Money laundering- FIU has it hands full


With the Financial Intelligence Unit deciding to probe three major banks for alleged money laundering, it would be interesting to note that the same agency also conducted a probe in the HSBC money laundering case.

The decision to probe three major banks, HDFC, ICICI and Axis come in the wake of a sting operation by Cobrapost in which there were clops of officials allegedly agreeing to receive unverified amounts of money in violation of the money laundering laws.

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No disembarkation forms- Will it aid our agencies?

airport-immigrationThe new rules regarding doing away with disembarkation forms at airports will save fliers a lot of time, but it will be a major boost for security agencies who are dealing with this massive problem of international terrorism.

The bureau of immigration has decided to do away with disembarkation forms. This would mean that the time spent at the immigration counter would come down. Details of Indians leaving the country and those foreigners coming into India will be provided by the airline 15 minutes before departure. This new advance passenger information system is being introduced from June 1 in India and would be fully functional in all airports in the month of September 2013. The passport details, nature of visa and even their place of stay will be available with the immigration much before the arrival.

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IM’s Bihar link re-surfaces

The National Investigation Agency has detained six persons from Bihar in connection with the Hyderabad blasts case. After conducting a series of raids in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, the NIA got leads which led to the detention of the six men.

NIA officials however have not revealed the exact role that these youth could have played in the Hyderabad blasts of last month which killed 17 persons. They have been detained for questioning and we need to get further details, an NIA official said. Although a very strong Bihar link is emerging into the Hyderabad blasts case, NIA sources say that it could have been the job of multi modules of the organisation. The men who have been detained have links to the Indian Mujahideen and we would want to know if they were part of the Darabanga module of the IM which could have carried out the Hyderabad blasts, NIA officials also said. Continue reading “IM’s Bihar link re-surfaces”

You look beautiful!


Kishore Chengappa
Kishore Chengappa


Life in Tihar jail

tiharThe death of Ram Singh, an accused in the Delhi gang rape case at the Tihar jail under mysterious circumstances has raised doubts about the security in the high profile jail premises. There have been several incidents within the Tihar jail which have raised questions regarding its security in the past as well.

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Indian Mujahideen-Now launching in Jharkhand

India-MujahideenManzar Imam a suspected Indian Mujahideen operative may have been the man the police wanted in the Kerala Vagamon SIMI training camp case. However his interrogation have led to big leads regarding an Indian Mujahideen base camp being set up in Jharkhand and this has sent Intelligence Bureau officials and police personnel into a tizzy.

Jharkhand which is known to be a hot bed for naxal activities is today being viewed a base camp for the Indian Mujahideen. There were traces of an IM trail in this state and this had come to light for the first time in the year 2008. It was the interrogation of two operatives Khan Yahya and Riazuddin Nasir which had first revealed that the radical version of the Students Islamic Movement of India through the Indian Mujahideen were setting up their camps in Jharkhand, Gujarat, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka and for this purpose they had recruited nearly 20000 youth.

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AP trust vote- No trouble for Govt.


The Telangana Rastriya Samithi will move a no confidence motion against the ruling Congress in Andhra Pradesh tomorrow, but there is no indication that the government would fall as a result of this.

The Congress with 155 seats out of 294 will sail through this trust vote, sources say. Their biggest worry comes in the form of the Jagan Mohan Reddy led, YSR Congress Party which is at the moment in no mood to pull down the government. Continue reading “AP trust vote- No trouble for Govt.”

Why dont’ we confront Pakistan?

Local Body polls-BJP-KJP dealt with major blow


The split in the Bharatiya Janata Party in Karnataka with B S Yeddyurappa has both of them very badly. Both the BJP and B S Yeddyurappa’s KJP have put up a poor showing in the Karnataka Urban local body elections.

The biggest set back for the BJP was the loss in its strong holds of Mangalore and Bellary. Even the B S R Congress led by former BJP MLA from Bellary Sriramulu could not hold on to Bellary.

The Congress was the biggest gainer and it is winning in almost more than half of the seats. In all there are 208 local bodies with 4976 seats. At the moment the Congress is leading in 1441 seats while the BJP has just 660. The JD(S) leads in 702 seats while the KJP and the BSR Congress lead in 226 and 55 respectively. The independents have however put up an impressive show and are leading in over nearly 500 seats now.

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IM makes a bomb in 15 mins

niaIt takes an Indian Mujahideen specialised bomb maker 15 minutes to assemble a bomb, according to Syed Maqbool alias Zuber, an accused in the Dilsukhnagar blasts case.

Zuber who is being questioned by the National Investigating Agency has revealed quite a few details regarding the operations of the Indian Mujahideen. The interrogation details in the possession of would suggest that the IM has a set of 15 expert bomb makers and each of them are able to assemble a bomb in less than 15 minutes. The core team has practised this for over three years now with a view of ensuring that there is no time lost before they could plant a bomb. The place to be bombed is decided and then a specialised bomb maker is picked for the task. The material is kept in a safe house and 15 minutes before the foot soldiers could reach the venue, the bomb is assembled to perfection, Maqbool also told his interrogators.

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