Will Aadhaar data with private persons be deleted? De-coding the SC verdict with Justice Hegde

Santosh-HegdeNew Delhi, Sep 26: The Aadhaar verdict is out and by a 4:1 majority the Supreme Court has held it as constitutional. There were however several riders, the major one being with regard to private companies such as cellular firms and banks collecting Aadhaar details in order to avail their services.

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What happens to Aadhaar data already collected by mobile companies, banks

aadh-mobileNew Delhi, Sep 26: In the Aadhaar verdict delivered today, one of the key highlights was the striking down of Section 57 of the Act. As a result of this no private players can seek Aadhaar data in order for their services to be availed.

In Aadhaar verdict, word of caution to Centre on illegal immigrants

nrc11New Delhi, Sep 26: In the big Aadhaar verdict by the Supreme Court, there was a word of caution for the Centre, where the illegal immigrants are concerned.

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Private entities cannot demand Aadhaar: Section 57 struck down

aadhaarverdictNew Delhi, Sep 26: The Supreme Court today struck down Section 57 of the Aadhaar Act. Section 57 allows not only the State but also any “body corporate or person” or private entity to demand Aadhaar from citizens for the purpose of identification.

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Technology has taken us back to thumb impressions from signatures: SC in Aadhaar verdict

thumbNew Delhi, Sep 26: There was a very interesting observation made by the Supreme Court while upholding the validity of Aadhaar today. Justice Sikri reading out the majority judgment said that technology has taken us back to thumb impressions.

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The Aadhaar verdict simplified: A ready reckoner

aadhNew Delhi, Sep 26: In a majority verdict 3:2, the Supreme Court upheld the validity of the Aadhaar Act, but struck down several provisions which included the collection of Aadhaar data by private entities.

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Ram Temple to Aadhaar, Justice Misra has a month to deliver these verdicts

Dipak-MisraNew Delhi, Sep 4: Chief Justice of India, Dipak Misra has another month left in office. He is due to retire on October 2, before which he would deliver a host of extremely crucial verdicts.

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