Ajit Doval: One man, many responsibilities and the push to secure India

NSA Ajit Doval

New Delhi, Oct 11: There was a big development in New Delhi, this week with the Narendra Modi government deciding to revive the Strategic Policy Group (SPG). The SPG apart from being the main mechanism for inter-ministerial coordination, will also form the national security policies based on the integration of inputs.

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Asim Munir is new ISI chief and why India expects nothing from him

asimmunirNew Delhi, Oct 10: Lt. General Asim Munir has been appointed as the new Director General of chief of the Pakistan’s spy agency, ISI. He took over from Lt. Gen Naveed Mukthar, who retired on October 1.

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Sabarimala: SC imposed a post Victorian thought on us, which is opposed to Indian ethos

dkhari-hemahariNew Delhi, Oct 9: One of the most debated and criticised verdicts in recent times is the one relating to the Sabarimala Temple. The Supreme Court had said that women of all age groups can enter the temple. In no time there were protests and also a review petition in the Supreme Court.

The review stated that only a believer could have challenged the customs at the temple and the original plea was filed by someone unconnected. D K Hari, the co-founder and author, who runs, Bharath Gyan along with his wife Hema Hari says that the Sabarimala verdict was passed on a post victorian thought, which does not have resonance with the Indian ethos. Bharath Gyan is a Chennai based NGO engaged in research of India’s traditions and culture.

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Naxal funding: NIA raids lead to seizure of Singapore dollars and Indian currency worth Re 1 crore

Ranchi, Oct 10: In a bid to crackdown on funding for the naxalites, the National Investigation Agency conducted raids at 15 different locations. Raids were conducted at Ranchi, Hazaribagh and Jamshedpur in Jharkhand and Durgapur in West Bengal.

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Why Ajit Doval was made India’s most powerful bureaucrat

ajitdovalNew Delhi, Oct 9: The Narendra Modi government has decided to revive the Strategic Policy Group in a bid to assist the National Security Council. The group apart from being the main mechanism for inter-ministerial coordination, will also form the national security policies based on integration of inputs.

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S-400 deal a setback for US efforts to isolate Russia: Stephen Tankel

pic: http://www.wespeaknews.com

New Delhi, Oct 10: India and Russia recently inked the 5 billion US dollar deal to procure Moscow’s most advance air defence system, the S-400 Triumf.

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Rohingyas living near Army installations: IB, MI say concern level is extreme

rohingyasHyderabad, Oct 9: Concerned with the issue of Rohingya Muslims, the Military Intelligence has now sought details about those living close to defence installations in Hyderabad.

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To earn their daily bread, how the urban naxals have spread

securNew Delhi, Oct 9: The elimination of naxalites has increased, the geographical spread has decreased and the surrenders have shot up. There is ample data on hand to suggest that the naxalite movement is gradually seeing its last days.

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BrahMos breach: How gaming codes were used to send seeker technology of the missile

nishantagarwalarrestNew Delhi, Oct 9: A joint operation by the Anti Terrorist Squads of Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra led to the arrest of a Brahmos Aerospace engineer in Nagpur. The person to be held has been identified as Nishant Agrawal and has been booked under the Official Secrets Act.

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Big breach at BrahMos missile unit: Agent passing on information to Pak-US arrested

nishantagarwalNew Delhi, Oct 8: There was a major security breach at the high profile Brahmos missile unit in Maharashtra’s Nagpur. A spy with an affiliation to the ISI, Pakistan was arrested for allegedly sharing top secrets.

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