Who could succeed BSY?

With a few hours to go before the Lokayukta of Karnataka Justice Santhosh Hegde there is a lot of talk about a possible successor to Chief Minister, B S Yeddyurappa.

Although both Yeddyurappa and his supporters stand firm on the fact that he shall not be changed or will step down, some within the BJP are toying with the idea of naming a successor. Naming a successor to Yeddyurappa would not be an easy job since the man will have to be taken into confidence before any such move is made. Party sources say it is highly impossible that the high command may ask Yeddyurappa to step down and also not give him a choice in naming the successor.

Yeddyurappa’s first priority is however to save his chair and has even gone on to suggest an internal committee to probe him. Further he has also thrown open an option to dissolve the house and face the elections which the high command has said a flat no to. While Yeddyurappa will try everything to save his chair, there is already a list of candidates who are probables to the coveted post of Karnataka Chief Minister.

K S Eshwarappa- Hailing from the Kuruba community, he is an acceptable candidate to a large number of the BJP leaders in Karnataka. Although he may not be able to work his magic with the voters, the BJP would still consider him due to his loyalty. He may face a bit of an opposition from the Yeddyurappa camp, but if the high command puts its foot down, then may just sail through. What the high command is looking for is an immediate replacement to save the image of the party and the elections are not their immediate concern. The worry is not so much with the voters from the village but the middle class voters who have been demanding this change. Moreover Eshwappa has been a loyalist since several decades and his candidature is something that the high command would consider very seriously.

Dr V S Acharya– A party loyalist from the coastal belt of Karnataka, he appears to be the ideal choice for the BJP at the moment since he is also Yeddyurappa’s first choice. He enjoys a clean image and moreover has no detractors and also no enemies within the party. He has no great political ambitions and is not seen as a threat to anyone in the party. However he is not a hit with the masses and has not won an election. If Yeddyurappa manages to have his way then the high command too would not mind the candidature of Acharya as the Chief Minister as a compromise candidate.

Jagadish Shettar- He is the first choice of the Yeddyurappa rebels. His candidature may be considered on the ground that he is a lingayat leader. For the BJP the Lingayat votes are extremely crucial and if they are looking to safeguard it then Shettar would be the way to go. However Yeddyurappa may oppose his candidature as he has always said that if at all the BJP is planning on naming a Lingayat leader then there should be none other than him. Shettar not only has the backing of a large number of his party colleagues, but is also very good with the voter. Although he does not have the charisma Yeddyurappa, he still can manage to pull votes for the party. A large number within the Yeddyurappa group may accept Shettar and he is also an instant choice for the rebel group as well which makes him a good candidate for the BJP.

Shobha Karandlage- This minister is a personal favourite of Yeddyurappa. Hailing from the second most powerful community in Karnataka-the Vokkaliga community, Yeddyurappa had once said that only she can replace him. Although a capable leader and a hit among the cadres, she still would not be an acceptable candidate for the high command since she is a first timer in the cabinet. Moreover her candidature will not be acceptable to R Ashok another Vokkaliga leader since he is senior to her. Moreover she would also not be acceptable to the Reddy brothers camp since they had demanded that she be kept out of the ministry if the government in Karnataka had to be saved. Some in the party consider her to be too arrogant and hence she may not be the first choice. Yeddyurappa too today is aware of this and hence he has put her second on his list after Dr Acharya.

R Ashok- The Home Minister of Karantaka, he is the most popular Vokkaliga leader in the BJP today. He could be a likely successor since he has a very balanced equation in the party. He has not antagonised anyone including Yeddyurappa. As a vote puller through the state, the party may still have its doubts since he is popular with the city voter in Mysore and Bangalore. Will the BJP want to hurt the Lingayat vote bank and capitalize on a Vokkaliga vote bank would the question if they choose Ashok. However if the BJP intends breaking into the Vokkaliga vote bank of the JD(S) then Ashok could be the right candidate. But the fact would remain that the Vokkaliga votes would still be split unlike the Lingayat bank which is dedicated to the BJP in the state.

Suresh Kumar- The Law Minister of Karnataka, he is Yeddyurappa’s third choice after Acharya and Shobha. He would be acceptable to the RSS and also to the rest of the party. Although many swear by his honesty and commitment, the party if it thinks on a long term basis, they may not accept his candidature since he cannot be the face of the party during an election.

Ananth Kumar- He is a candidate in the running for the post ever since the BJP won the election. Although he is capable of making the right noises in New Delhi with the high command, he is one candidate Yeddyurappa will oppose tooth and nail. The rivalry between the two is not something that is hidden. While Kumar a flamboyant leader may be acceptable to many in the rebel camp, the danger is that Yeddyurappa will go out of his way to split the party if Kumar is chosen as his successor. While Kumar is ambitious and would want the post of Karnataka CM, he may not be able to make it if Yeddyurappa has a say in naming his successor. He is a senior in the party and is capable of pulling votes for the party in the cities, but his biggest problem will be the opposition from the entire Yeddyurappa camp if named successor.


Yeddi at lord’s feet

Ahead of the crucial Lokayukta report on illegal mining, Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa has sought the intervention of the Gods. He left this evening to Tirupathi in Andhra Pradesh where he would seek the blessings of the Lord ahead of the report.
The Lokayukts report which will be made public at around 11 am tomorrow contains the name of the Chief Minister. In case there are remarks made against the CM are nasty in nature then he may have to sacrifice his seat. The CM has left for Tirupathi to pray for his survival and also that of his government sources say.

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Telangana Rashtram replaces Andhra Pradesh

Walk into the Telangana region and you may not find a board that reads Andhra Pradesh. A massive campaign has been undertaken today by the activists from Telangana where they went around replacing all boards that read Andhra Pradesh. Today these boards read, Telangana Rasthram.
The case is similar for all the vehicles too which bear the registration AP (Andhra Pradesh). The activists have replaced these boards and have called upon all the people of Telangana to replace the same with TG (Telangana). The activists have decided to carry out this exercise in a phased manner. They have commenced this programme in some parts of the Telangana region and over the days to come they would do the same in Hyderabad as well.

Today they have replaced boards in government offices and have called on private operators to follow the same. The private operators have however been forthcoming and have changed the boards by themselves. The case is similar for vehicles as well. The activists targeted the government buses and apart from changing the registration they also replaced Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation with Telangana State Road Transport Corporation.

This call was given by the Telangana Joint Action Committee a few days back. They said that they would undertake this exercise in all parts of Telangana. The Union Government is not giving us the state which we rightfully deserve. Hence we will name our own state, the activists said.

The activists accompanied by painters went from office to office undertaking this operation. While the new name was changed on the boards they also stuck the new name on the doors of every government office.

The activists have also demanded that action be sought against the Speaker who rejected all the resignations of the leaders from Telangana. While the TRS has already re-submitted its resignations, there is pressure mounting on the TDP and the Congress too to follow suit.

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Road ahead for Justice Patil as Lokayukta

Justice Shivraj Patil. Photo courtesy: Deccan Herald

The high profile post of the Karnataka Lokayukta will be now chaired by Justice Shivraj Patil once Justice Santhosh Hegde retires next month. Justice Patil who belongs to the Lingayat community from Karnataka was recently in the news as he was the appointed as the one man commission to probe the lapses in the sale of 2G spectrum.

Justice Patil will take charge as the Lokayukta of Karnataka in the back drop of the contreversial report on illegal mining which is to be submitted tomorrow by Justice Hegde. When the Lokayukta submits a report to this effect he can either expect the government to act on it or can initiate action by himself based on the findings. However this job would largely depend on Justice Patil now who will take over next month.

Justice Patil who currently is unavailable for comment since he is away at Rajasthan is a well know personality in Karnataka. The Bar considers him to be a humble man who has struggled his way to the top.

Born on January 12 1940 at Maladkai, Raichur district he started his practise at the Gulbarga Bar in the year 1962.  He later shifted to Bangalore in the year 1979 and practised at the Karnataka High Court. Apart from a private practise in which he specialised in both the criminal and civil side, he was also the standing counsel for the Bangalore Development Authority and also the Central Silk Board. In the year 1990 he was elevated as a judge at the Karnataka High Court before being transferred to the High Court of Madras where he was a judge until the year 1998. Later he was made the acting Chief Justice of the Madras High Court before taking over as the Chief Justice of the Rajasthan High Court. In the year 2000 he was elevated to the Supreme Court where he served till the year 2005.

After his retirement he took charge as the chief of the National Human Rights Commission. He was also appointed as the one man commission to probe the lapses in the sale of 2G spectrum. During that time Justice Patil who is related very closely to former Home Minister of India, Shivraj Patil had said that when he works he takes orders only from his conscience.

Today he has a big role ahead of him. There is expected pressure as soon as he assumes charge to act on the Lokayukta report. He can independently verify all the facts in the report and act on its basis or he could call for more records and conduct an investigation on his own and then take action. Justice Hegde however said that it would not be right on his part to comment what his successor would do with the report. My job is to submit it, the action will have to follow in due course he said.

India’s Most Wanted

After a major embarrassment, India is ready with its new list of 48 persons and will hand it over to Pakistan and expect that country to take action. Earlier India had prepared a most wanted list of 50 persons and handed over the same. However it was discovered that two of the men, Feroz Abdul Rashid and Wazhul Khan the two men mentioned in the most wanted list were very much in India.

The new list according to sources remains the same barring the exclusion of the above mentioned two names. We have carefully gone into the list and the previous over sights have been rectified. There is however no change in the order in this new list and for India Hafiz Mohammad Saeed continues to top the list. Although Dawood Ibrahim is the number 2 most wanted man in the world list, he still figures at number 7 in this list. A source said that the numbering has been done based on the immediate threats that the country faces and also on the basis of intelligence inputs which spell out the threat perception these persons can cause.

Hafiz Mohammed Saeed: The boss of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba and the prime accused in the 26/11 case. Saeed has launched a hate India campaign and this country continues to top his list.

Sajid Majid: For some clarity on the 26/11 case, India would need access to this man. He has been mentioned by David Headley and his role in the case became clear after that.

Syed Hashim Abdur Rehman Pasha: Another man India would need to crack the 26/11 case. A retired Pakistan army official, he coordinated with Headley and also stayed in touch with him during the operation.

Major Iqbal:  He faces charges in the United States for his role in the 26/11 attack. Indian agencies claim that he is an ISI official and once again came into the picture when Headley was scouting targets in India. He was also the main handler during the attack.

Illyas Kashmiri: The bigger question is whether he is dead or alive. Indications are that he floated the news of his death to avoid the heat after the death of Bin Laden. His role in the 26/11 plot is unclear, but as per his own claims he was the one who thought of such a plan which was eventually hijacked.

Rashid Abdullah: He shuttles between Pakistan and Bangladesh. He continues to be a headache for India since he carries out a chunk of the recruitments for the Lashkar-e-Tayiba.

Major Sameer Ali: Another Pakistan army official involved in the 26/11 attack. Along with the rest he too had worked with Headley, the charge against him states.

Dawood Ibrahim: Branded as a terrorist by the United States of America, he is wanted in several cases in India ranging from the 1993 blasts to smuggling and fake currency. He is also responsible for creating routes for Lashkar operatives which are already in use for his drug trade.

Ibrahim Memon: A Dawood aide and is also a key accused in the 1993 serial blasts.

Chota Shakeel: Dawood’s right hand man, Shakeel is wanted for extortions in India.

Tiger Memon:  Arranged smuggling of RDX, chalking of plans for explosions in 1993.

Anis Ibrahim: Brother of Dawood Ibrahim hiding in Pakistan today. He is a key member of the D gang and has control over the business in the Gulf areas.

Abu Hamza: An accused in the Indian Institute of Science attack at Bangalore.  He was one of the handlers who was on the phone with the terrorists who carried out the 26/11 attack.

Zaki-ur-Rehman-Lakhvi: The number two on the Lashkar hierarchy he is the operations in charge of the outfit and is wanted for the 26/11 case.

Maulana Masood Azhar: Wanted for the battle in Kashmir and also the Khandahar hijack case.

Syed Salahuddin: The supreme commander of the Hizbul Mujahideen and runs the all powerful United Jihad Council. His war has been primarily in Kashmir and latest reports suggest that he is becoming a menace to the US also.

Anwar Ahmed Haji Jamal 

Mohammed Dosa 

Javed Chikna 

Salim Abdul Ghazi 

Riyaz Khatri 

Munaf Halari 

Mohammed Salim Mujhahid 

Khan Bashir Ahmed 

Yakub Yeda Khan 

Mohammed Memon 

Irfan Chaugule 

Ali Moosa 

Sagir Ali Shaikh 

Aftab Batki 

Azam Cheema 

Syed Zabiuddin Jabi 

Ibrahim Athar 

Azhar Yusuf 

Zahur Ibrahim Mistri 

Akhtar Sayeed 

Mohammed Shakir 

Rauf Abdul 

Amanullah Khan 

Sufiyan Mufti 

Nachan Akmal 

Pathan Yaqoob Khan 

CAM Bashir 

Lakhbir Singh Rode 

Paramjit Singh Pamma 

Ranjit Singh 

Wadhawa Singh 

Amir Raza Khan

Mining report-1 is catching dust

Photo courtesy: The Hindu

The Lokayukta is giving final touches to the report, the people of Bellary say they are not bothered and the Chief Minister is on a mission to save his chair yet again. The second report of the Lokayukta on illegal mining deals with issues such as modus operandi and also names the big wigs who have helped facilitate this horror called illegal mining which has made Bellary into the dust capital of the world.

It was only a year back that the Lokayukta had submitted his first report on illegal mining which dealt with a greater issues when compared to the one on hand. The issues that the Lokayukta dealt with at large in the first report were about the health hazards, the poverty situation in Bellary and all other aspects which was negating the value of human life thanks to rampant mining.

Has the first report been implemented as yet? The answer is no and Justice Santhosh Hegde the man who prepared that report as well says that they have not bothered implementing anything from that report. Yes it dealt with a lot of human aspect, but the government was not concerned.

Today however the government in Karnataka appears to be serious about implementing the second report while giving the first one a complete miss. Most would agree that it has a lot of political ramifications which has made them even think of implementing the report. The first one only had ramifications on human life.

The situation in Bellary is no different. It is still a red town thanks to the dust that is being kicked up due to mining. There are still speeding lorries causing accidents and the issue of the curse of child labour continues to be rampant. The first report had come out in the year 2010 April. It made several pointers to the pathetic living conditions in Bellary. There is nothing about that report that has been acted upon.

Despite scores of people yelling from roof tops about the pollution in this place, the government has not acted upon it. The number of asthama cases due to pollution is on the rise and health care in Bellary is nothing short of a joke. The state department for Environment has not inspected the place and addressed this issue. In fact the residents of Bellary complain that they are hand in glove with the mining lobby and would not dare act on any of these issues.

The Lokayukta in his first report had made it clear that there is too much mine dust which affects the air and the situation is worse for those living on the highways. Despite this being pointed out the government has not ensured that mining companies check the dust quantity that is being kicked up while transporting iron ore.

The other aspect that the government has failed to act upon is the imbalance that has been caused due to mining. Several acres of agriculture land have become uncultivable due to mine dust settling on it. Despite a recommendation that these lands need to be restored with the help of government agencies. Moreover there are several decisions that are taken by the mining lords throwing caution to the likes and dislikes of the people. As per the norm a public meeting of the local representatives along with the people is supposed to be held before any new venture is even thought about. The meetings are supposed to discuss the repucussions of such decisions, but sadly that has never been conducted till date and decisions are always suo motu.

Ironically Bellary happens to be the one of the richest districts ranking fourth in Karnataka. However it tops the chart when it comes to lack of access to education, water and health care. Several NGOs which have worked in Bellary say that the living conditions are pathetic. There are no school teachers, the food served in the schools are not checked. Morevoer the children in Bellary are malnourished due to mining activity. Children do not have access to a proper school building and more often than not they are studying in the backdrop of speeding lorries which kick up dust as they speed past these schools.

There are horror tales in Bellary and it is the duty of the Child and Welfare department to address these concerns. However it not look like much has been done and whatever little work has happened on this front is all carried out by the NGOs who more often than not work under threat from the mining lobby. The first report of the Lokayukta makes specific mention about the plight of the children with a recommendation to the state to act on it.

Child labour in all forms is an offence. However the Mines Act of 1952 (Amended) states clearly that no person below the age of 18 shall work in mines. However the report states that there are several children aged between 10 and 16 working in these mines. The government is supposed to first implement this law strictly and also conduct regular inspections. However there has been no inspection in Bellary till date and this problem is rampant according to the residents. Moreover some of the residents feel that if these officials come and control the problem, it is just not enough. The government needs to offer a rehabilitation package. For starters ensure that the agriculture land around this city is restored so that there is some form of alternate employment.

A report called as, ‘India’s Childhood in the Pits’ states that National Rehabilitation and Resettlement Policy of 2007 does not recognise the manner in which children are impacted due to displacement for any project including mining.

In his first report the Lokayukta had made a very specific mention about 11 officials who have helped all these activities. He has suggested action against these officials since they have not only aided illegal mining, but have also concealed facts about the wrong doings in Bellary and the surrounding areas. The case of the 11 MLAs as of today tells the real picture of government action- five have retired and get their benefits while the rest continue to sit pretty in their existing posts with no fear.

Inside the Karnataka BJP today

B S Yeddyurappa. Photo courtesy: The Hindu

With a day remaining for the Lokayukta of Karnataka to submit his report on illegal mining, Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa convened an emergency meeting at his residence to decide on the future course of action.

Sources who attended that meeting said that there was no discussion about any leadership change and Yeddyurappa continues to stand firm about his decision not to quit. What was decided was to hold a legislature party meeting of the BJP tomorrow after the report in which they would decide on what action needs to be taken after the report is submitted.

The news however from the high command of the party is that they would accept Yeddyurappa’s option of setting up an internal committee to look into the allegations against the Chief Minister and his sons.This would give the BJP time and they could focus all their attention on fighting the Congress. Moreover the statements despite the U turn by A Raja against the Prime Minister and the Home Minister has given the BJP more ammunition to fight against the Congress. During the meeting held at the Chief Minister’s house, he has made it clear the line of defence would be both the phone tapping issue and also the allegations made against the Prime Minister and the Home Minister. They would not step down merely on allegations and when matters against me are before the court, one should wait until the court decides. Moreover I have also asked the High Command to set up a committee.

At New Delhi the message is becoming clear and that they would not want to act against Yeddyurappa in haste. Although they would prefer it if he stepped down on his own, that does not appear to be the case as of now. Karnataka is a very important state for the BJP and they would not want any crisis within the party as of now. The only way to get rid of Yeddyurappa is to pacify him and the man would be pacified only if he got to chose his successor. Yeddyurappa is fixed on Shobha or Dr V S Acharya. However this formula will not agreeable to most of the people and could shake up the dynamics in the party and the high command would not want this. Hence for them the best option would be to let Yeddyurappa continue in office at least for another year and half before they have to go to elections again.

The other factor is the huge Lingayat community in Karnataka. Yeddyurappa has been dishing out support from that community which forms nearly 25 per cent of the vote bank in Karnataka. For this community there is only one leader and that is Yeddyurappa. No one from the BJP, Congress or the JD(S) is as dominant as Yeddyurappa. Moreover Yeddyurappa too knows this fact and he has always told his own party that if there ever is a replacement there cannot be any other Lingayat leader other than him. In his three years as the Chief Minister, Yeddyurappa has given the right sound bytes regarding this community. Apart from the large amount of funds to the mutts through state sponsored programmes, he has always made the right gestures which would benefit this community. It has become co-existent today and both subscribe to each other. Moreover the Lingayat community will continue to back the BJP only if Yeddyurappa has his way out. The high command will also think of this very popular and dedicated vote bank which Yeddyurappa controls since any decision in haste can erode that vote bank forever.

The BJP cannot not sit on the issue forever for all these factors. They will need to show in public domain that they are doing something on the report. For starters they would look to implement a lot of suggestions that the report makes. They would also set up an internal committee to look into the allegations against the Chief Minister and his family.

This brings us now to the Reddy brothers whose names have figured prominently in every possible report remotely connected with mining. There are three from the Bellary belt who are in the cabinet. The BJP would look to sacrifice at least one of them. Although the Reddys and Yeddyurappa cant see eye to eye, they are still very close to each other since it has become convenient. If the need be they may sacrifice one of the Reddys to show the public that action has been taken. This time the Reddys would not protest since their sole intention today is that the government survives. They have lost their clout in the party and they have no support from Andhra Pradesh following the death of YSR. It would not make any difference if they make this sacrifice to ensure that the government in Karnataka survives. If the BJP government in Karnataka falls then they are well aware of the heat they will face from the Union Government. As long as there is a BJP government in Karnataka, they can consider themselves safe. Moreover sacrificing one of them would also take away a lot of the heat from the government since the Reddys have always been seen as the prime accused in any of the mining scams. Moreover Sushma Swaraj who they consider to be their God Mother would also prefer this formula since it would look like that she is trying to protect them as has always been alleged.

Yeddi says no to go

Chief Minister of Karnataka B S Yeddyurappa made it clear yet again that he would not step down. Briefing media persons in Bangalore he said he has written to the Prime Minister asking him to constitute a committee to look into the issue of phone tapping. He said that the committee would be headed by s M Krishna.
Further I have also written to Nithin Gadkari seeking constitution of an internal committee to eaxmine all corruption charges against my family and me.
On the Lokayukta report he said appropritae action would be taken once it is out. Although he did not specify what the action would be he said let the report come out and then I will answer all this. The question of stepping down does not arise now. The Lokayukta report is not the final word on the issue. Similar issues are before the court and let it take a decision on the matter.

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Report on mining and the meaning for Bellary

When one says mining, the mind goes to Bellary. Ahead of this much hyped up report on illegal mining the scene is Bellary is not one bit different. The people of Bellary say that their problems are not going to be solved with one report, what they need is a political change.

Kumar a resident of the area says that there is not much activity in Bellary ahead of this report. For some mining has become a way of life. Prior to 1999 before the mining boom a lot was dependant on agriculture. Most of these people worked hard for a living, but after the mining boom many found a way to make easy money. Every third person has encroached upon some forest land and is mining in his own way in Bellary. This has ensured that they make a quick buck and it would be hard for them to go back to agriculture and work hard, he points out.

The real problem that Bellary faces is child labour and poverty. Bellary continues to be a case of Rich Land and Poor people. A report by theKarnataka Human Development Report of 2005 ranked Bellary the lowest when it came to literacy, health and also drinking water. Although Bellary ranks 9th in terms of higher income it does not mean that this money is reaching the poor since the wealth is never distributed according to this report.The downtrodden in this town are in a dilemma today. On one hand they want the mess to be cleared up and on the other even if it is they wonder what they will do. The last thing they want happening is them losing their employment.

Kumar says that they would expect the government to rehabilitate them and give them employment. There is a national awareness regarding mining and the manner in which the Supreme Court is monitoring this issue, it appears that there will be action sooner or later. The committee set up the Supreme Court has been surveying the area to find out the extent of encroachment into forest lands to mine illegally. The situation does not look for these men who mine illegally. Out of the 45 odd mines that have been surveyed, it has been found only 6 are undertaking their business as per the norms. The people feel that over the next few months more mines will shut down and to a large extent it does worry them since it is a matter of their employment.

Kumar says that while this sort of insecurity is there in the heads of the people, there is also an awareness that is being created. The people are being told that such a change will only be a temporary problem, but in the long run it is good for the district and their employment options will be wider and more important healthier. He says that they have started to realize that the change needed is political and no report can ensure that. They do not speak in particular about any politician, but say that someone who is not from the mining community should be elected in Bellary. Further the people are also being told that if mining stops then it would improve their health. Today the people face various ailments such as cancer, infections etc and all this is due to mining and dust that it kicks up. Justice Santhosh Hegde too had pointed out that working in Bellary for 4 days can give one infection on the skin and that is how bad the dust kicked up by these speeding mining trucks are. In addition to this there are accidents due to rash driving by these trucks and nearly 500 people have died in the past five years due to this.

The leaders are however singing a different song. They say way too much is being made out of this mining issue and the real picture is not as big as it looks. Sriramulu, mininster in the Karnataka government who is a close aide of the Reddy brothers has nothing against the report on illegal mining. He says that it should be made public and also acted upon. He however chose to make a bigger issue out of the phone tapping issue which has become a central point of debate ever since Justice Hegde spoke about it

Mining report should not be a political tool

Justice Santhosh Hegde who has been in the news ever since portions of his report on illegal mining were leaked said that the report should be looked as a good will gesture to the state and not as a political tool.

Justice Hegde said that this report would be made public on Wednesday since there is still some work remaining on it. I have really not given it a thought as to what the repucussions would be once the report is out. It is up to the government and the other agencies to look into it and act upon it. However the biggest concern that I have is that of the security of my officers who have worked on this report. In the report I do make a mention that my officers should be given security since they have dealt with powerful lobbies and politicians while putting out this report. I am also worried that some of these powerful persons may try and ruin their careers and this is why I am saying that this report should not be taken in the negative sense. It is for the good of the entire state and if acted upon only the state would benefit, he also added.

Defending his decision to speak with the media once the report was leaked he said I thought it was right to do so. The Chief Minister has criticized me for doing so, but I would say that it is my prerogative to speak with the media. He too does the same. Moreover I have not said anything derogatory about anyone in the media.

On the issue of phone tapping he said he has not lodged a complaint with anyone. I am happy that the government wants to take up this matter and get it investigated. It would be good if they do that

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