Church attacks- no wrong doing by BJP

In a major reprieve of sorts the Justice Somashekhar Commission of Inquiry probing the Church attacks case has given a clean chit to the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Sangh Parivar in Karnataka.

The Committee which was set up almost two years back following a spate of attacks on Church particularly in the Mangalore belt has said that there is no merit in the allegations made against the BJP and the Sangh Parivar. “ The Commission goes on to say that there is no basis to the apprehensions of the petitioners before the commission that the politicians, BJP, Sangh Parivar and also the state government are directly or indirectly involved in the attacks. These observations were made in the final report that was submitted to the Chief Minister of Karnataka, B S Yeddyurappa on Saturday.

The commission further goes on to state that there was an allegation as well as an impression created that top police officials with the district administration had colluded with the attackers who descecrated the Churches. The Commission pointed out that there is no merit in this allegation.

The Commission has however given a little bit of a breather to the Christian community in Karnataka who were most affected by these attacks. It has said that the Government and the district administration ought to have treated the Christian protestors with sympathy and this had not been done.

This commission also goes on to give out a list of recommendations in which it says that there should be an exclusive police station only dealing with religious matters. Such a police station should have specially trained police officials who can deal with such matters with a human touch. Further the commission adds that such police stations should function without the interference of the state government.

The commission was set up in October 2008 and had before it a total of 1500 petitions. There were 34 advocates in all who represented the various groups from Mangalore, Udupi, Davangere and also Bangalore.


The Mir headache for India

Mir? Photo courtesy:
He continues to be out in the open and that is bad news for India. Sajid Mir the chief plotter of the 26/11 attack continues to throw open a lot of questions and there is still plenty of confusion regarding this man. Indian agencies who term him as the biggest threat to India’s security say that he is extremely well connected with the Pakistan establishment but did not hold a rank in the army as was being speculated.

The confusion regarding Sajid Mir commences with his name. While investigators from the United States identify him as Sajid Mir, the Indian dossier on this man refers to him as Sajid Majid.

The 26/11 attacks may be two years old, but the investigations continue almost 24/7 since there appear to be a lot of unanswered questions regarding this attack. While the NIA and the Intelligence Bureau have managed to get a clear picture on the manner in which the attack was carried out there still is confusion regarding the operation of David Headley, the role played by Major Iqbal and more importantly Sajid Mir.

What Indian intelligence agencies have managed to ascertain so far is that his was the voice which ordered the killings at the Chabhad House. They have also managed to find out through the conversation that he had attempted a hostage sweep but at the end of it that had failed.

The question as to who Mir is continues to haunt the Indian investigating agencies. However a source in the IB told that he was well connected with the Pakistani establishment, but was never part of the army as had been claimed by various other investigating agencies.

Mir according to the Indian dossier is a global operator and he has even been convicted in absentia by a French court. He never restricted himself to Pakistan and has travelled the globe extensively to set up bases for the Lashkar-e-Tayiba which is evolving into a global outfit.

India has confronted Pakistan on various occasions regarding Mir, but the response was an expected one at all times. Pakistan continues to deny the man’s existence on their soil. The IB say that this was an expected response since any information on him from Pakistan would be suicidal for them.

His strong connections to the Pakistan establishment go back several years back when he was arrested in Dubai. He was picked up there as he was involved with a group of men in connection with a plot. However he managed to get out in no time and this only went on to show the strong connections he had within the system. That in fact was the last any one saw Mir.

The case of Mir is not a confusing one for India alone. Agencies across the globe who are probing his antecedents do not have anything concrete on him. The IB says that the problem begins with his name and we are very sure that he has not been using his actual name which is why no Pakistan is able to deny his existence. This man who has been termed as ruthless as well as charming goes by several aliases such as Abu Bara, Uncle Bill Ibrahim, Wassi and Sajid Bill.

His name had also cropped up in the David Headley interrogation by the NIA. He makes several references to him and going by what Headley said it became clear that Mir was the one who controlled most part of the operation including the Headley tour of India.

Indian investigators say that it was Mir who laid the ground work for the attack on India. There is a report by the Indian agencies which suggests that he had travelled to India as a cricket fan and used this opportunity to identify several targets which were later scouted by Headley.

The NIA says that it will need go back to this particular incident when Mir had come down as a cricket fan and probe deeper in order to find out more. This part of the probe will be very crucial since it will help establish the Mir angle with more certainity.

The reason why Mir decided to take the plunge by himself was because it was he who had to break the news that the Lashkar would be withdrawing from Afghanistan and he noticed that the forces had become completely demoralized. However according to files in India, he did not stay on too long and was summoned back to Pakistan since the establishment over there thought it to be too risky to let him wander around in India.

It was only when Mir met with Headley did the plan begin to materialize. The rest is a well known fact and the investigation of Headley by both the NIA and FBI make it clear that Mir was the one who controlled the operation.

Mir, according to the IB is a blue eyed boy of the Lashkar and his association with the dirty world of Islamic terror commenced when he was just 16. He looked up to Hafiz Saeed as a father figure and has been with him ever since. There was also a conflicting report that he had joined the army in Pakistan as a Major. However the Indian agencies believe that he was and continues to be well connected with the ISI and could have been part of them. His association with the Pakistan armed forces has been very thick and continues to remain that way since the establishment across the border relies very heavily upon him.

Pro Publica which reported extensively on Mir highlights the confusion surrounding this man. It says that the Interpol notice against Mir is mired in confusion. “The Indian warrant identifies him as Sajid Majid, but most investigators still call him Sajid Mir, saying Majid may be his true name or one of several aliases. Interpol says his birthdate is Jan. 1, 1978, which would make him 32. But Headley, his star operative, told Indian investigators Mir was born in 1976, according to a 119-page report on his interrogation in Chicago last year by India’s National Investigation Agency. Most investigators think he is in his mid to late thirties, “ Pro Publica also reports.

The Indian dossier goes on to state that his hatred for India was thanks to his father who was born in India. He was drilled with horror tales about partition from a very young age which prompted him to take up arms against India.

A testimony before a French Court which sentenced in absentia states that he joined the Lashkar when he was 16 and rose very quickly to become the head of the Lahore unit. His knowledge of the world and the manner in which he could grasp things ensured that he was promoted as one of the chiefs of the Lashkar’s foreign wing. His primary role was to pick foreign recruits and throw them into the open so that they could undertake jihad globally. During his early stint with the Lashkar he focused primarily on Canada, Qatar, Syria and Thailand and has also travelled to these countries.

The Headache for India: Today Mir is focused entirely on operations in India and the manner in which he successfully carried out a flaw less 26/11 attack has only made the ISI more determined to retain him for India operations.Mir may be lying low where the India angle is concerned now due to obvious reasons since the heat is very high on him. However it does not appear that the ISI will sacrifice his expertise with India only because of this.

Investigations which continue unabated by the NIA into the Headley angle have revealed that he kept in touch with Mir at all times. Further what is even more dangerous is that Mir has in his possession the tapes and information provided by Headley which have not been attacked. There is a pile load of information that Mir has access to thanks to Headley an investigating officer said. This is always a dangerous situation for India and from the 26/11 attack what we have seen is that Mir is capable of undertaking spectacular attacks and that too with a lot of precision.

The IB says that a lot is at stake as long as Mir continues to wander around in the open. He is very much in Pakistan since the ISI would not want him out of their sight since appears to be more important than any of the leaders that the Lashkar has today. They would want full utility out of him and are aware that not only can he continue being a headache for India, but he is also on his way of setting up a global network which is of extreme importance both for the Lashkar as well as the ISI.

Need to win the hearts of Kashmiris

Kashmir is on the boil and this time the issue is the Ekta Yatra. While the Bharatiya Janata Party is hell bent on hoisting our national flag at Lal Chowk, the ruling Congress appears to be doing everything under the sun to prevent such an event.
S A R Geelani, Professor in the Delhi university who was acquiited in the Parliament attack case four years back has been closely associated with the Kashmir issue. He has been on an India wide tour recently to portray the real picture of the crisis in Kashmir. He feels that the Bharatiya Janata Party is wrong in its actions and instead of trying to win over the hearts of the people, they are only trying to show that they want to rule over them. In this interview with, Geelani points out that the BJP is making an issue because they do not have an issue and also the Hindus in Jammu are against the flag hoisting proposed by the Bharatiya Janata Party.

What are your thoughts on the BJP wanting to hoist the National Flag at Lal Chowk?
I am against this since I feel it is not necessary and a controversy is unnecessarily being raked up. This is something that could have been avoided.

Why according to you is the BJP raking up this issue?
I think the whole issue is that the BJP does not have an issue. There are so many other issues to deal with but they seem to be holding on to this one as they want to rake up public sentiments. The BJP likes to believe that they are nationalists. A B Vajpayee had initiated a peace process and these people are disrupting it. The fact is that they are out of power and do not have to worry about issues pertaining to development or relief works. Hence they have decided to rake up a public sentiment.

But why is there such a tussle regarding this issue?
The thing is that most Kashmiris do not consider themselves as part of India. They would not take it too kindly if the flag is hoisted over there.

So what do you think must be done then?
I think what the BJP should ideally be doing is winning the hearts of these people who do not consider themselves to be part of India. By going on the offensive and raking up public sentiments nothing can be gained or achieved.

Why ask the BJP alone to do that? What are the rest of them doing to reach out to these people?
We have tried to reach out to the people. This is a long process and have been going around telling people about this problem. The BJP, instead of trying to move forward and address the real issue are spoiling everything by raking up such issues.

It is the National Flag we are speaking about. What is wrong in hoisting it?
There is nothing wrong. But why pick on places where there is a dispute. Let us try and win their hearts first so that they themselves come forward and do the same. The Flag will be hoisted in Srinagar anyways on January 26th. Is that not enough?

What happened the last time the BJP hoisted the flag in 1992?
They did it many years back. But that was not an event at all. Did it involve the people? No it did not. It only annoyed the people. Moreover there were no people with Murali Manohar Joshi at that time. There were just security personnel protecting him.

There is so much hype around this issue. Do you think that the Congress should have so aggressively blocked the BJP?
There should not have been any sort of hype. The BJP continues to challenge the people of Kashmir. The Congress could have buried this issue quietly and dealt with the BJP in a better manner. The whole issue could have been sorted out in New Delhi itself and should not have reached Kashmir in the first place.

The BJP seems to have a lot of support. You cannot deny that.
They are sure whipping up a national sentiment. However within Kashmir there is no support what so ever. The people of Kashmir did not need this issue at the moment since there are a lot of other problems on hand they have to deal with. Look at Jammu for instance. All the Hindus there too do not want this issue since they feel that it will not serve their needs. The people you see there supporting the BJP are all from outside and no person within the state supports the BJP on this issue.

Are you worried that there will be some retaliation from terrorists in Pakistan if this event goes on?
This is not about that at all. This is about alienating the people of Kashmir. If this event goes on then the people of Kashmir will feel alienated.

What exactly do the people of Kashmir want? It seems impossible to please them.
We need to win over their hearts. It is a process but it can happen. No one should impose things on them. They should not be given a feeling that they are ruled over. However what the BJP is doing now only shows that they want to rule over the people of Kashmir.

How has the handling by the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir been?
He has done nothing. Instead he has added to the hype that this issue is already getting for no rhyme or reason. He should have been in the state and handled the issue. Instead he came to Delhi and made national headlines. This is not the way to deal with a situation like this. The Congress on the other hand seems to have some other agenda on hand. They wanted this issue to become big so that the focus is taken off their scams and they have managed to do that very well.

Fahim-Saba to petition SC to include Headley

The appeal by the Mumbai police in the 26/11 case does not mention the name of David Headley. The appeal in fact continues to mentioned the names of Fahim Ansari and Sabahuddin as the two men who carried out the survey of the targets.

Now there is expected to be a small twist to these proceedings with a plea being filed in the Supreme Court of India to include David Headley in the proceedings before the Bombay High Court. Ejaz Naqvi, counsel for Sabahuddin told that he would be filing a petition before the Supreme Court of India to make David Headley a party to the proceedings before the Bombay High Court which is hearing a set of three appeals in connection with the 26/11 case.

The contention is that David Headley had confessed to his crimes and the same has been recorded by both a court in the United States of America as well as the National Investigating Agency. When the matter stands thus, it would be appropriate to include the name of Headley in the ongoing proceedings before the Bombay High Court.

However the prosecution has not once mentioned the name of Headley during the appeal. Fahim Ansari and Sabahuddin were acquitted for want of evidence by the lower court and the state had gone in appeal against this while also seeking confirmation of the death sentence handed out to Ajmal Kasab.

Now there is a reason why the prosecution has remained silent about the David Headley angle while arguing the matter. When the David Headley angle first came out the crime branch had filed an application under Section 173(8) of the Code of Criminal Procedure to probe this angle further. An order was passed by the lower court permitting the crime branch to look into this angle and file further evidence before the court.

However sources now inform that there has not been any progress on this front and the police have not been able to establish any proper evidence in respect of David Headley. This is the primary reason why they are not even mentioning his name during the proceedings before the High Court.

The case is however mainly being handled by the National Investigating Agency. The agency which managed to interrogate Headley in the US is in possession of his statement in which he speaks about his operation in the city which led up to the 26/11 attack. However it would be a while before the NIA builds up the entire case and puts into perspective his confession and also the evidence they have managed to gather from the ground.

However all is not lost and it is not as though the Headley angle would never come up before the court ever. Once the NIA chargesheet is ready, they can always move the trial court first and request it to try Headley in absentia. The trial court can also hand out a sentence to Headley, but the same would be in absentia since he cannot be extradited to India as a result of his plea bargain arrangement that has been made in the US court before he confessed to his crimes.

Now application to summon HDK

H D Kumaraswamy. Photo courtesy:
Seeking to drag matters further, another application has been filed before the Special Sessions court seeking a direction to produce former Chief Minister and Janata Dal (S) leader, H D Kumaraswamy before it.

The application filed before the Special Sessions court which is hearing two complaints filed against B S Yeddyurappa in connection with a land scam states that unless Kumaraswamy is brought before the court proceedings cannot continue. The applicant states that there is an allegation made against Yeddyurappa stating that he had denotified land at Rachenahalli in order to favour his family members. The new application before the court states that the facts have been jumbled and Yeddyurappa had denotified only a small portion of the land. However the major portion of the land was denotified by Kumaraswamy who was the CM before Yeddyurappa and strangely his name does not figure in this complaint.

This application which has been filed under Section 319 says that offences should not be made selective and all those involved in illegalities should be brought before the same forum and justice should be equal to all.

The court will hear this application on January 31 when it commences proceedings next. On the same day it will also hear an application filed by the son-in-law of Yeddyurappa and also the main case filed by the two advocates who are seeking prosecution of the Karnataka Chief Minister in connection with 15 charges pertaining to various land scams.

CM had no moral right to continue: Congress
The Congress in Karnataka has decided to hold a mammoth rally in Bangalore demanding the dismissal of the B S Yeddyurappa government. The Congress says that it would hold this rally on January 30th at the Palace Grounds in Bangalore where scores of people are likely to attend.

The rally is being held to step up the pressure to dismiss the B S Yeddyurappa led BJP government in Karnataka. The Congress says that the CM had no moral right to continue after the Governor had accorded sanction to prosecute him.

15 charges which Yeddi faces

B S Yeddyurappa, Chief Minister of Karnataka finds himself in yet another controversy and he will wait with bated breath for the decision of the Special Court which will start hearing the matter at 2 PM on Monday.

So, what will the special court hear today and what the charges that the Karnataka Chief Minister will have to answer to? The scam as alleged in the complaint is to the tune of Rs 189.71 crore and this amount is divided into 15 different cases which will be heard by the court today.

1.16 acres of land under Sy Number 56 at K R Puram were denotified in the year 2008 and was transferred to M/s Davalagiri Property Developers Private Limited. The land worth Rs 7.4 crore was transferred to this company in which the Chief Minister’s sons and son-in-law are 75 per cent share holders.

2.A road measuring 47,972 sq ft in Vyalikaval HBCS Nagawara was illegally amalgamated and the same was purchased by M//s Davalagiri Property Developers. The company gained Rs 16.26 crore due to this.

3.An acre and 2 guntas of land under survey number 55/2 at K R Puram was denotified and the gain in this was Rs 19.6 crore.

4.2 acres and 5 guntas of land was denotified at the Arkare village. Out of this 1.75 acres was sold to a close associate of the Chief Minister who gained Rs 25.39 crore due to this.

5.9 guntas in survey number 10/1 and 14 guntas in survey number 10/11F of Lottegollahalli, Bangalore was denotified 14 guntas of land in survey number 10/11F was denotified in favour of home minister R Ashoka.

6.Conversion of agricultural lands in Anekal taluk to non-agricultural purpose by modifying zoning regulations was beneficial to M/s Bhagath Homes Pvt Ltd and M/s Davalagiri Property Developers Pvt Ltd, both promoted by CM’s family members. The companies benefited Rs 3 and Rs 2.5 crore due to this.

7.2 acres and 5 guntas of land in survey number 149 of Agara village was denotified in January 2010. 16,000 sq ft and 5,000 sq ft, was sold M/s Elyon Developers Pvt Ltd represented by its director S S Ugendar for Rs 1.76 crore and Rs 44 lakh respectively. Bangalore Development Authority incurred a loss of Rs 74.05 crore due to this.

8.CM allots 100 acres of land at Machenahalli-Honnavile Industrial area, Shimoga district, in favour of M/s E Rama Murthy Power Pvt Ltd promoted by Praveen Chandra. He also granted mining lease for iron ore and manganese ore in 330 acres in Ramajjanahalli Kaval and Mallapura villages of Hosadurga taluk in favour of Praveen Chandra.

9.11 acres and 25 guntas in survey number 15/1 and 15/2 of Srirampura village denotified to benefit M/s Besto Infrastructure Bangalore Pvt Ltd, whose promoter is a partner with the CM’s family in Davalagiri Property Developers Pvt Ltd. Land. The land was denotified in favour of Dr B R Shetty, who in turn sold 2 acres and 20 guntas to Besto Infrastructure Bangalore for Rs 3.75 crore when the market price was Rs 54.45 crore.

10.33 guntas in survey number 21/3 of Kempapura village, 1 acre 36 guntas in survey number 6/2A, 23 guntas in survey number 6/2C and 23 guntas in survey number 6/2B in Hebbala Ammanikere was denotified to benefit Prakash Shetty of M/s Trishul Developers.

11.The CM denotified 9 acres of land at Rachenahalli and the owners of these lands sold 1 acre 23.2 guntas for Rs 2.55 crore to M/s Health Zone Advisors (India) Pvt Ltd when the market value was Rs 34.41 crore.

12.10 acres in survey number 121 of Uttarahalli village was denotified on the request of BJP MLA Dr Hemachandra Sagar.

13.5 acres and 13 guntas of land in survey number 78 of Nagarbhavi village denotified in violation of Supreme Court and High Court orders causing loss of Rs 115 crore to the BDA.

14.Illegal allotment of a site in RMV II Stage, Bangalore, by CM in favour of his son B Y Raghavendra. This property was however returned when the allegations started to pour in.

15.Allegation that the CM helped Adarsh Developers and took favours in return to the tune of Rs 5 crore.

Another twist to the Yeddi case

Adding another twist to the proceedings against Karnataka Chief Minsiter B S Yeddyurappa, his son in law Suhan Kumar has filed an application seeking stalling of the proceedings. The special court which is hearing the two complaints has directed Kumar to file his objections by January 31 when the case comes up next for hearing.
When proceedings commenced this afternoon the CMs son in law said in his application that the matter cannot go on without him being heard. Kumar who is also a party to the proceedings said that he ought to be given a right of hearing.
C H Hanumantharaya coinsel for the two complainants however argued that this case was between a private party and the court and hence such an application could not be entertained.
The court however said that he be given a chance and permitted him to file his objections. The matter will come up next on January 31.

Now Guv to face defamation suit

The war of words between the Chief Minister and the Governor of Karnataka continued with the former telling the media on Monday morning that his friends are planning on filing a defamation against the latter.

Speaking to reporters outside his residence in Bangalore, he said that the Governor had acted in haste and taken the decision to accord sanction to prosecute him. The Chief Minister, B S Yeddyurappa said that the Governor had made a lot of remarks against him and all of them were not in good taste. My friends are upset with these statements and will be moving the court and filing a defamation case against him.

The Chief Minsiter further said that he is making an appeal to the Governor to tender an apology to the people of Karnataka for making such a hasty decision against their Chief Minister. Due to his hasty actions the people of the state suffered. It is now the moral obligation of the Governor to compensate the people of Karnataka due to the bundh which was called due to his hasty decision, the CM also pointed out.

Meanwhile the Special Court which is hearing the two complaints filed against the Chief Minister in connection with a land scam will hear the matter at 2 Pm on Monday. The two advocates have added three more cases taking it up to 15.

At New Delhi, the BJP leaders met with President of India and submitted a memorandum coupled with documents to show that the Governor of Karnataka was acting as an agent of the opposition. They have sought a recall of the Governor with immediate effect.

Today in Karnataka

BS Yeddyurappa in New Delhi. Photo courtesy: NDTV
Karnataka is back in the headlines and this time too the key player in this crisis is B S Yeddyurappa. The crisis in Karnataka has become a repetitive issue and ever since the Bharatiya Janata Party formed its first government in South India there is been one crisis or another.

Yeddyurappa will await with bated breath to see what the Special Court will do in the cases filed against him in connection with the land scam. Two advocates had filed complaints before the special court after the governor of Karnataka had accorded sanction to prosecute B S Yeddyurappa.

Yeddyurappa’s legal team had initially decided on moving the High Court against the order of the Governor. However the team has decided not to file the case and seek a stay of the order. A member of the team told that they did not want to jump the gun and instead wanted to see what action the Special court would take. These things take time and after much study and consultation they have found that the two advocates do not have much knowledge about the case. Moreover these advocates need to find their own witnesses and this entire process would take time.

The Special Court will also have to record the evidence, summon records and only then can it take cognizance of the case. We will wait and see what happens as this process could take at least another 20 days. When questioned whether or not it would be embarrassing for the CM if at all the Sessions Court took cognizance, the advocate from the Yeddyurappa camp said that the opposition may demand his stepping down, but by then some legal action will be planned. However we do not want to move the High Court right away.

Before the Special Sessions Court: The Special Court before which the two complaints were filed will have to deal with 15 issues. These issues were raised by two advocates and they had first petitioned the Governor. The Governor in turn accorded sanction for the prosecution of the CM following which the court was moved. The court will now have to study these allegations and if it finds that there is enough ground it could order a probe by an investigating agency into the matter. The court will look into the 15 allegations in which it has also been stated that the Chief Minister and his family gained Rs 189 crore due to these lands being denotified over the past two years.

At New Delhi: BJP MLAs and MPs would during the day meet with the President of India to complain about the Governor and also seek his recall. Yeddyurappa who was at New Delhi on Sunday discussed this issue with his party high command. Apart from this he also consulted with senior advocates and it was decided that they would file cases against the former chief ministers who also had allotted land illegally. A complaint has already been filed before the Justice B Padmaraj commission which is looking into the land scam against four former Chief Ministers including S M Krishna and Deve Gowda. This complaint running into over 500 pages was filed before the commission by a private advocate belonging to the BJP.

The rest of them: The Congress is gearing up to conduct a protest march after January 27th. They would also hold a massive rally to make public the alleged wrong doings of Yeddyurappa, Karnataka Pradesh Congress Chief, K Parameshwar informed.

The Janata Dal (s) is planning on moving the Supreme Court claiming damages as a result of the bundh call given by the BJP on Saturday.

Bharadwaj- Agent or Governor?

Photo courtesy:
Hitting back hard at the Governor of Karnataka, H R Bharadwaj, Chief Minister, B S Yeddyurappa said that he is not a cowards, he will not turn around and run but will face all the problems and come out victorious.
Addressing a packed press conference in Bangalore an hour after two complaints were filed against him following the sanction for prosecution by the Governor, the CM said that the Governor should have had the basic courtesy to at least talk to him before issuing such an order. This order smells of malafide. He has not sent me a copy of the order neither has he given me a chance to explain my stand before passing such an order. Why was he in such a hurry to pass an order when there are two other forums probing the same case?

On being asked whether he would step down, Yeddyurappa asked would it be sensible to just step down when a complaint is filed. I have no reason to resign and I will not since I am confident that I will come out clean and as an honest person at the end of this. Yeddyurappa also refused to pass any comments on the statements made by Home Minister P Chidambaram who had said that the BJP had taken to the streets. He said he has great respect for him and would prove his innocence.

The Governor has come to Karnataka with a malafide intention. He has not only converted the Raj Bhavan into an opposition office, but has been acting against the BJP government. A Governor ideally should advise the government but in the case of Bharadwaj, he has done nothing but acted as an agent of the UPA and issued statements against the government after every public function. This is unbecoming of a Governor especially Bharadwaj who has so much experience. None of his statements have helped the government function in peace but each statement has had a bad intention and on most occasions it has been insignificant. The Governor is unable to digest the image and the support of the people that I have. I have time and again proven that I enjoy the support of the people. Be it the Corporation elections or the local body polls, the people have voted for the BJP and the Governor cannot digest this. What more can I say about him who we all know is an agent of the Congress and the Janata Dal(S).

The Governor has over stepped his brief and has been speaking a lot. I kept quiet respecting the chair, but he has no such consideration and does not want the government to function. I am going with my MLAs and the MPs to New Delhi and will complain against him with the President of India on Monday. I sincerely hope and wish that he functions with more dignity, he also said.

Why is the opposition making such a mess of everything? Why don’t they come to the assembly and discuss. I will go ahead with the budget session on February 3 and I sincerely hope that the opposition will play a more constructive role. The father son duo of Deve Gowda and H D Kumaraswamy are making a lot of noise. Do you think I have nothing against them? Do you think that they have been very honest. Let them come down and meet me in the assembly and I am ready to debate with them about their misdeeds. I have had volumes of documents against these opposition leaders. I did not make any noise about it since I wanted focus on the development of the state first. But the opposition has mistaken this to be my weakness. Don’t hide and disrupt the assembly proceedings. Come there and I will show you the proof he warned the opposition.

The matter against me is now in the court. I will stand there and fight the cases and come out clean. I have faith in the court and I am not going to run away anywhere.

I want to thank the people of Karnataka for making the Karnataka Bundh a success. The people have expressed their anger against the governor and they have not taken lightly the Thief statement against me. This statement has hurt the sentiment of the people of Karnataka. The success of the bundh is only an indication that they have are disgusted with the Governor his insignificant letters, statements against the government and also his agent like role in the recent Karnataka government crisis.