Exit polls: Decoding the big BJP victory in Uttar Pradesh

The pollsters have said that it would be a BJP sweep in Uttar Pradesh. There was a momentum in favour of Akhilesh Yadav prior to the elections but in the post-poll scenario, all that has changed if exit polls turn out right. Pollsters say that if the Samajwadi Party loses, then it would be due to two major factors.

One, Akhilesh should have stayed away from the Congress. This could have had a bearing on the SP’s chances according to exit polls. Second, after winning the symbol battle before the Election Commission, Akhilesh continued to associate with his uncle Shivpal Yadav.

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Exit Poll 2017 Live: Akhilesh ready to shake hands with the BSP?

Who is the winning the big battle in Uttar Pradesh? Elections have concluded in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Manipur, Uttarakhand and Goa. The exit polls have started to roll out.
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UP elections 2017: 115 candidates with criminal back ground in the fray

In phase 7 of the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections 2017 there are 115 candidates who have declared pending criminal cases against them while 132 are crorepatis.

A report prepared by the Association for Democratic Reforms states that the BSP has fielded the most number of crorepati candidates.

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Unethical Media killed this jawan from Kerala

roymathewIt was a series of events triggered by the media that led to the suicide of a jawan at Nashik, the army has said.

It was a sting operation conducted by the media persons that may have led the Jawan committing suicide, the army said.

The body of Roy Mathew who hails from Kerala was found a day after he accused senior officers of harassment in an interview with a television channel. The army, in a press release said that preliminary investigations have suggested that the suicide may have been a result of a series of events triggered by the media personnel videographing the deceased while asking him leading questions about his duties as a sahayak or buddy.

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Minority representation in SC led to me being superceded, Karnataka judge says

justicerameshBengaluru, March 3: Citing minority representation as the reason for his suppression, a judge of the Karnataka high court has declined to take up the post of Chief Justice of the Madras high court.

Justice H G Ramesh expressed displeasure that Justice S Abdul Nazeer had superseded him despite being junior and was elevated to the Supreme Court of India.

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J&K: Pellet guns to return with a tweak

pelletgunSrinagar, Feb 28:The pellet guns will be back in the valley, this time, however, with a tweak. The new pellet gun will have a deflector on the muzzle to prevent the pellets from ascending.
This would ensure that the shrapnels do not hit a person above the abdomen region.

How government plans to curb radicalisation in Kashmir

kashmir-unrestThe Ministry of Home Affairs has in a report said that the priority should be to ensure that the youth, especially the teenagers in Jammu and Kashmir do not get radicalised.

The report was prepared to assess the situation in J&K and has now been sent to the National Security Advisor Ajit Doval.

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Naval war room leak: Dismissal of two officer upheld by SC

navyNew Delhi, Feb 24: The decision to sack two naval officers in connection with the Naval war room leak case was upheld by the Supreme Court of India.
A board of inquiry had found Commander Vijendra Rana and Commander V K Jha guilty of giving out information regarding defence forces to outside agencies.

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Ramnagara Marathon on Feb 26 to create water conservation awareness

maraThe district administration of Ramnagara in Karnataka has decided to conduct a marathon as part of the jalaandolana campaign, an initiative to spread awareness about water conservation and efficient water management.
Ramnagara district has been witnessing very less rainfall in 2016-17 and this has led to severe water crisis.

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UP elections: Understanding Modi’s kabristan remark

modirallyMonday witnessed a high voltage campaign in Uttar Pradesh. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “If you create a kabristan (graveyard) in a village, then a shamshaan (cremation ground) must be created. If you give electricity uninterrupted during Ramzan, then it should be given for Diwali too without a break.

There should be no discrimination, Modi said. What led the prime minister to make such a heavy duty comment? Several pollsters say that the statement indicated a clear shift in the BJP’s strategy. It was aimed at pointing out the pro-minority stand taken by the Samajwadi Party and such a statement will help engineer counter-polarisation, pollsters say.

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