Lokpal- The command for the govt was from just one place

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The Lokpal Bill will be a damp squib and that is a known fact. The government however thinks that this the best that could have come out but the members of the drafting panel feel that the people of India have been given a raw deal.

There were many things that went through during the various meetings the two sides had and surprisingly enough, Justice Santhosh Hegde, the Lokayukta of Karnataka who was one of the members of the panel says, “ I have no doubt, but the government’s draft of the bill was ready well in advance, infact before the deliberations began. In this interview with rediff.com, Justice Hegde also goes on to say that there was never a difference of opinion within his panel and also adds the government too was always united since they always got their directions from one command.

Sir, what exactly went wrong? There was a lot of promise that we would have a good Lokpal bill.

Today when I look back, I feel that the government never wanted this bill to be what it should be. The initial few meetings started off on a cordial note and we all thought that they were serious about implementing a strong and good bill. However now what I realise is that they always had a pre-conceived notion about what the Bill was going to be and also how they wanted it to be.

There was a difference of opinion in the government panel and also yours. The media is abuzz with this talk. Is this true?

Difference of opinion in the government? That sounds like a joke. They were always together on this and were very prepared at all times. I would have to say that our panel had an open mind. There were differences when we used to meet before the actual meeting. Now that is democratic in nature. Give me one instance when any of our panel members have come out and spoke out against each other. Never have we ever done that which only shows that we were united.

Take us through the meetings.

We went into all these meetings with an open mind. All of us were very optimistic about this as we all wanted a good bill. Considering that this was a meeting, we did think that we could also put forth our views and also argue if we thought that something was wrong. Everything was cordial at first and as the meetings progressed they began to talk tough. This came as quite a surprise because the same people from being polite went on to talk very hard with us.

All of you are very experienced people. How did you let the government bully you?

Look, as I said they were polite at first. They spoke about procedure also. Yes in the meetings when we wanted to discuss the contentious issues, we were given an impression that it would be done during the later meetings. However only after a couple of meetings did we realise that there was no way in which we could argue with them because they never had an open mind. It was at this point of time that we realised that they were never interested in a Lok Pal bill.

The government always gave the people the impression that the two committees were in agreement.

Yes that is correct. They did come out and say that 50 per cent of the issues were agreed upon. That is correct. But these are issues that hardly matter and what you would see in the final bill too. There are other contentious issues which all of you know about which needed to find a mention in the final bill. This is where the disagreement began.

You said earlier they had a pre-conceived notion. What do you mean by that?

The government said that 50 per cent of the issues were agreed upon. The balance was the important aspect to the bill which they just refused to discuss. You may not believe it, but we are now convinced that the draft of the bill was ready well before the meetings started. We realised this when the draft was given to us. Some issues that were never discussed in the meetings were part of that draft. Now this raises a suspicion. How can issues that are never discussed form part of the draft. Don’t you think when there is a discussion between two parties both parties have the right to know what has to be included and what does not? We had suggested that the Prime Minister, the leader of opposition, two Supreme Court judges and the CAG be part of the selection committee for the Lokpal. At that point of time they said that we must include the chairpersons of both Houses as members of the selection committee. We accepted it. However in the draft we got to see that they had introduced only politicians and bureaucrats into this panel apart from two other judges. Now this was not something that was discussed. How did this find a mention in the draft?

Other the issue of the Prime Minister what was the biggest difference between the government and you?

There is this provision which states that an accused be given an opportunity before a chargesheet is filed. Now that defies criminal jurisprudence in totality. If when the charges are being framed an accused has the right to approach the court and seek quashing of the charges against him. Why should an investigating officer give that right to the accused?

Are you sure that your team stood united at all times?

Yes I can vouch for that. There was never any issues between us. Yes in our meetings there were differences. But that is normal. When we went before the government’s panel we had just one view. In the private meetings we have had our differences but that is democratic Difference of opinion is only if u come out publicly and speak about it.

There is talk that you had a problem with Anna Hazare.

This government can go to any extent to create things. Yes I had written an letter to Anna Hazare. All I said was instead of sitting on a hunger strike, it would be better if you went to different parts of the country. Why make the people come to the place where you are fasting, instead you go to the people I had written to him. Now would you call this a difference of opinion or a problem? This is just a suggestion and the two of us have no problems.

Was the government united?

They can never have a difference of opinion because their command comes from one place. They can never go against their command and hence everything is pretty much decided well in advance.

When do you plan to give us recordings of the meetings?

I have asked for it. Those tapes have to come out in order to expose the government. We have asked for it and the finance minister has said that he will decide on it. We are on the job.

Sai trust ready for probe

The trustees in the Shri Sathya Sai Central Trust have expressed their willingness to appear before the police for investigation in the missing cash case. Ratnakar and Srinivasan were issued notices by the police after an incident in which Rs 35.5 lakh allegedly taken out of the Puttaparthi ashram was seized by police.

Ratnakar said that he was ready to appear before the police for investigation but added that he could do so on Saturday. Srinivasan on the other hand also expressed his willingness, but stated that he could do so only on Monday.

The police have however decided to hold the investigation of both the trustees on the same day. A decision on this would be taken tomorrow and the likelihood is that the two trustees will be questioned on Monday.

The investigation of the two men will be conducted by senior police officials and the same would be done in Puttaparthi only.

The trustees found Rs 11.6 crore in Yajur Mandir, Sathya Sai Baba’s residence. The same was deposited in the bank along with other gold and silver articles. However a couple of days later the police arrested three people who were transporting Rs 35.5 lakh alleged to be from the ashram.

Aamar office ke bug koreche

Pranab- pic- wn.com
The bugging of Pranab Mukherjee’s office continues to be a murky affair. The Intelligence Bureau has dismissed the incident and even stated that those were not equipments but chewing gum in the office of the finance minister.
The question then would be, if there was really nothing in it, then why did the Finance Minister even write a letter to the Prime Minister seeking his intervention into the matter.
The obvious questions that come to mind are, was it corporate espionage, was it an insider job or was it a result of the running feud between two ministries in the government? It is a known fact that any agency that needs to bug a person or even taps his or her calls needs to get an approval from the Home Ministry. This again leads to another question as to why was this matter not referred to the Home Ministry first and why was the Prime Minister appraised of this first.
While these are aspects that may never come out in the public domain another question that needs to be asked if it is that simple to walk into a finance ministers office and bug it?
The details that are emerging from the probe into this matter appear to be murky. Was someone who is a rival of the Finance Minister trying to listen in to the conversation? Was there a corporate espionage into the matter since these persons are the ones who stand to gain most from the discussions within the finance ministry? Was it someone from the CBTD who was doing this for additional information and passing it on to either the corporates or the rival ministry?
Sources in the intelligence bureau make it clear that there is nothing much to this incident and it looks like mischief. It is not easy to gain access into the office of the Finance Ministry and then bug it. It looks like a case of mischief to us, the sources also added.
Placing a bug in the office is not a difficult task. An expert who can gain entry into the office can place one in less than 10 seconds. The bugs are normally placed near laptops, telephones and even under a table. A double sided tape is normally used to place these bugs and these equipments are extremely small and not easily visible to the naked eye. The capability of these bugs vary and depending on the capacity these bugs could be placed to listen into between 20 days to 10 years also.
In the instant case on hand it appears that it was a shoddy job done at the end. Chewing gum is something that could not have stayed stuck for such a long time since it does tend to fall off when it becomes dry. It appears that the person whoever has placed these bugs took them out in a hurry leaving the adhesive behind.
Bugging falls under the purview of the laws relating to tapping. The Finance Ministry has three wings under it- the DRI, ED and the CBDT. All these three agencies have the power to carry out arrests which would mean investigating powers. This would automatically mean that they do have the power to bug or tap calls of any person. Hence these three agencies which have access to the Finance Minister’s office also have the knowledge of placing bugs. However the law is clear and no agency cannot tap another persons conversation unless and until a certain procedure is followed.
In the PUCL vs Union of India the Supreme Court had said that a telephonic conversation in private without interference would come under the purview of the right to privacy as specified by the Indian Constitution.
Further the court also held that the Home Secretary of India or the State Government has to issue an order authorizing that the phone can be tapped. However the decision to tap a phone has to be reviewed by the cabinet, law and telecommunication secretary. Such an order needs to be reviewed in two months failing which fresh orders need to be passed.
Such an order shall be in force only for two months unless there is another order, which will give the home secretary the right to extend it by another six months only.
Strong reasons have to be specified in order to issue such a directive.
Records relating to phone tapping should be used and destroyed within two months. The order, which will be passed by the home secretary, shall be specific in nature. The invasion of privacy shall be minimum in nature and the reasons should be strong before an order is passed failing which such an order can be subject to a court review.
Experts are of the view that going by the guidelines of the Supreme Court it is highly unlikely that any of these agencies may have been given persmission to tap or bug are the Intelligence Bureau, the Research and Analysis Wing and the Central Bureau of Investigation. The other question that crops us is access to the Finance Minister’s office. The persons who could have got easy access to this office are the ones who are under this ministry. The other possibility is whether the other agencies under the Home Department could have staged such an exercise. The bigger question now is, with the Finance Minister himself chosing to downplay the incident will the actual truth ever come out.

Telangana after Prof. Jayashankar

A file picture of Prof. Jayashankar (right) with TRS chief K.Chandrasekhar Rao. Photo courtesy: The Hindu
Our resolve to attain Telangana has only become stronger after the death of Professor Kothapalli Jayashankar who is considered to be the Mahathma and ideologue of this movement.

There is a pale of gloom across all regions of Telangana and in his hometown Hanamkonda in Warrangal, the crowds have not stopped pouring in. While a section of them have been pondering over how to take the movement forward, there are very many who ask this interesting question, “who will control K Chandrasekar Rao now?”

For all those who believed in the Telangana movement, he was a father figure. There was none who knew the issue so well and he was thorough in both the social and economic problems of this region.

Jayashankar who was part of the movement since 1956, the year the movement began was very clear in what he wanted. He had made it clear that there was no other option but to give Telangana and no other stop gap arrangement would ever solve the problem. In an interview to us in January he had said, “The Shri Krishna commission has indiscriminately gone into several issues, which were not required. They appear to have succumbed to industrialists and money bags, and hence we question the very credibility of the commission as well as the report. How much more time should we wait? This struggle is on since the past 50 years. How many agreements, how many more discussions should we have on this?

The people around him say that he was very close to achieving his dream. The Government of India had promised us that a state would be formed and the Home Minister had also made a statement to this effect. They could have formed it in no time, but then they backtracked. The curse of the entire Telangana and the followers of Jayashankar are on the government of India today. He had struggled so much and they ensured that he never got to see his dream come true.

Lateef Mohammad Khan, convenor of the Muslim Forum for Telangana who is just back from Warrangal says one of the most important things that Jayashnkar has done is unite the movement. Language does not need a reglion. Religion needs a language, Jayashankar would always say. The Muslims had doubts at first, but he is the one who insisted that I add the Muslim tag against the name of our organisation. When this movement was re-kindled yet again, it was he who had made it clear that there should be no differences between religion and caste and all of us should unite. He had also felt that the insecurity among the Muslims should be wiped out and we should have a forum of our own for this purpose.

He had infact restored the movement and each and everyone associated with the movement trusted his word. More importantly he was the only one who could control KCR. In fact whenever KCR was going wrong, only Jayashankar could stop him and correct him. Today I don’t know with his death how things would be dealt with.

He had knowledge of the entire issue. He had gone in depth while studying the social and economic issues of Telangana. He was treated as a spiritual leader and today in his death the movement is orphaned. However the movement will not die down as Jayashankar has ensured that it has been safely placed in the hands of the people. The people today will take it forward with more resolve since they would want the dream of their leader to be achieved.

Professor Kothapalli Jayashankar died on Tuesday after battling cancer for the past 5 months. A simpleton, he remained a bachelor and till date stayed a single room house. He began his battle for Telangana when the merger took place and since 1956 he has relentlessely fought for the restoration of the state.

He was a professor in economics and became the Vice Chancellor of Kakatiya University.He formed the Telangana Development Forum in USA in the year 1999 and played a key role in the formation of Telangana Rashtra Samithi in 2001 under the leadership of K Chandrasekhara Rao.

The students who have been spearheading the movement say that they will never forget the sacrifice made by the Professor. His speeches and writings were an inspiration to all of us says K Srinivas, a student leader who has been fighting for Telangana. The show will go on and this time around it would be with more resolve. We are extremely sad today that a leader has gone, but let the government be rest assured that the movement is very much alive and we shall fulfil our dream very soon.

The extremist turf war in Nepal

The chargesheet in the Samjautha Express blasts case which was filed recently states that two crucial players in the case are still absconding. Ramji Kalsanghra and Sandeep Dange are two very crucial players, not only in this case but also in those incidents relating to the Mecca Masjid and Ajmer blasts.

The National Investigating Agency does realise the importance of nabbing both these men and say that a finality to this entire terror cycle can be attained only once these two are in custody.

The NIA is on a hot trail of these two men, but the more important question is where are these men hiding. Some intelligence inputs go on to suggest that the moment was heat was up, they managed to slip into Nepal. This is not the first time that a person from this module has taken shelter in Nepal. Praveen Muthalik who is an accused in the Malegaon blasts too has taken the same route. He was however nabbed when he made a visit to India a couple of months back.

The Nepal corridor has been often discussed and this used to be a primary route for ISI sponsored terror groups. However there is now a clear turf war on in this country between the two modules-one from India and the other from Pakistan. According to sources in the Intelligence Bureau, most of the Pakistan based modules have now shifted operations to Bangladesh since they find that to be a safer haven.

When some fringe elements within the Abhinav Bharath set out to carry out terror attacks one of the aspects that was discussed was relating to the hideouts. Every terror group when it commences operations takes into consideration this very important aspect since they need to find a safe haven once the attack is carried out.

These elements had discussed the possibility of Nepal being a hide out once operations were completed. The main issue at that time however was that the Lashkar-e-Tayiba and the Dawood Gang were using this base extensively and they did not want any clash with them. Over the years, they started to set up modules within Nepal and also created a safe route to slip out once an attack was carried out. This group however did not exercise this option for quite sometime since all the attacks that were being carried out by them were being attributed to the Muslims. However when the investigations took a different turn, some of the key men involved in the attacks began moving into Nepal. For this group Nepal was the best option since it is a familiar terrain for them. The language, the culture were similar and hence they found it easier to gel with the locals there and remain undercover.

Once these modules in Nepal were activated there were changes in the Lashkar modules. There was a clash between the two modules and this prompted the Lashkar to close down several of its modules and shift into Bangladesh.The Lashkar too found this to be a better option when compared to Nepal since their operatives were finding it more comfortable to be in Bangladesh once again due to the similarities in cultures.

Investigations into the Samjautha, Ajmer and Mecca Masjid blasts have gone on to show that there are very few modules within India. These men did thrive on the moral support of some people. Moreover it was also learnt that they did want to keep their operations a secret and hence did not involve too many people. Right from the planning stages, to the logistics and then the execution, the operations were known only to a hand full of people. The plan was to build up more modules within India over a period of time while they had decided to use all the modules created in Nepal as hide outs.

The NIA is however doing a proper check on the whereabouts of the two absconding men and are even ready to bring them down from Nepal. There are no major issues on the diplomatic front to bring down criminals and hence this task should not be difficult. However they would want to be 100 per cent sure before they can make a final move. The NIA does realise that the probe will hit a road block if these two men are not nabbed and hence the trail on them is really hot.

Sathya Sai trustees get notices

Serious investigations into the transportation of cash from Puttparthi are underway with the police issuing notices returnable in three days to two trustees of the Shri Sathya Sai Central Trust.

The two trustees R Rathnakar and Venu Srinivasan were served notices by the Hindupur police and they have been asked to be present for questioning in three days time. The police had said three days back itself that notices would be issued to the trustees so that they are able to investigate them with regard to the missing cash of Rs 35.5 lakh.

Last week the trust members entered into the Yajur Mandir and found Rs 11.6 crore in cash and also gold and silver. All this was deposited with the bank in the presence of officials. However a day later a major controversy broke out when Rs 35.5 lakh in cash was transported out of Puttparthi. The driver of the car in which the cash was being transported said that he was asked to park the vehicle with the boot open near the Yajur Mandir following which the cash was loaded. They then drove off and after sometime the cash which was in a huge bag was handed over to some person from Bangalore.

The devotees have been claiming that the money was taken out of the Yajur Mandir while the trustees maintained that there was no connection with this and the funds found in Sai Baba’s room. The Deputy Superintendent of Police of the region, K Krishna had however stated that there is no doubt that the money was being transported from Puttaparthi.

As investigations into this case progress the police are finding more links. They suspect that some of the cash in the Yajur Mandir may have been concealed and not accounted and this money in question could be just that.

The police will now question the two trustees at Hindupur following which more leads are bound to crop up. They have also been recording the statements of the family members of Sai Baba. The family members have said that the trust cannot wash away its hands from this case. The car in which the money was transported belongs to the Shri Sathya Sai Central Trust and moreover the driver’s statements also make it clear that the money trail commenced from the Yajur Mandir.

The police who have registered a theft case say that they would need some more time to crack this case.


A wasted excercise, a total flop show and not to mention a total failure- this is how Justice Santhosh Hegde member of the Lokpal drafting panel described the final outcome following the last meeting of the Lokpal drafting panel with the government.
Justice Hegde who sounded extremely dejected at the end of the meeting said, ” yes we had a meeting exchanged a few talks. The meeting lasted 45 minutes. At the end of it all that the government has given us is a Lokpal Bill. Don’t even bother bother finding out the contents in it because it has got nothing in it. Watered down to the fullest I would say.”
This Lokpal bill which will come out will be handicapped and the government has not agreed to any of our suggestions. They want to overload the Lokpal with bureaucrats and politicians. I had told you this morning they would do this. This means the government has complete control over the Lokpal.
I am aware you are dying to know about the inclusion of the Prime Minister. It is ridiculous. Kapil Sibal makes it clear that the Prime Minister can be probed under the provisions of the Indian Penal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure. But he also adds that the PM is being kept out of the purview of the Lokpal.
The government has further rejected our suggestion to empower a citizen of the country to seek removal of a corrupt official or politician. Further they have also decided not to provide the Lokpal with the assistance of the Anti corruption wing of the CBI. The government will now pick and chose the officials who would be part of the investigating wing of the Lokpal. Do I need to say more about the fate of this wing now? They would have control over this wing now.
The destroyer of the entire excercise is when the government said that a notice should be issued before starting a probe. I really do not know how that is to be done when we are trying to trap a person accepting bribe. This indicates the entire attitude.
We the members did put in our best and at the end of it all we could give was a Lokpal bill which is nothing but handicapped. The ultimate objefctive has failed though, Justice Hegde also pointed out.

Lok Pal bill make or break today

The meeting of the Lok Pal to be held later today is expected to be a make or break one. The members of the Lok Pal drafting panel are going for this meeting alright, but they do not have their hopes too high and are aware of what the government will do at the end of it.

Justice Santhosh Hegde who is one of the members of the panel tells us what one could expect from the meeting. I get the feeling that the government will come around the Prime Minister’s issue, but will scuttle all the other important issues. At yesterday’s meeting, the issue of the Prime Minister did come up. But the government had pointed out that a Prime Minister can be probed into only once he demits office. This rule already exists and we saw what happened in the case of P V Narasimha Rao. He was probed in connection with the JMM bribery case only once he demitted office. If the government expects us to agree to that then it would be nothing but mockery.

However what I understand out of this entire exercise is that at the end of it the Government may agree for the inclusion of the Prime Minister. While they may agree to do this, they will for sure leave out the rest of the important issues that have to find a mention in the final bill of the Lokpal. A majority of the general public think that the disagreements are only relating to the inclusion of the Prime Minister. If the government includes this clause then it will not agree on the rest of the things we have asked for. There is bound to be friction due to this and then the government will go tell the people that they gave what we asked for but we continue to make a fuss and this would make us all look like cribbers.

I am not expecting much from this meeting to be held today. There are still a lot of issues where there is a disagreement between the two parties. Some of these issues are really crucial for the bill.

Take for instance the appointment of the Lokpal. The government wants a lot of politicians and burecrats to hold this post. Barring the inclusion of two from the judges fraternity, the rest of them are from the political side. This is not a feasible option since the control goes back to the government entirely.

The other issue is the recommendation to remove a person for charges of corruption. The government says that only it can make this recommendation. This is just a farce. If the Lokpal is favourable to the government then it defeats the cause entirely. A citizen can seek the impeachment of a judge provided he has the support. Why cant he be given the same right over here too?

The issue of having another anti corruption is also another matter for disagreement. The government has made it clear that the anti corruption wing of the CBI shall not be used for the Lok Pal. My question is why is the government contemplating more than one anti corruption wing in the country. What happens to the wing under the CBI then if another similar force is put in place? Obviously the wing of the CBI becomes defunct. The government should realise that it will take a while before it could set up a new wing and train all the personnel to handle this case. We feel that the wing of the CBI should be included into the Lok Pal.

The other issues also include the strength of the body around the Lok Pal. The government refuses to give more persons.

Cash came from Puttaparthi ashram-Cops

The members of the Shri Sathya Sai Central Trust will be issued notices in connection with the missing wealth case. Sources in the police department informed that the notices will be issued shortly and the trustees will have to depose before the investigating officer.
A huge row had broken out after some persons were arrested while transporting Rs 35.5 lakh allegedly from the ashram. The driver of the one of the trustees had told the polixe that he had been told to load the cash in the car and and later the amount was handed over to a person from Bangalore mid way.
While the trust denied that the money belonged to them some devotees said this morning that the money was being taken out of the trust to be paid to a builder.
K Krishna Deputy Superintendent of Police, Hindupur police limits in Ananthpur district said that he has no doubt that the money was being taken from the ashram. We are interrogating three persons in this regard and we need to now establish if the money belonged to the ashram or an individual in the ashram. However we have no doubt that the money from the ashram area he added.

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Samjautha-what track is the NIA on?

The Samjautha Blasts chargesheet was finally filed after many twists and turns to the case. The accused now in the case are Swami Asimanand, the late Sunil Joshi, Lokesh Sharma, Sandeep Dange and Ramchandra Kalasangra.

Although half the accused are either missing or are dead, the NIA has still gone ahead with this chargesheet and this is being seen as a measure to apply more pressure on Pakistan which is doing absolutely nothing about the 26/11 attack. The biggest talking point for Pakistan was the Samjautha Express blasts case ever since Swami Aseemanand made some stunning revelations about the persons really behind the blasts.
On February 18 2007 a conspiracy was hatched to blast this train. The plan was executed to perfection and at Panipat on that fateful day the blast was carried out which resulted in the death of 68 lives. India was quick to suspect the Lashkar-e-Tayiba and accused it of attempting to derail the peace talks between India and Pakistan. The first round of investigations were conducted by the Special Investigating Team, Haryana and when they drew a blank the case was handed over to the National Investigating Agency only last year.

The chargesheet today which depends largely on the confession by Aseemanand states that he along with Sunil Joshi, Kalsanghra, Dange and Lokesh Sharma entered into a conspiracy in order to carry out this attack. Aseemanand had said during his confession that he was angered with the terrorism being carried out by jihadi outfits. During his various meetings with his associates he had proclaimed that the only answers for bombs is bombs. He also said that this train was chosen due to the large number of Pakistani citizens who travel on it.

As per the chargesheet, Aseemanand provided the finances and logistical support while Dange and the rest under the guidance of Joshi procured the material such as IEDs and executed the attack.

The NIA says that the chargesheet had to be filed due to procedure and if it was time barred then the accused could have sought bail on a technicality. However none of them say that this was done in a hurry so as to put pressure on Pakistan which is investigating the 26/11 case as well.

The Road ahead: The road ahead is long and it would be quite a task before the entire investigation to the case is complete. Swami Aseemanand is the only strong link that there is in the case and he is in custody. He has spoken almost everything that was available and he has also managed to provide the required leads for the NIA. Although confident, the NIA would still wait and see if Aseemanand maintains his confession when he is finally put on trial.

The next big link to the case was Sunil Joshi. This man who was murdered under mysterious circumstances is considered to be the over all chief of this group. He was good at logistics and his cronies such as Dange and Kalsanghra reported directly to him. He was the man with most of the answers such as the modules and the cells which were set up by this group.

However with Joshi dead, the biggest links to this case are now Dange and Kalsanghra. The NIA had announced a reward of Rs 10 lakh on their head, but till date the whereabouts of the two continue to be unknown. It would take some effort for the NIA to track these two men down since according to sources they are both believed to be hiding in Nepal. The NIA is however keeping a close tab on the two of them and their whereabouts.

However this case is not just about the four men in question. It is a well known fact that these men have not executed just the Samjautha blasts. They are behind the Ajmer and Mecca Masjid blasts as well. It is a well planned attack and has been carried out with a lot of logistic support from the local modules of these respective places.

The NIA says that the two absconding men will have some answers to this. However to get cracking on the entire modus operandi we would need to look at the three cases in its totality since it is the same module which has executed the attacks.

In addition to all this the NIA is also looking for another accused in the case by the name Amit. He was an associate of the Dange and helped him execute the three blasts. Amit carries a reward of Rs 2 lakh on his head. He is also believed to be hiding in Nepal with Kalsangra and Dange.