7th Pay Commission: Higher allowances, what central govt employees can expect

7th-Pay-Commission1-1There is unlikely to be any major change in the higher allowances as recommended by the 7th Pay Commission. Central government employees may not gain much and the Empowered Committee of Secretaries may not consider the higher allowances other than what has already been recommended by the pay panel. This would mean that the government will go with the recommendations made by the pay panel only. Employees have been complaining that the recommendations of the commission was not enough and hence the allowances must be higher.

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How this 24 year old MBA student helped bust a kidney racket

kidneyracektFour persons were arrested in connection with a major kidney racket in Delhi. The credit goes to a 24 year old MBA student who put his life at risk to help the police bust the racket. Delhi police officials say that the student played along with the donation agents for several weeks before the racket was busted.

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WBBSE 10th result 2017 declared, check here now

cbseresultThe WBBSE 10th result 2017 has been declared.. The results were declared by the West Bengal board. The West Bengal Board of Secondary Education is the West Bengal state government administered autonomous examining authority for the Standard 10 examination. The mark sheets will be distributed from 10 am onwards on Saturday. The results are available at wbresults.nic.in from 10 am onwards.

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Paint your cow’s horns, decorate it to end up in jail: Read the new rules

paintedcowPainting the horns of cows and bulls has been declared illegal by the Union Government. The new rules have come into force under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act of 1960. Further the rules state that use of any chemical or colour on the body parts of animals is an offence. Sealing teats of the udder using any material to prevent the calf from sucking can also attract punishment.

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Centre bans cow-slaughter across India: Read what the tough new law states

cowsmugglingThe sale of cattle for slaughter has been banned by the central government. As per the new regulation, sale of cattle is allowed among farm land owners across India.

On Thursday the first central regulation for cow protection in the name of animal welfare was notified. The notification is significant in the wake of rising cases of violence against cow-traders. Cow slaughter is banned in states except in most parts of north-east India and Kerala.

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Man who drew smiley in blood next to mother’s body arrested

The son who killed his mother in Mumbai and drew a smiley in blood has been arrested from Jodhpur. The wife of an inspector who probed the Sheena Bora murder case was found dead in Mumbai and the cops had launched a manhunt for the 21 year old son.
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UBSE Class 10, 12 board results 2017 by May 30, how to check

sbiresultsThe UBSE Class 10, 12 Board results 2017 will be declared by the end of May. The results are expected to be announced by May 30. However unverified reports also suggest that there is a possibility it may be declared tomorrow.

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“Tired of her,” Mumbai cops son wrote in blood after killing mother

crimeThe wife of an inspector who probed the Sheena Bora murder case was found dead in Mumbai and the cops now suspect the missing 21 year old son to be behind the incident.

These are the 6 weapons which India used to pound Pak Army posts

The Pakistan Army was hit badly after India pounded posts across the Line of Control which were helping terrorists infiltrate into Jammu and Kashmir. The operation was the need of the hour considering Pakistan was stepping up infiltrations in a bid to further the unrest in the Valley.

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CBSE Results 2017: Rules can’t change after game has begun, Delhi HC on moderation policy

sbiresultsThe Delhi High Court has said that the CBSE Class 12 Results 2017 will be declared without the moderation policy being scrapped. This comes as a major relief to at least 11 lakh students of the the Class 12 and 9 lakh students of Class 10. The court observed that the rules cannot change after the game has begun.

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