of India are not deprived of their rights.

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Caliphate the real destination for Muslims: Radicalisation in Kerala more dangerous than Kashmir

abhinav-pandya-mnIn an interview with Abhinav Pandya, author of “Radicalisation in India-An Exploration,” Vicky Nanjappa travels down the path to South India to understand the challenges that radicalisation poses in Kerala

Radicalisation is one of India’s major concerns. Kerala and Kashmir face this problem the most and the fight ahead is an extremely crucial one.

In this context an in-depth and interesting book, “Radicalisation in India-An Exploration,” has hit the stands. The book authored by Abhinav Pandya, a Cornell University graduate in public affairs, who also writes for India’s premier think-tank Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF) is extremely well researched. It goes into the most intricate details of radicalisation especially in the state of Kerala and the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

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