T-more trouble for Cong

The agitation for Telangana gained some momentum today with 3 MLAs from the Congress joining the Telangana Rastriya Samithi.
Jopalli Krishna Rao, Dr Rajaiah and S Sathyanarayana tendered their resignations to the Congress AP chief  B Sathyanarayana.
The three MLAs would be joining the TRS officially today at a programme in Hyderabad at 4 PM.
The MLAs when contacted said that they were getting tired of their own party. No decision has been taken so far and our patience is wearing out. J Krishna Rao said that never in the history of India has such a protest taken place. So many employees were on strike and despite that the Congress has not acted. To make matters worse cases were booked against the MLAs of the Congress by the Congress. The cases are in very poor light and hence we do not wish to stay in the party he also added.
The General Secretary of the TRS, Subhash Reddy said that it is a big development. Only a couple of days back, G Govardhan and J Ramanna of the Telegu Desam Party had joined them.
We are expecting 6 more MLAs and D MPs from the Congress to join us soon. This time around the resignation has been given to the party president unlike the last time when it was given to the Speaker. They cannot sit over it or reject it this time, Reddy also informed.


Now Yeddy’s complainant in a fix

A private complaint has been filed against Sirajudin Pasha, the man who filed the complaint against former Karnataka Chief Minister, B S Yeddyurappa. A complaint against Pasha was filed before the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate in which it was alleged that forged documents were produced.
The court while taking congisance of the complaint directed the police to investigate the matter. In the complaint it was stated that Pasha had relied on forged documents to file the case against B S Yeddyurappa and others.
The police have commenced investigations and will be filing a First Information Report regarding the same. Pasha had filed a complaint before the Governor of Karnataka, H R Bharadwaj stating that Yeddyurappa and 21 others had denotified land in a bid to show favour. He claimed that this itself was an illegality since the denotification was done misusing his powers as the Chief Minister. The Governor had accorded sanction and the Lokayukta court had later ordered the arrest of Yeddyurappa. He was arrested three weeks back amidst a lot of drama.
Meanwhile there was more trouble for another minister in the BJP government in Karnataka. An FIR was filed against Industries Minister Murugesh Nirani in connection with a denotification of land case.

Another weekend in jail for Yeddy

The Karnataka High Court adjourned further hearing on the bail plea filed by former Karnataka Chief Minister B  S Yeddyurappa to Monday. Justice B Pinto who has been presiding over the marathon arguments heard the objections today while adjourning hearing to Monday.
This means that Yeddyurappa would remain in jail while L K Advani is in the city of Bangalore on Sunday. Advani will address a rally in the city on Sunday. The rally has already ticked off the Yeddyurappa faction in particular since they feel that it was not the right time to have a rally especially when there is so much going on in the state.
At the court, Yeddyurappa’s counsel completed arguments. The complainants against Yeddyurappa who are opposing the bail plea commenced arguments today. They quoted the judgment of the lower court which had stated that Yeddyurappa is a very powerful man and him being out would mean he will tamper with the evidence. They also stated that he is so powerful that he had managed to shut down the state the day the Governor accorded sanction for his prosecution. Further they also stated that despite him being in jail he continued to control the government in the state.
The court will continue hearing the case on Monday and an order is expected next week. Yeddyurappa’s counsel had initially pressed for interim bail. However they decided to argue for regular bail. The court took note of this and permitted the withdrawal of the interim bail plea as it was decided not to be pressed before the court.

The plight of WeMen

Looks like in the year 2010, the men in India were the weaker sex. A report by the National Crime Records Bureau states that in the year 2010 more husbands have committed suicide when compared to the wives.
The statistics reveal that last year 61453 husbands had committed suicide. In the wives department the number was 31754. The rate of suicide among the husbands has been on the rise since the year 2009. That year the NCRB statistics showed that 58192 husbands had killed themselves as compared to 31300 wives.
The NCRB which is a wing of the Ministry of Home Affairs in its report suggests that the suicide rate by men is increasing at the rate of 4 times when compared to the women. When compared to the 2009 statistics it is clear that there is a 5.6 per cent annual increase in the number of suicides by men and in the case of women the increase is 1.4 per cent. Further while analysing the suicide data it shows that every 8.5 minutes a man commits suicide. It also shows that on a daily basis there are 168 men who have committed suicide in the year 2010 which is 9 more on a daily basis compared to the 2009 statistics.
The rate of death of men is higher in the other departments as well. The data by the NCRB which also deals with accidental deaths show that the overall death rate among the men has been higher compared to the women in the year 2010. In the category up to 14 years 1640 (boys) have died either due to suicide or accidents where the figures in so far as the girls is 1490.  In the 15 to 29 age group the death statistics for men reveals that 26387 (suicide and accidents) have died when compared to 21238 women.  It is in the 30 to 44 age group where the statistics in the case of men are abnormal. It states that 30444 men have died due to accidents or suicide when compared to the 14402 in the case of women.  Even in the 45 to 59 age group the statistics are similar with the death count of men being 20768 as compared to the 7121 women.
Virag Dhulia, a men’s activist from Bangalore who runs several Save the Male campaigns explains that despite the efforts being created by men’s rights groups the message is falling on deaf ears.
The whole issue is because men are subject to inhuman and unconstituional laws such as the deadly 498 A of the Indian Penal Code.  Section 498A, wherein, an uninvestigated complaint by wife against husband and his family can land the entire family in jail, or
The Domestic Violence Act, wherein the husband can even lose his hard-earned property owing to a simple complaint of allegations of domestic violence, even without a fair trial, or
Section 304B which can land the entire family of the husband behind bars without trial or investigation if the wife dies unnaturally (due to any reason, sickness, accident, insect byte, chronic or juvenile ailment etc.) within 7 years of marriage or
Section 125 CrPC wherein the husband is treated as a free ATM  to pay maintenance to a wife irrespective of fault.
Dhulia further explains to us that the government of India has not allocated a single rupee
for men’s welfare in the last 64 years of Indian Independence in the fiscal budget that comes year after year, even as 82% of the taxes come from men.
The absence of any acceptable answers to the above question clearly depicts the insurmountable levels of misandry (male hatred) in the society and its misandry that is the biggest contributing factor to this slow erosion of the Indian male. No man wishes to end his life but he is left with little options when all he sees around himself is expectations from him, as a man and a complete reluctance to accept his limitations as it is popularly said,
There is no expectation of limitations from a man and there are no limitations to the expectations from a man, he also states.

Statistics in the past 15 years

1995- Men 35245 and women 24692

1996- Men 32867 and women 23848

1997- Men 37168 and women 26076

1998- Men 41143 and women 28562

1999- Men 45000 and women 30000

2000- Men 46000 and women 28000

2001- Men 47000 and women 28000

2002- Men 48409 and women 26936

2003- Men 49545 and women 27603

2004- Men 51623 and women 28045

2005- Men 52483 and women 28188

2006- Men 55452 and women 29869

2007- Men 57593 and women 30064

2008- Men 58192 and women 31300

2009- Men 57639 and women 30224

2010- Men 61453 and women 31754

NIA’s Kerala headache

The list of terrorists from Kerala is shooting up and the National Investigating Agency has been drawing up several lists which indicate that the problem is grave. Although the NIA has not been able to make much sense out of the manner in which these groups or individuals work but they do realise that the patterns that they have been seeing is quite disturbing.

Recently added into the list of absconders are Mohammad Ashar and P Yusuf the two accused in the Kozhikode twin blasts case. The NIA has now written to the Ministry of Home Affairs to act against these two persons  and request that an Interpol alert is issued against the duo.

The duo according to the investigation had no real inkling towards terror until the year 2003. They then came in contact with T Nasir who is also an accused in the Bangalore blasts case and from here their journey into terrorism commenced. In fact for the twin blasts at the bus stand in Kozhikode in the year 2006 the material was arranged by Yusuf while the bomb was prepared in the house of Ashar. Both these persons hail from Cheruparamba and Thaliparamba near Kannur which is notorious for its communal wars. This itself explains in detail the progrom of these two men into the world of terror, an NIA source said.

The NIA has been digging deep into the networks of Kerala and so far have realised that most of the cases associated with this state are largely political in nature. The closest that any agency has come is to Abdul Nasar Madani a politician himself. In fact it was the interrogation of T Nasir that blew the lid and made it very clear as to how important a role politics and terror play in this state.

The information that has been trickling in from the various accused who have been nabbed do not give a complete picture. However what investigators realise is that it is a cocktail of both politics and terror that is playing truant in the state. The likes of Ashar and Yusuf would have a lot of details with them and it is necessary to corborate them in order to get the correct picture. There is a need to nail those in power since they stir up the emotions of several youth when the elections are round the corner. Nasir himself during his interrogation said that they were well aware that politicians were looking for people like him and for a quick buck they undertook such activities. To the world it looked like a jihadi operation but in reality many of these attacks have been politically motivated. The NIA investigation has also found that such incidents lead up to the arrest of several youth and this becomes a plank during the elections. Such incidents are on the rise.

Now with the NIA on the trail of the above two mentioned youth it would be interesting to see what they would actually have on them once nabbed. Yusuf according to an Intelligence Bureau report is away at Saudi Arabia while Ashar is at Dubai. These youth from Kerala continue to find the Gulf as a safe haven due to the large number of sympathisers over there. Moreover the entire money trail for any terror operation in Kerala is from the Gulf.

The NIA is also foxed with the ease in which they managed to slip out. The latest information suggests that the two have decent jobs and life for them is pretty much normal. Not only do they enjoy a lot of political patronage, but also have the right set of contacts to give the police the slip over here. Today the NIA is in touch with the Dubai police seeking help to nab these persons.

The NIA during its probe has found the mindset among several youth to be extremely dangerous in Kerala. They openly support Jihadi groups in Pakistan and have started to believe that this is the ideology that needs to be followed. This has made terror an open racket in Kerala. Not only do these persons recruit with ease, have no issues where the funding too is concerned.

NIA officials say that it is difficult to make sense out of the operations over here. It is chaotic one could say. They have an ideology and do subscribe to the views of various outfits. However what makes the job harder is that they also know fully well on how to operate individually in smaller groups which makes the job even worse. Although not an impossible task it would still take time to shut down the terror shop in this state, the NIA also pointed out. This could happen with a higher rate of conviction and a stronger policy apart from some excellent investigation.

Mining report-Govt promises to act

Contrary to what has been said a couple of weeks back, the Karnataka Government has written to the Lokayukta that it is on course to initiate action based on the report on illegal mining.

A letter which was dashed off to the Lokayukta’s office today states that we are on course to initiate action. The Cabinet has also decided to take action against all those 785 officials who are named in the report on illegal mining. Further the letter also states that they would also act on the non officials who form part of this report submitted by the Lokayukta two months back.

The letter also speaks about the action taken against some of the ministers who were named in the report. Although the Reddy brothers have not been named the letter states where action has been recommended the Cabinet had decided to keep such persons away from the ministry.

There is however no direct mention about the action taken against former Chief Minister of Karnataka B S Yeddyurappa. The letter only mentions that in some cases the course of action has already been initiated by the judiciary and the Cabinet is keeping a watch on the same.

The letter speaks about the action that the government would take based on the report on illegal mining. Earlier the cabinet had met and had decided to send back a letter to the Lokayukta regarding this report. The Cabinet had raised various doubts regarding the veracity of the report and how the Lokayukta had managed to indict so many persons without giving them an opportunity to put forth their case.
However Justice Santhosh Hegde, the former Lokayukta who had prepared that report had said in a press conference the next day that all procedures had been followed as per the Prevention of Corruption Act and also the powers vested upon him. It was being said that the Karnataka Government was preparing a ground to quash the report, but the letter sent out today indicates otherwise.

Moreover it was essential for the Karnataka government to give a reply since as per the rule they are supposed to respond to a report within three months from the date of them receiving it.

Diggys dig at Blore

Digvijay Singh is at it again and this time in Bangalore. He made an open request to Shri Ravishankar of the Art of Living foundation not to get involved with the RSS.
Singh who is the General Secretary of the Congress was in Bangalore to meet with his grandson. On his arrival he spoke with reporters at the airport where he took several digs at the RSS.
He said that the RSS was involved in terror activities and in a bid to avoid being exposed they brought in various spiritual leaders to protect themselves. First they roped in Baba Ramdev to create an issue and when he was exposed they dumped him.
Once the Ramdev episode was over they roped in Anna Hazare to divert from the key issue. Now that the Anna issue is over they are seeking the services of Shri Ravishankar. I respect him and Anna a lot and would hope they did not involve themselves with the RSS which is trying to cover up its own activities.

A re-packaged IM-deadly and dangerous

The Indian Mujahideen is expected to return with a bang. An Indian Intelligence Bureau report indicates that the group which was wiped out to a large extent in India will make a come back as there are intercepts to show that heavy training activity in Pakistan.
The top leadership is very much intact and earlier news relating to the death of Riyaz Bhatkal is false since the man is very much around. It was a fabricated alert that trickled in from Pakistan regarding the death of Bhatkal. Normally the ISI does put out such information in order to lower the heat. However it is very clear that there is still utility of the man.
This is very clear going by the latest intercept the IB says. Bhatkal today is the Indian face of the outfit and he has a good reach in the country. While Amir Reza Khan continues to be the over all boss of the IM Bhatkal is still in charge of operations in India.
There are exactly 46 training camps in Pakistan today. Four are dedicated to the Indian Mujahideen and there are around 80 to 90 cadres all of Indian origin who train in these camps. The kind of training which is being imparted in handling of arms, preparing bombs and more important collection of intelligence.
For the IM the most important aspect would be to set up their modules once again in India. Currently the country is witnessing a strange wave of terror which are carried out by individuals. The IM is well aware of such a modus operandi but has let this continue as an interim measure. They had 60 modules across the country, but now it has been reduced to 25 and these do not have the full capabilities as of now.
Primary on their agenda would be to rebuild these modules and in this regard the Indian operatives sheltered in Pakistan would hold the key. Despite areas like Azamgarh, Old Delhi, Kerala and Hyderbad generating heat the IM would still aim at recreating modules in these areas. The other interesting aspect is the creation of modules in Gujarat which has been known for its tough terror laws. To create modules in these areas is a challenge but these groups have found the recruitment process to be easier due to various factors the main one being high communal sentiments.
The overall scenario if grim in the Indian perspective. It would continue to a battle for Indian security forces since Pakistan is just not ready to give up the Indian face of terror. There are limitations while launchin Pakistan based groups on Indian soild. There are issues of infiltration and international issues which act as a deterent for Pak based groups. Moreover a 26/11 type attack is not something they would like to have every now and then. Hence it becomes important to have a dedicated Indian group which can be a constant irritant.
The IB intercept also points towards training the IM operatives in water attacks. They do realise that the coasts are still vulnerable and hence would like to operate on sea. States such as Gujarat will need to be constantly on high alert due to this factor as what this group is planning are not terror attacks but a major war from within.
The recruitment drive is heavy and cadres are being picked up from all parts of the country. Terror groups have even set shop in religious places and a process to recruit youth from such places is on in full swing. They have the data base of at least 4000 families who they feel have been affected by police atrocities and hence such people are being tarhetted.
The IM will surely make a come back in the name of Brigade 313. It is expected to be lethal and would rely on all forms of attacks including fidayeen styled attacks. There would be focus not only on bomb blasts, but suicide attacks and also abductions and extortion rackets. The idea is chaos.

LKA rally at Blore-the danger ahead

Ever since the Bharatiya Janata Party took over Karnataka, the ride has been anything but smooth for them. Today there is another issue with the L K Advani yatra coming closer to Karnataka.
After much confusion, Advani decided to address a rally at Bangalore and one can see that no one in the BJP here wants him in Bangalore.
Very upset with Advani are big wigs like R Ashok and also several members in the B  S Yeddyurappa camp. There is clear instruction to all tainted ministers to stay away from the rally. Earlier the fight was within the Karnataka BJP and today it is with the central leadership.
Advani has sent out a personal message that no tainted minister should be anywhere close to the rally. Please maintain a low key or do no take part or get involved with the preparations is what Advani had to tell thesee leaders.
Ashok the Home Minister of the state who is also the minister in charge of Bangalore is particularly upset with this directive. Ashok has a First Information Report against him in a land denotification case and an arrest stares into his face. He has been told to maintain a low key right from the  preparations. He feels that he is being sidelined and this would send a bad signal to the people of Karnataka. His camp says that it is like a conviction by the top leadership. These are matters to be decided by the court and in the absence of the same for now it is unfair the manner in which the leadership is behaving. Moreover being the Bangalore in charge minister it looks even more odd that he is kept away since the rally is taking part in this city on Sunday.
On the other side that is the Yeddyurappa camp there is this similar problem. Murugesh Nirani who also faces similar charges has been given the same directive. However this camp felt that Advani should at least meet with Yeddyurappa. He is not a convict and it is unfair that he is being ignored. The man has worked for the party and single handedly brought it to power in Karnataka. A courtesey call should at least be there.
It is clear that this is the opinion of Yeddyurappa who still enjoys a clout in the BJP. His supporters who are echoing his views are likely to worsen things for Advani.
The BJP is on tenter hooks since there is likely to be slogan shouting during the rally and some hardcore loyalists of the party such as Suresh Kumar are working overtime to ensure that it is a smooth show. Moreover they also want to avoid a spate of resignations that could take place if Advani goes too hard on the BJP leaders in Karnataka.
Advani meanhwile will have to tread carefully while delivering his address. He has the elections in sight and despite so many problems he is still aware that the trend in Karnataka still tilting towards his party. He cannot antagonise the leaders here too much and will need the likes of Yeddyurappa and Ashok who are the crowd pullers and vote getters of the party.

Lets talk Iphone 4 S