R-Day: Agencies keep close watch on Khalistanis, drones and Al-Qaeda

New Delhi, Jan 26: The Intelligence Bureau has asked the Delhi Police and other security agencies to keep a close watch on possible drone attacks on the occasion of Republic Day.

Anti-drone systems are in place to thwart any possible attack. Further the police are also searching for suspicious people. The agencies have also briefed Delhi Police Commissioner, Rakesh Asthana about the security in the national capital.

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Pakistan planning big operation: Keeps 100s of terrorists waiting at border

New Delhi, Jan 24: While several alerts have been issued ahead of Republic Day, the Border Security Force has said that nearly 100 terrorists were present at the launch pads along the India-Pakistan border and are waiting to be launched.

While the situation is under control, the Inspector General of the Border Security Force, Kashmir, Raja Babu Singh said in Srinagar, that there are reports that there are 104 to 135 present at the launch pads waiting to infiltrate.

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Scores of Germany based Khalistan operatives on NIA’s radar

New Delhi, Jan 24: With the name of a Khalistani terrorist cropping up in various cases in Punjab, the National Investigation Agency has reached out to its German counterparts for more information.

The NIA is seeking more information on Jaswinder Singh Multani, a member of the Sikhs for Justice, a proscribed organisation in India. The NIA has also announced a Rs 10 lakh reward on Multani after his name cropped up in the Ludhiana blast case.

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How Pakistan’s disinformation campaign works against India

New Delhi, Jan 22: The Ministry of Information & Broadcasting has ordered blocking of 35 YouTube based news channels and 2 websites which were involved in spreading anti-India fake news in a coordinated manner over digital media.

The YouTube accounts blocked by the Ministry had a total subscriber base of over 1 crore 20 lakh, and their videos had over 130 crore views.

Additionally, two Twitter accounts, two Instagram accounts, and one Facebook account have also been blocked by the Government for being involved in spreading coordinated anti-India disinformation over the internet.

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What bonds the Khalistanis and the Pakistanis

New Delhi, Jan 20: The bonhomie between Pakistan’s ISI, its terror groups and the Khalistanis is an open secret. For years after India drove the Khalistanis out, Pakistan has been nurturing these elements and are now looking to re-launch them in India.

The ISI has for long been trying to convince the similarities in ideology and wants its terrorists and the Khalistanis to fight along side each other. As an Intelligence Bureau explains to OneIndia, the ISI wants its terror groups to fight in Jammu and Kashmir and the Pakistanis in Punjab and Delhi.

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Security nightmare as Khalistanis-Lashkar join hands to disrupt elections

New Delhi, Jan 20: The situation in the poll bound states and the National Capital has become a nightmare for the security agencies. The recent incident in which an IED was destroyed at the Ghazipur market in Delhi only goes on to show how volatile the situation is.

Prior to this a blast was reported in the Ludhiana Court, Punjab and this only added to the woes of the security agencies. While in the Delhi case, the NSG said that traces of RDX were found, the Intelligence agencies have said that this was part of a consignment that was smuggled in from Pakistan.

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The drone threat from Pakistan that India faces is immense

New Delhi, Jan 19: Drones continue to be the biggest security threat with Pakistan procuring a large number of them from the Chinese. 

The Intelligence Agencies have time and again warned that Pakistan would look to hit India with drones. One such attack was reported in Jammu last year. The agencies say that Pakistan could look to replicate a UAE kind of strike in which drones were used. 

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Had RDX laden, timer controlled bomb exploded in Delhi, scores would have died

New Delhi, Jan 18: The National Security Guard has told the Delhi Police that the bomb found at the Ghazipur market had RDX in it and was attached to a timer. The findings make it clear that the bomb was a powerful one and was timed to go off at a time when the crowd was huge at the market.

Last week the NSG destroyed an IED found near the Gate Number 1 of the market. The bomb disposal squad of the National Security Guards destroyed the IED through a controlled explosion.

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ISI, anti-national elements extremely active ahead of UP, Punjab polls

New Delhi, Jan 17: With elections in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh fast approaching Pakistan is on overdrive mode to push its anti-India propaganda. The Intelligence Bureau and multiple agencies are keeping a close watch on the various social media accounts formed to spread hate and a disinformation campaign against India.

The Intelligence suggests that there has been a sustained effort by Pakistan and anti-India elements to disrupt the elections in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh.

Last week, the bomb disposal squad destroyed an IED found near the Gate number 1 of a wholesale market in Delhi. The bomb disposal squad of the National Security Guards destroyed the IED through a controlled explosion.

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