NIA smells deeper conspiracy, hit-squads in Nettar murder, conducts 24 raids

The NIA has carried out multiple raids in connection with Praveen Nettar case and is not treating it as a one-off case.

New Delhi, Sep 06: The National Investigation Agency conducted raids in 24 locations in Mangaluru in connection with the murder of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha leader, Praveen Nettar.

The killers Zakir Savanur, Mohammad Shafeeq Bellare, Sheik Saddam Hussain Bellare and Mohammad Harris Bellare said that they committed the murder to cause panic and terror in the area. On July 26, three people came in a vehicle and killed Nettar outside his shop off the Puttur-Sullia Road at Bellare in Mangaluru.

The NIA has carried out multiple raids in connection with this case. Sources tell OneIndia that this is not being treated as a one-off case and it is important to unearth the larger conspiracy. The proximity of Mangaluru to Kasargod where scores of incidents of Islamic radicalisation have taken place is also something that would be looked into, the source further added.

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Lord Krishna was born in 3112 BCE: How is He still mythology?

Krishna’s birth can be dated to 27th July, 3112 BCE. When you are able to give a precise date to an event which is recorded in writing, as history, by a traceable author, then it is no more a figment of imagination and assumption or a mythos.

New Delhi, Aug 22: On August 18 and 19, Krishna Janmashtami was celebrated with grandeur and fervour. It was also the 5,134th birthday of Lord Krishna.

For years now, many have continued to call the Mahabharata a mythological event and pinned most of our culture, history and heritage as a myth.

If you can fix the lifetime of a person in a calendrical system then he is no more a myth, say Bharath Gyan founders Dr. D K Hari and Dr. D K Hema Hari.

“We need to understand that the word mythology originated with reference to Greek literature to mean that which is non-real. When the colonial Europeans came here, they already had an idea of Greek mythology. They ended up imposing the same term on literature here without understanding about Indian style of writing,” Hari and Hema tell OneIndia, while adding that, in doing so they imposed this terminology of Europe on India and her culture.

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Seeds of Islamic radicalisation in South India not new, it dates back to over 30 years

The problem of radicalisation and terror recruitment is nothing new in South India. One would have to revisit the Lal Singh vs Gujarat case of 1991 to understand how deep-rooted the entire issue is.

New Delhi, Aug 20: The chargesheet filed by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Thursday yet again amplifies the problem that South India is facing and how the problem of deep-rooted Islamic radicalisation and terrorism had been ignored over the years.

South India except Hyderabad has not witnessed terror strikes like the rest of the country, but going deep one gets to see how much the radicals from the South have contributed to the problem on terror in the rest of the country.

In the instant case, the NIA said that the accused persons held conspiracy meetings in Thiruvananthapuram and Chennai to recruit members to the Khilafah Party of India and other outfits floated by Sathik Batcha and R. Ashiq on the lines of proscribed terrorist organisations like the Islamic State, Al-Qaeda and NTJ of Sri Lanka.

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Radicalisation in Karnataka: Shivamogga violence is yet another warning we mustn’t ignore

Intelligence reports indicate that terrorists and radical elements have taken shelter in coastal Karnataka as well as areas in and around Shivamogga for long. The problem is gradually catching up in many places in the state.

New Delhi, Aug 16: Shivamogga is witnessing its second incident of a Hindu man being attacked in the past six months. While in February a Hindu activist Harsha was murdered, now one Prem Singh has been stabbed and the accused have been identified as Nadeem (25), Abdul Rehman (25) and Jabiullah.

The arrests took place a day after Singh was stabbed in the Gandhi Bazar area of Shivamogga in Karnataka hours after a row erupted over a poster of Vinayak Damodar Savarkar which was put up at the Ameer Ahmed Circle on Independence Day. Two groups clashed over installing a poster of Savarkar and Tipu Sultan on Monday.

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NIA makes 9th arrest in Udaipur Hindu tailor’s murder case

Kanhaiya Lal

New Delhi, Aug 12: The National Investigation Agency has arrested the 9th accused in the Udaipur killing case.

The arrested person has been identified as Muslim Khan alias Muslim Raza aged 41 years. He is a resident of Pratapgarh in Rajasthan and was part of the gang that plotted and killed Udaipur based Hindu tailor, Kanhaiya Lal on June 28.

Following the murder two accused Riyaz Akthari and Ghouse Mohammad posted a video of the killing soon after the incident and said that they had avenged an insult to Islam.

On July 22, the NIA made the 8th arrest in the case when the agency arrested 19 year old Mohammad Javed. Notably the main accused Akthari and Mohammad were arrested immediately after the murder. Subsequently five more persons were arrested. On July 9 the agency arrested one Farhad Mohammad Sheikh alias Baba.

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Foreign-funded Islamist hit squads on a mission to eliminate Hindus

An Intelligence Bureau official says that such hit squads are being formed following a clarion call by the Islamic Courts which have been specifically set up to target Hindus in India.

New Delhi, Aug 10: The nation has witnessed a spate of targeted killings of Hindus in recent months. There have also been targeted attacks on Hindus and its leaders by radical Islamists in addition to violence and vandalism from all the corners of the country.

The Karnataka police, which is probing the killing of BJP worker Praveen Nettar, has learnt that a hit squad was formed by these radical elements. While the squad managed to murder Praveen, they were unsuccessful in murdering two other Hindus who they had identified and placed on their hit-list.

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Slush money to hawala: Pakistan’s tactics to keep the Valley under boil

Pakistan has been pumping in slush money to agents in Jammu and Kashmir for further distribution among terror groups to fuel mass violence.

New Delhi, Aug 05: The Pakistan terror factories are on overdrive mode as India is about to mark the 75th year of independence. While social media handles are abuzz with misinformation about India, there is also slush money being pumped into Jammu and Kashmir to fund terror groups.

Earlier this week, the State Investigation Agency (SIA) of Jammu and Kashmir which unearthed a nexus of terrorists and their local support said that Pakistan has been pumping in slush money to their agents in Jammu and Kashmir for further distribution among terror groups to fuel mass violence.

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J&K security: Shah to hold high-level meet today

New Delhi, Jun 03: Union Home Minister Amit Shah will chair a high-level meeting today on the issue relating to the security of Jammu and Kashmir.

LAt the meeting concrete directions will be given to the police and the civil administration in Jammu and Kashmir.

The meetings will be headed by Union Home Minister, Amit Shah and will be attended by National Security Advisor Ajit Doval, J&K Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha, the Intelligence chiefs and the chief secretary and Director General of Police, Jammu and Kashmir.

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MHA designating 7 more terrorists will make it harder for Pakistan to wriggle out of FATF Grey List

New Delhi, Apr 22: Seven Pakistan based terrorists have been listed under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA) by the Ministry of Home Affairs in the past 15 days.

Sajjad Gul, Ashiq Ahmed Nengroo, Mushtaq Ahmed Zargar, Arjumand Gulzar Jan, Ali Kashif Jan, Mohiuddin Aurangzeb Alamgir, and Hafiz Talha Saeed, who are based in Pakistan were listed under the UAPA based on the

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With NIA set to take over Birbhum probe, here is why Bengal is India’s bomb capital

New Delhi, Apr 22: Violence in West Bengal has become a routine affairs. The violence ranges from arson, riots and bomb blasts as well. On Thursday, the Calcutta High Court while vacating a stay order by a single judge Bench ordered transfer of the investigation into two incidents of explosions in Birbhum to the National Investigation Agency.

While ordering that the probe into the incidents that took place in 2019 will be handled by the NIA, the Bench said that the agency has precedence in enquiry into scheduled offences.

Incidents of bomb blasts are nothing new in West Bengal. In 2015, the agencies ha found 150 crude bombs in Birbhum and this clearly suggested that bombs are being manufactured in large numbers in the state.

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