How a warning about ShadowPad, Red Echo saved the national power grid from being hacked

New Delhi, Mar 02: CERT-In, India’s cyber security agency had in November detected ShadowPad malware, one of the largest supply chain attacks. The agency had alerted the national power grid operator and its regional units on November 19 about the malware and attempts being made to hack.

The National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Centre had on February 12 warned about Red Echo, which is a Chinese state sponsored actor group. The warning stated that the group is trying to break into the grid control systems. It was further learnt that the IPs in Red Echo and ShadowPad instances matched, following which list of the IPs and domains were sent out. 

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Interpol notice issued against Iqbal Mirchi’s wife, two sons

New Delhi, Mar 02: The Interpol has issued Red Corner notices against gangster Iqbal Mirchi’s wife and two sons.

The notices have been issued against Hajra Iqbal and sons, Junaid and Asif Iqbal Memon. The three are suspected to be living in the United Kingdom. 

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Friedrich-Khalistanis-ISI and the overdrive to manufacture dissent in India

New Delhi, Feb 20: A larger conspiracy has come to light during the investigation by the Delhi Police into the toolkit case. There has been a sustained effort by international players to manufacture dissent in India.

The police are closely examining the role of Pieter Friedrich, whose name appeared in the toolkit. 

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LAC disengagement: Chinese PLA vacating Finger 4

New Delhi, Feb 15: The Chinese soldiers have begun vacating Finger 4 on the northern bank of Pangong Lake.

The Chinese troops are dismantling shelters and removing other structures and this is taking place as per the disengagement exercise along the Line of Actual Control in Eastern Ladakh. 

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Defence Ministry tears into Rahul Gandhi’s claims that India ceded territory to China

New Delhi, Feb 13: The assertion that the Indian territory is up to Finger 4 in Pangong Tso area is categorically false, the Ministry of Defence said in a strongly worded statement after Rahul Gandhi claimed that India had ceded territory to China during the disengagement.

India has not conceded any territory as a result of the agreement with China, the ministry also said.

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Agitate by night: Mo Dhaliwal, the pro-Khalistani whose toolkit Thunberg used

New Delhi, Feb 06: A day after Greta Thunberg took to Twitter and extended support to the farmers’ protests, the Indian agencies found that a pro-Khalistan activist, Mo Dhaliwal based in Canada had helped create the toolkit.

It was also found that the toolkit was created with an intention of defaming country and inciting violence, while taking advantage of the farmer protests.

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NIA charges key conspirator in fake currency case

New Delhi, Jan 01: The National Investigation Agency has filed a chargesheet against a key fake currency trafficker before a special court in Patna.

The case pertains to the seizure of fake Indian currency worth Rs 4 lakh by the Bettiah Police, Bihar n 2019 from the possession of Julkar Sheikh. The case was later handed over to the NIA for investigation.

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India’s strong response to China on flying in its nationals

New Delhi, Dec 28: After China stopped Indians from flying to their country, India has informally told airlines not to fly Chinese nationals. Flights between India and China remain suspended, but Chinese nationals are eligible to travel as per the current norms for foreigners.

They have been doing so by first flying to a third country with which India has a travel bubble and from there they fly to India. 

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Xi set to dispatch key team to prevent prevent in Nepal’s Communist Party

New Delhi, Dec 26: A high-level team of the Communist Party officials will travel to Kathmandu to stop the Nepal Communist Party from splitting. The move comes after Ambassador Hou Yanqi failed to stop the split in the NCP.

The team being sent by Chinese president, Xi Jinping is led by Guo Yechau, vice minister of the International Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. The team will land on Sunday. The team will meet with key players in Nepal and will try to patch matters between the warring factions. 

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How the Great Firewall of China manipulates information

New Delhi, Dec 26: The Great Firewall of China is a component that is used by the Chinese Communist Party to manipulate the information flow. It has been found that a lot of China’s information is manipulated and this has led to a massive flow of fake news and censorship.

China has over the years built a fake news factory to fill in the information void. “When citizens have accurate information about their country, it’s only then that they can adopt a rational, open-minded worldview,” Wei Xing, the former editor-in-chief of Sixth Tone said in an article.

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